Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pharaoh Bob

Bob "Pharaoh Bob" believes that he is a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. He believes that often treat the Ancient Egyptian citizens harshly as he ended up mummifying those who ended up breaking the Ancient Egyptian rules or ended up upsetting them making him making him a very evil pharaoh. He believes that due to his harshness and evilness that he ended up be overthrown and executed by the Ancient Egyptian citizens. However, he believes that he ended up being somewhat resurrected. He is very much insane as there is no records of an Egyptian pharaoh named Bob and so what he believes is probably isn't true even though Pharaoh Bob believes that he doesn't have a last name and ancient citizens don't have last name. 

His cc is transferable and you need World Adventures, Pets, and Supernatural for this sim. You can find him in the Uploads for the Fame column. 

Hope you have fun with him.

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