Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some dang fairy sims

Well, I have been waiting forever to upload these sims, and I can finally upload them. I've made two fairy sims- one female sim and one male sim. Let me start with the female sim as they have said "Ladies first."

Mary White is a typical goody-two-shoes. She has a pure heart and she believes in her morals. She is a girl that can always be trusted no matter what.

I have two versions of her. The first version of her is a cc version of her. The 2nd version of her is a non-cc version of her. The reason why I created a non-cc version of her is because this sim is supposed to be a christmas present to a cc-phobe so I have to create a non-cc version of her. However, considering how I am a cc addict, I've made a cc version of her. Like most of my sims, her cc is transferable. You need Supernatural for her.

This is her without cc in case you want to do-

The 2nd sim is called Pike Punk. When he was a child, he was teased in school because of the fact he was a male fairy in which he was sort of a shrinking violet when he was younger. Ever since, he pretends he was a punk bully that does not give a f*** about anything as he pretends that he doesn't like to be told what to do, use his "fairy powers" to pull minor pranks, and purposely commit small crimes to get himself arrested. However, he deep down inside in his shrinking violet tendencies in which he can somewhat get easily scared whenever a situation calls for it. He mostly pretends to be a punk jerk because of him believing that what it means to be "cool" and fit in. However, he is actually into punk rock and he is actually a punk rock star.

His cc is transferable except for this hairstyle. You need Supernatural and Late Night with him.

I hope you have fun with these sims by the way.

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