Friday, May 31, 2013

Pearl Islands Rewatch Episode One Notes

So, today, I have decided to rewatch Pearl Islands. It should be interesting as I can get a 2nd look at some stuff.

Here are some of my notes-

It is kind of funny when Nicole accidently went into the other tribe when they were at the boat assembling tribes.

Tijuana seems to take her sweet old time jumping out of the boat.

It looked like Osten decided to give some high heels to some man in the village

LMAO at Sandra saying that the lady at the store like Trish in a sexual way.

If I were on the Drake tribe, I would be extremely glad that Sandra was able to get some chicken in that tribe.

If you take a close look at when the Morgan tribe taking the boat to arrive at their camp, Osten was shown to be sagging.

I love how the Chicken was trying to escape the Drake tribe’s supplies. It seems as if he knows that the castaways will probably kill him.

In some shots, Michelle looks like Andrea from Redemption Island and Caramoan.,

Shawn is kind of an ass-hole for not sharing the coconut milk for anyone.

I like the fact that the Drake tribe is getting drunk on the first night. How the Drake tribe is getting drunk on the first night reminds of the line from Avril Lavigne’s new song Here’s To Never Growing Up “Got a bottle of whatever but it’s getting us drunk” since they don’t what alcohol they are drinking.

I like where the treemail is located this season.

Tijuana seems to be really excited when the Morgan tribe got treemail.

I like the map transition when they are going to another location such as the other camp, where the challenge takes lace, and tribal council.

I think some of the members of the Morgan tribe took some inspiration from the winner of the first season of Survivor.

I basically like the fact that the Drake tribe all basically passed out after the challenge.

I feel as if Nicole overplayed too hard in the first three days with her targeting Tijuana at the first tribal council which led to her being the first person voted out. 

 Warning some spoilers are listed below. If you don't want to be spoiled about future episodes then please do not scroll down





 I find out kind of funny that Sandra became the last member of the Drake tribe to be picked as she became the last member of the Drake tribe standing.

Fairplay complimenting Sandra on her getting a majority of the supplies at the shop is probably the only compliment Fairplay has to say about Sandra considering the future rivalry between Fairplay and Sandra.

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