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The Mole Aslyum Challenge- Intro/Aslyum House Tour

If you ever read the Sims 3 version of the Mole, you will know that the Mole is filled with many crazy personalities. How about we put those crazy personalities in an Asylum? That's why I have decided to do an Asylum challenge with characters from the Mole.

I kinda want to do a "side project" before I start another reality show as I don't want to do another reality show now because many people have exams right now and there is gonna be people saying "Sorry but I can't join because I have to worry about finals right now." I kinda want to do a story though that would get people's attentions so I have decided to use this.

I don't plan on making on a thread on this just yet as I'm gonna post all "updates" on the Mole thread. Yes, I'm gonna call them updates like I like the Mummy Town story because this isn't really a plot-driven (I'm not sure if this is the right word to use it) story compared to my other stories as basically my game is gonna create the storyline for the most part. Anyway, back to what I was saying. However, sorry Turner if you do not want me to say this right now, but Turner said in an e-mail that he plans to have a break between seasons like he did with season one and season two and he doesn't want anybody to really post on it as it will excite the cast even more and there's nothing really left to talk about once the season is over. During that time, I will make a new thread for this story due to Turner's wishes.

Presenting the cast

(From left to right)
Grey Winters (the main sim for this challenge) (made by TurnerSims3)- While he was pretty sane for his time hosting the Mole, he became insane after he has been in jail for so long. The cops decided that he should be in an aslyum instead of a prison.

Gregory Plaice and Casey O'Rourke (made by Suresammi and paintitblack7x) (I am combining these two sims due to their similarity)- Both of these sims are alien-obsessed freaks causing them to be put in an asylum. The only really difference between them is that Casey believes aliens are earthworms.

Thomas Walsh (made by ArtistByNight)- He believes that he has superpowers and that he is superman. He occasionally talks to himself like he is two different people.

Ariel Woodward (also made by ArtistByNight)-  She has been in two reality shows- No Privacy and The Mole. She became insane in both of those reality shows. She was even expelled from the Mole due to her stabbing KT with a knife due to her insaneness.

Sara (made by me)- A scene kid who is highly afraid of Smurfs, wouldn't eat a Poptart due to her believing that they are baby Nyan Cats, and wouldn't cross a bridge due to her not liking trolls and the troll under the bridge story.
Remy (made by HayloHusky)- He has Dissociative identity disorder and he acts very childish.

Evarrine (made by Jojo777)- She believes that she is an evil magical queen from another world. She believes that she accidentally found herself in our world and she lost her magic. She is also very delusional.

Also, apologies for a majority of sims looking different. Casey is no longer in the exchange and in Paint's game so I couldn't have the chance to download him so I have to remake him. Ariel and Gregory failed to install in my game so I have to remake them as well. Evarrine, Grey, and Thomas have content which I don't have so I have to replace them with similar clothing/hair.

Here is the backstory of the Mole Asylum Challenge

Grey was in prison a year and a half. He eventually became insane. He became too insane that the cops started to put him in an asylum. However, as he was being put in the asylum, he threw the Mole contestants under the bus and tell the asylum workers about their insanity. They then put those Mole contestants in the asylum as well. Due to Grey telling the Asylum workers about those Mole contestants' insanity, then made a deal with them saying that if Grey completes his lifetime wish, then he will get out of the asylum. Grey's lifetime wish is to learn every single recipe so he plans to learn every single recipe to get out of the asylum. Also, another thing is that every single one of these sims have their memories relating to the Mole erased. However, Grey still somehow remembers the deal.

The official rules for the Asylum challenge can be found here-

For the traits, other the mandatory traits, I tried to stay with the contestants' personality for the most part as I would of probably given Ariel the natural cook trait due to her job if it were allowed. The only exception is Grey as I given him the traits which I believe will help me the most in this challenge (Natural Cook to prevent fires, Handy to have him repair stuff without risk being electrocuted, and Unlucky just in case of an event where Grey dies prematurely.)

Also, 3 more things before I get to the house tour.

1. I apologize if any of your sims die in this challenge considering how I can't control the other sims. However, I will have a way to fix this in the end so don't you worry in case any of your sims die.

2. I will be planning on installing the WooHooer mod to make things more interesting so be prepared some interesting hook-ups and ships.

3. Apologies if I accidentally clicked on another sim's picture. I may do that from time to time.

Now, on to the asylum house tour,

The library

The kitchen

The bedroom

The bathroom

The skill-building room

The Sauna (which is technically allowed in the asylum challenge as I didn't bought a TV and I believe the Sauna is not a skill-building item.)

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