Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 1 (READ THE AUTHOR'S NOTES DOWN BELOW)

Sara (through voice-over): Hello everybody. This is Sims Reality All-Stars. We gather 10 sims from previous reality shows to compete in this show from previous reality shows. Which one of these sims will win? Well, I shall tell you some things about these sims from their previous reality shows. There, you can make a guess on who will win.

Mysti was a famous star actress from the original Locomotive movie but was unfortunately murdered when she was stabbed with a pitchfork. What people didn't know is that she didn't die from the stabbing. She got up and drowned in the blood from one of her fellow competitors after hey were shoved into a fan. therefore, she drowned. But she is now back from the dead to attain stardom as she once dreamed.

KT originally applied for host duty on The Mole Season 3, though she ended up a contestant playing for charity. KT survived most of The Mole by befriending her fellow contestants and happily floating along, rarely sabotaging or playing the game. She voted the same on every quiz, until she was ultimately executed with her #1 suspect Aiden.

Brent got pretty far in Abnormality, had a few good alliances, everyone liked him. His romance with Natalia was his ultimate downfall, and in the end her alliance voted him out after he broke-up with her.

Grape stayed alive for the entire time in the Locomotive thanks to the alliance made with the killer (oops) and made it to the final three along side Nova and Damion. Many times, Grape faced 'eviction' and all those times he escaped. Once, as the mole marker, he cost everyone to be up for 'eviction'. 

Thomas from the Mole fell off his bedroom and landed in the pool, thinks he's superman and can save the world, usually kicks ass (not literally, as he thinks), has weird moments, tries being Einstein..

Cassandra is a fancy rich person who is studious and smart. She is also a little outgoing but she only really hangs out with other fancy rich people. She dislikes anything dirty and slobs. She joined Abnormality, became insane towards the end, became the runner-up of Abnormality, and was the only person to never been evicted on her season. 

Cassi is a country girl who has a dark secret. Whenever she takes off her neckband, Cassi turns into a zombie, She was in season one of the Locomotive where her dark secret unintentionally ended up costing two lives (Shirley and Taylor). She ended being the the killer's 5th victim. However, thanks to the magic that is in her neckband, she was able to get resurrected 72 hours after her death. She ended up having to go into hiding for a couple of months without having to speak with anybody including her best friend Tybalt and her cousin Kelly. After she heard about Kelly's death, she believed that she costed Kelly's life due to her being in hiding and she went out of hiding to make sure nobody that she cares about ended up dying as well.

Lawon is the winner of some Big Brother show. He developed with a close friendship with Trixie from her season. Blah, blah, blah.

Aiden was from season 3 of the Mole. He is known for being the carefree hillbilly from the cast. He was able to get to the final 7 (or the final 6 if you disinclude the Mole) where he executed in a double execution along with KT. He was the most suspected contestant on his season and he was the runner-up of the Fan Favorite poll only to be beaten by Evarrine.

Antoine was from season 3 of the Mole as well where he ended up becoming the Mole's 6th victim. He developed a close friendship with a girl named Kaita who told him about his parents' past. He also tried to form a group to find some way to "defeat" Evarrine believing that she is some witch in some prophecy.

They are sitting down here waiting for me arrive. Let's check on them before I arrive.

Mysti: Hey, Cassi, are you supposed to be dead?

Cassi: Well, due to the magic in my neckband, I was able to get resurrected 72 hours from now.

Mysti: But didn't Kelly went to the Locomotive movie set to find some answers about your death?

Cassi: Yes she did. I have to be in hiding because people may be surprised that I am alive.

Mysti: How did you get out of hiding?

Cassi: Well, when I have found about Kelly's death, I felt extremely guilty with her death. So, I went out of hiding because I don't want history to repeat itself.

Cassandra: Hey KT.

KT: Hey Cassandra.

Cassandra: I am very glad that I was able to have you as a contestant as I like to hang-out with other rich people.

KT: Well, I wasn't supposed to be a contestant here. I was meant to be the host of this show.

Cassandra: Again? Wow, is this gonna happen every time you want to be a host of a show?

KT: I hope not. Though I have heard Sara from my season is the host of this season and I believe that she deserves it more than me because she actually won.

Grape: Um, hey. I have two questions. My first question is what is your name?

Lawon: My name is Lawon.

Grape: Like the guy from Big Brother? Dude, that Lawon is dumb as heck.

Lawon: Well, I was created before that incident.

Grape: Oh. Second question, what reality show are you from?

