Friday, July 26, 2013

My long-delayed episode rewatch notes for Survivor: Pearl Islands- Episode 2

Sorry about the delay for these notes.

Rupert is SO HAPPY to be on the island (If you watch NintendoCapriSun’s videos, the phrase So Happy should be very familiar to you). He was also SO HAPPY when he found the spear. I even heard Rupert said SO HAPPY.

I totally forgot about the buried treasure.

The music that was played after the reward challenge sounds like Christmas music.

What did Sandra and Rupert say while they were hugging each other before Sandra left to the other tribe and loot the other tribe’s camp. It looked like some kind tribe motto or something,

For those of you don’t know this, if I were the “looter” of the other tribe’s camp, I would try to make some of cross-tribe alliance. There was a cross-tribe alliance on Survivor: Tocantins and I was hoping that there would be one on Survivor: One World which I was disappointed about as I thought One World would become one of the best seasons ever going in to that season due to the twist but it turns not to be a top tier season.

I love the way Sandra said “It felt good to be a pirate”.

If I were on the Morgan tribe, I would voted out Osten. I know he is strong in challenges, but he asked to quit. He is obviously not in the mood to play Survivor and blindsides can happen anytime. If everybody were to vote out Osten, then that is one less person to worry about and it could be prevent you from being voted out or blindsided.

By the way, I have been watching/reading a lot of Pirate material lately.

First, the Sims version of the Mole have released an episode with a pirate-themed mission.
2nd, I just watched a Pirate-themed episode of Doctor Who.
3rd,  I just rewatched the first Pirates of the Carribean movie.
4th, I am at least trying to rewatch Survivor: Pearl Islands and that season of Pearl Islands definitely have a lot of Pirate-related material.

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