Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mr. Lembo

Mr. Lembo came from old money and he is very high class. He is the mayor of a town called Greenville which the residents of that town thinks of him as a kind and a caring ruler. However, deep down inside, he has an evil heart as he has constantly killed many incident people in his town which many of the residents believed are "criminals". He also does not believe in romance as he believes that love is weakness.

You need Supernatural for this sim. You need this hair for this sim btw-

The rest of the cc is transferable I believe.

Also, I've made two versions- one with a custom skintone and one without a custom skintone. The reason for that is that this is actually something I have made for a contest. The owner of the contest does not allow custom skin tones with the sims (but she allows custom hair and clothing). To be honest, I kinda don't like sims with a custom hair but not a custom skintone so I've made two versions of the sim. That way, if he comes to a reality show (which I probably won't do as I may get targeted early due to this sim's villainous nature unless it is a reality show where you can't really control who gets eliminated like the Mole), then I shall submit him with a custom skintone.

Hope you enjoy this sim btw. You can find him for the Uploads for the Fame column.

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