Saturday, July 19, 2014

November Blakes

November Blakes often says stuff deadpan-style meaning that she says stuff in a monotone voice without a change in emotion or body language. She is extremely uninterested in her job, regularly napping on the job, texting constantly, and acts very dry and sarcastic around her co-workers. She only got her job through a family member and she only does her job to get some money. 

I have been watching Parks and Recreation and April is my favorite character so far. So, I wanted to make a sim based on her. So, this is her.

You need Late Night, Supernatural, and University Life for this sim. As for her cc, she has cc that may or may not be transferable.

I recently downloaded this hair on Mod the Sims-

I have never seen transferable cc on Mod the Sims before but when I went to custard to remove the possible bad cc with that sim, I ended up seeing that hair in the custard menu. The odd thing is that I don't think it came with a Sims3Pack file. So, her hair may or may not be transferable. I advice you to at least download the hair in case it is not transferable. 

Hope you enjoy this sim btw. You can find her in the Uploads For the Fame column.

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