Friday, July 11, 2014

Dirk Disco

Dirk Disco is a guy who loves and lives in the 70s. He likes to speak in the language of the 70s as he often call his friends "Dudes". He likes to have pet rocks and say to people "Have a nice day." His favorite all-time music genre is Disco and he does not care about people who say that Disco Sucks.

I know I have said that Dirk is Rita Rocker-Chick's son but I am gonna say that Dirk has drank an aging potion causing him to be a young adult.

You need to have to store hair to have his hair-

His skintone is transferable. I believe that his skin is the only CC item that he has.

(And this is probably my first time in forever and probably my last time I shall use EA hair for a sim unless somebody who is against cc decides to run a reality show).

I also want to say this sim is very hard to make since I don't have 70s, 80s, and 90s stuff pack. I had to google what 70s people wore.

Also, I almost forgot. He has content from Late Night, Supernatural, and University Life.

Download link is in the Uploads for the Fame column. Hope you enjoy this sim.

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