Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mario Mustard

First of all, I am gonna have to say I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a long time. I have been lately feeling like I am not in the mood to blog. However, I have a sim to upload and I hope you like him.

Mario Mustard loves mustard a lot. He eats everything with Mustard. He must eat mustard everyday or else He will be very sad. You are probably wondering why he has a yellow skintone. Well, he used bodypaint to make myself yellow as he loves mustard a lot. So, all in all, he is a guy who loves mustard a lot.

You must have World Adventures and University Life for this sim. His cc is transferable but I created a No CC version because I have to submit him for a reality show who is created by a person who doesn't want cc in their game. So, if you are a person who don't want cc in their game, you are lucky because I have to create a no cc version.

The download link is in the Uploads for the Fame column. Hope you have fun with this sim. 

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