Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30-Day Song Challenge Re-do- Day 5

I am not a huge fan of Taylor Swift but it describes how I mostly feel about Gatorade. First of all, me and Gatorade were never in a relationship as it would be illegal and I am not sure if Gatorade is a boy or a girl now. During sometime, I have felt a bit suspicious about Gatorade's actions making me think that she was a troll. I did not say anything in case she wasn't. Soon, me and Gatorade became friends and then she made this post-


That made me lost all respect for Gatorade and then I realized that she was a troll all this time. I mean why would she lie about her gender? If you are a boy, then just say you are a boy. If you are a girl, then just say you are a girl. Lying about your gender is pointless.

So, I knew Gatorade was trouble so shame on me now.

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