Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Update on my plans with the Sims 3/4 and reality shows

Well, you know how I said that I shall eventually leave the Sims 3 community to be in reality shows in the Sims 4. Well, I have second thoughts about this.

I have heard of some of the stuff of the Sims 4 as it just seems like a downgrade from the Sims.

In my opinion, there are three important changes in the Sims 3

1. The Seamless Neighborhood
2. Traits
3. Create-a-Style

Two of the features are no longer applicable to the Sims 4. Let's start with Create-a-Style.

Create-a-Style is basically a way to make objects matching and have certain patterns with the Sims' objects. In the past sims games, if you wanted a matching color with your other objects, then you would of probably have to download a cc object (which I know many simmers are against having). Same thing if you want to have a certain outfit to look different.

Without Create-a-Style, it will take away from wanting a specific pattern for your objects/clothing.

And now for the seamless neighborhood, the Seamless Neighborhood is the most important feature in the Sims 3 as you are able to do stuff that you couldn't do in past games (such as horses, actually see your sims at work at certain jobs, and making it easier to meet other sims). With loading screens, it will take away from the seamless neighborhood aspect. In my opinion, it is kinda like if Super Mario Galaxy 2 didn't really the "space" feature which was the most important feature in Super Mario Galaxy 1. I also like how you can have your sims be at two seperate places or not.

They say that they did this because they wanted the Sims 4 to run on "older computers". However, not many people actually have "older computers." If you think about it, game consoles are supposed to keep on improving and improving. Those game consoles will have less limitations to those and a lot of those game consoles shall be off the market. Same thing can be said for computers as some computers can actually run on HD systems. I don't really think that they should try to cut back on a major aspect on the Sims just to have the Sims 4 to run on older computers when not many people actually have older computers.

I also did not like how pools and toddlers are not in the Sims 4. Toddlers are very cute in the Sims series imo and toddlers is supposed to be a way to separate the gap between babies and children. You know how people want a pre-teen life stage (or at least a tween life stage) just because a gap between a child and a teen will be too big of a gap. That's basically how I feel with toddlers. I know that some simmers do not like toddlers because they consider them to be annoying but there's a saying that "you don't know how much you miss someone until they're gone." If you change the words someone and they're into something and it's, then it would be accurate.

Also, not having pools will suck. This will probably mean no swimwear. Pools have been in the first three base games and it will seem odd if pools were not in the Sims 4 base game.

While I can expect pools to be an ep for the Sims 4, I can't really expect toddlers to be in an ep for the Sims 4, because they are certain clothing, objects, and interactions that can only apply to toddlers only making there to be a lot of coding to do. While they did have young adults in a Sims 2 ep, they are very similar to adults and you can only play them in the University campus.

So, I feel as if the Sims 4 is basically taking a step back instead of a step forward. I also see many people disappointed with it as well so I may expect a flop for this game. So, I have decided to not leave the Sims 3 forums just to play with the Sims 4 people in reality shows. Even though I expect the Sims 3 to possibly be shut down towards the end, I will be ready for it.

Also, about my next upcoming reality shows, I have trouble with installing some people's sims. I will try though to fix this glitch but until then, I shall generally wait a little while for another sims reality show as I want to install everybody's sim instead of a certain few sims.

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