Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Three new sims (Olivia Oldies, Barbie "Princess" Garnet, and Danny Edwards)

Here is me uploading some new sims. 

Olivia Oldies

Olivia is an elderly person who likes to do everything old-fashioned. She likes to use "older" inventions instead of modern inventions. She prefers listening to older music. She likes to use sayings no matter uses today like "By golly" and "Gee Whiz." She is also a really good cook.

You need to have World Adventures, University Life, and Pets in order to play with this sim. Like a majority of my sims, her cc is transferable (along with the next two sims I will show)

Barbie "Princess" Garnet

Barbie or as many people call her "Princess" used to live in another world called the Petalburg Kingdom. She was kidnapped many times thanks to an evil wizard when she basically was a damsel-in-distress who had to be rescued by her (currently) ex-boyfriend Zidane. She tried many times to stop him from kidnapping her but none of her attempts worked. She then gone crazy because of this and now becomes a survivor of the wild. She hunts for animals, rodents, and even bugs in the wild. She often likes to refer to herself in third person. She then somehow find herself in our world and she continues to become a survivor of the wild.

You only need Supernatural with this sim.

Danny Edwards

Danny Edwards used to be a merman until an evil sea witch cursed him to live on land as a human. He knows nothing about humans along with their culture. He sometimes ask people what are things that us humans used everyday such as "What is a phone?" or "What is a stove?"

You need Late Night, Pets, and Supernatural for this sim.

Hope you enjoy these sims. You can find these sims in the Uploads for the Fame column.

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