Friday, May 23, 2014

Abella Hopper and Malcolm Layton

First of all, I like to apologize for these crapload of sims I have been creating. Over the past year I have not been playing sims due to my game crashing on the Mac, I kinda ended up creating new ideas for sims which I want to use for future reality shows. I have more idea I shall use and that will be my final idea sim for a while unless I think of something more unique ideas. I mainly want to use my sims for reality shows so I want to have sims with actual personalities instead of just sims who I ended up uploaded because I think they look pretty (even though I was like that a couple years ago but during that time, I wasn't really huge on reality shows)

Anyway, onto my first sim

Abella Hopper

Abella thinks she is the Princess of an Insect Kingdom called Buggly Woods. She believes that she can speak in the language of insects. She dislike it when somebody decides to kill a bug as she cries due to that bug's death. However, despite the fact she is a bit delusional, she is very kind and caring and is unlikely to be mean to somebody unless that person acts like a b*tch to her.

Malcolm Layton

Malcolm loves cookies. He likes to call himself a "professional cookie raider" where he goes around town and raids and steals cookies and eats them all. He may seem very fat because of it but he actually exercises a lot so that he can stay in shape. He also despises Lara Croft due to her being the Tomb Raider and him being the Cookie Raider.

You need World Adventures, Ambitions, Pets, and Supernatural for Abella while you need World Adventures and Late Night for Malcolm. Both of these sims have transferrable cc. You can these two sims on the Uploads for the Fame column. Hope you enjoyed these sims.

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