Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars House Tour

Sara: Okay, everybody, this is the Sims Reality All-Stars house tour. My name is Sara Vesela and I will be the host this season. You may know me as the winner of season 3 of the Mole. I was the scene kid in the cast. I did have a crush on Kenzen but now I realized how much of a piece of **** he was. I have a new man now who is much better than Kenzen and actually has genuine feelings for me.

The Camera Man: Just imagine if Kenzen was cast.

Sara: I don't think that Kenzen would really want to be near me. But I am glad that he is not cast for this show. However, I am even more gladder that Evarrine is not cast as Evarrine would of gotten cast over my dead body. Anyway, I promise to be a much better host than Kenzen was. Now, let's get started. As you can see, the contestants are living in a yacht this season. Consider how this cast is supposed to be the best of the best, I thought I might give them a  nice house to live in.

(Credit goes to RalphaelNinja for this house. I have downloaded it a long time ago and I thought I might use it again for this show. I've made some edits to it btw.)

When you first enter the house, you will see that you have enter a library. There is two books, an easel, and a bar when you enter this.

Then, here is the tv room. You will be able to play some video games here. You won't be able to watch live tv but here you can watch Netflix. And I made sure that they are not playing Smurfs.

Now, up at the front, there is a barbecue.

 A relaxing center

And a chess table. In my opinion, some reality shows are like chess as you have to carefully plan out your next move. We are mainly combining to reality shows- Survivor and Big Brother. Both of those are like chess in my opinion.

And this is the kitchen. Hey, why the heck is there only one top cabinet?

The Camera Man: Well, um, I guess the production team got lazy.

Sara's Boss (though an intercom): Okay, the building team for this house has gotten fired. This is cheap as heck.

Sara: Okay, um, Ganondorf,

Camera Man (who's name is now Ganondorf): I really hope that you didn't say my name. Now, everybody will think I am evil. Seriously, who would name a child Ganondorf?

Sara: Well, um, can you show the dining room? I don't think there is much to say there. Just go film it and don't say anything.

Ganondorf: Okay....

Sara: Now, this is the diary room. Here, you can say anything that is on your mind. Hold on. *cries* It's 2:00 pm. I have to cry everyday at 2:00 pm.

Ganondorf: So, I guess you are still crying at 2:00 pm.

Sara: *continues to cry* Yes, I do. *stops crying* It's 2:01 now.

Sara: Now, I know you want to see the bedrooms but I want to tell you guys about the bathroom. We kinda ran out of space for the bathroom so we have to use the all-in-one bathroom. The bathroom is kinda small. So small that I don't think me and Ganondorf will fit inside the bathroom together so Ganondorf, can you please go inside the bathroom for me? And when get done, met me by the green bedroom.

Ganondorf: Okay.


Ganondorf: This is the bathroom. Blah, blah, blah.

Sara: This the green bedroom. We are keeping the bedrooms simple this year. Now, let me show you another angle of the bedrooms.

Sara: Here. Well, there's nothing I say about this bedroom so let's move onto the other bedroom.

Sara: Here is the yellow bedroom.

Sara: As you can see, we are trying use bunkbeds this season. This means a majority of the contestants will be sharing beds. The bedmates can lead to a possible showmance or they can lead into bitter enemies. This room by the way shall converted to another room later on in the game. Can you guess what room it shall be? Well, that concludes the house tour. See you guys in the premiere.

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