Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Mole Asylum Challenge Update #1- Pillow Fights


Just a couple of notes before I get started

1. I ran into a slight problem while trying to do the Asylum challenge. Grey's lifetime wish is learn every recipe. This would of work if I didn't have World Adventures. World Adventures had recipes that you will only learn in the three vacation worlds in that game. Since Grey can only leave for work, and for the book/grocery store, I don't think it will really work unless EA ends up not updating the lifetime wish for ep recipes. Luckily, I have a back-up plan. In the asylum challenge, it says this- 

Instead of achieving your LTW to finish the challenge, you can set a money goal. ex: Earn $50,000.

So, I am have a money goal of 50,000 and I am gonna pretend that the asylum worker change the deal.

2. My asylum challenge file got corrupted so I kinda have to redo the challenge. I don't think you will really miss everything so it will be okay. There will be a different asylum as the one I made was custom built and I got too lazy to remake it. This is the new asylum by the way- 

So, let's get this challenge on the way

While Grey was trying to get a job, Remy and Gregory were literally playing tag outside. I guess since Remy has the childish trait, it will make sense for him.

Thomas went and tell Ariel and Casey a ghost story.

Then, the stupid f*cking Llama shows up. I really do not like this Llama because he is annoying as heck. I really wish there was a mod out there to remove the Llama from the game. I was gonna put a wall around him making him starve to death but I am not sure if that is against the rules or not.

Then, while Grey was reading a book on cooking (Grey is in the culinary career by the way), Sara was playing the guitar and everybody watched her play it.

At nighttime, everybody went to bed except for Sara, Thomas, and Evarrine.

Then, everybody seem to start pillow fighting.

(The last two took place after Grey and Ariel woke-up by the way.)

After Grey's and Evarrine's pillow fight, I saw an option that says "Asks about age" and Evarrine said that she is four days older than him. I guess either Evarrine believes Grey is somehow immortal or Evarrine is trying to get rid of her Evil Queen image to try to get out of the asylum.

Then, I literally saw Thomas talking on the phone with someone. I was wondering how the heck does he know somebody out of the asylum since he can not leave the asylum.

Then, Evarrine went and pass-out on the floor.

Then, Grey literally took a picture of it. I did not make him do this as he basically did that on his own.

In my opinion, this is a good place to stop so I catch you guys up next time.