Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some New Sims

 Samantha Whale is a typical nerd. She likes video games, comic books, and all the nerdy things out there. Her hobbies include researching science and doing trivia challenges. She shall be a college student for The Sims 3: University Life.

I don't remember what content Samantha needs. I think her cc is transferable and I think she has content from Pets and Supernatural.


  Toby "Thunder" Thornberry is an athletic over-achiever, which means he always does more than what is asked. He tends to speak in third person, as in saying "Thunder never gives up!", and has a habit of using "Sha-" in most words.

Like Samantha, I totally forgot what content he has. I believe his cc is transferable but I totally forgot what expansion pack Thunder has. I suggest you have the first 3 expansion packs along with Pets and Supernatural before you download him.

Dominic Jon "DJ" Dubstep is a raver who is a big fan of PLUR. He thinks that flashing lights, glow sticks, and dance parties are the answer to everything (except ice cream). At night, he can only communicate through beatboxing. Normally at night, people find him hard to understand. His parents by the way are speakers.

I originally intended him to be based on Dubstep from MyMusic with him beatboxing all the time instead but I realized that if I submit him for a reality show, then he will probably need a translator. So, basically, I have him beatbox during the night and have him speak English during the day.

I also know you need Late Night for this sim. However, I ended up forgetting which other content DJ needs so I suggest you have the 1st 3 expansion packs along with Pets and Supernatural before you download this sim.

You can find all three sims in the Uploads for the Fame column. I hope you have fun with these sims.

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