Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beau Smart

Beau Smart behaves in a white-collar manner. He is physically abused and verbally maligned by the people around him as people say to him “SHUT UP BEAU SMART." He also is a bit of an oddball as he has an unusual love with flowcharts to the point of a fetish-type obsession with them. His best friend was a squirrel named Conker who ended up dying thanks to a hawk. He dislikes zoos because he thinks that they are dangerous.

You need to have Supernatural, Late Night, and Pets with this sim. All of the cc has been transferable. Hope you enjoy this sim. You can find him in the Uploads for the Fame column. 

PS: I know that I said that Abiney was my last sim but I got a PC that lets me play again. So, I shall upload more sims now.

Edit- I ended up making him white as thanks to M13 and Turner, I realized that the backlash that he will get on the Mole may be seen as racism. I wasn't originally intend to have the backlash he will have on the Mole to be seen as racism as I wanted to have more diversity within the Mole cast as there isn't really been any african-americans in the Mole cast. The thought of assumptions of racism going on didn't occur to me until M13 sent me the e-mail about it. I tried to make him have a fear of bathing so that the contestants can have a reason to bash on him but Turner then said it would of took away the humor in him which I have to agree with him. So, I made him white just to avoid assumptions of racism going on. I swear on my life I wasn't trying to be racist as I just wanted more diversity in the Mole cast.

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