Lawon: I was in a Big Brother show where everybody died in the first season.

Grape: Like the Locomotive?

Lawon: No, not really as their deaths weren't exactly "planned." Julie was tired of her job and killed all the contestants except for one contestant because they want to use her for another season.

Grape: That sounds extreme. 

Thomas: It's dark outside. I'm afraid of the dark.
No, you're not. Superman isn't afraid of anything.
Well, I'm afraid of the dark.
Well, what about those execution ceremonies in the Mole? 
Well, what about those?
They all took place outside in nighttime and you didn't really freaked out because it was nighttime.
Well, I am gonna freak-out now.
But production asked you to sit down and stay calm.
I don't care.



Ganondorf (the camera guy): Sit down Thomas. You are not supposed to get up until we tell you.

Thomas: Oops sorry.

Antoine: So, Aiden, what shall we do if they ask that question?

Aiden: Whut quesshun?

Antoine: We talk about this all the time. You should know the question.

Aiden: Wal, ah doesn't pow'ful remember t'be honest.

Antoine: Well, I can assume that you have been asked that question all the time when you are on the streets.

Aiden: Whar ah live, ah doesn't haf streets as ah live in th' country side.

*Antoine facepalms*

Brent: Can somebody tell me when the **** Sara shall be here?

Ganondorf: She will be here in any minute now.

Brent: You have said that 15 minutes ago.

Ganondorf: Well, Sara could be stuck in traffic or she could have a really long bathroom break.

Brent: Well, I really have to go use the bathroom so can Sara be here soon?

Sara: Hello everybody. My name is Sara. You may recognize me from the Mole as I was the winner of season 3 of the Mole. I was kinda known for being the scene kid in the cast and having a crush on Kenzen which I have fallen out in love with because I realized that he is a piece of **** now. Anyway, this is the tribal council area where every night you shall vote somebody out until we get to a certain point in the game where you shall play a game of Big Brother. Now, I want you all to go to bed soon. Tomorrow, we shall compete in our first immunity challenge. I wish you all good luck.

Cassandra: Well, Cassi, here is my mother's famous salad. She was a chef in a restaurant and people go that restaurant for this salad. 

Cassi: Well, that's interesting. Is she still cooking in that restaurant?

Cassandra: She passed away last year.

Cassi: Well, I am sorry to hear that.

*Cassi chokes on the salad*

Cassi: I don't feel well. What did you put in this salad?

Cassandra: Well, I have put Lemon Juice...

Cassi: Lemon Juice. I'm allergic to lemons.

Cassandra: Oh my. Is Cassi dead? Please be alive. My doctor told to be stay away from stressful situations as I do not want to turn..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................insane................................................................................................................................................................................................................again.


Cassi: Oh thank goodness. It was only just a dream. Hold on. Camera Man, how were you able to record that?

A Different Camera Man: Um, long story.

Lawon: KT, I need to talk to you.

KT: What is it?

Lawon: I do believe you and me are the biggest targets in this house. I am technically the only winner in this house. KT, you are the most rich and famous person in this house. Sure, Mysti is an actress and Cassandra is very rich. But they aren't as rich as you. My point is that I think that we have to go to the end together in order for one of us to win. If I went to the finals with somebody else, the jury might say "Oh, you already won a reality show, so you don't need to win another reality show." If you went to the finals with somebody else, then the jury might say "Oh, you are the richest person out here so we don't want to give you the money." So, in my opinion, I think that both of us shall go to the end together.

KT: I am gonna have to agree with you. I think that is best for us to go to the end together. So, I guess we are allies now. The thing is that there were never really any alliances in my season except for two on the top of my head. I believe that many alliances were kinda short-lived in my season as the main storyline for season 3 of the Mole was the house against Evarrine.

(Please note that a majority of the sim alliances will probably not reflect the real life alliance as I often make-up alliances for the storyline in my reality shows. So, just because KT and Lawon alligned in the show's storyline doesn't mean the people controlling them (Haylo and Cake) are actually aligned in the real-life game.)

Grape: Oh dang it. We have both lost this level again.

Mysti: Hey Grape, can we please stop playing this video game? I have a question to ask you.

Mysti: So, can you tell me what happened after the finale?

Grape: What happened after the finale is classified.

Mysti: Oh come on. Can you please tell me? I promise not to tell.

Grape: Um, you do realized that there is a camera right here watching us meaning that this conversation could be on tv.

Mysti: Well, I could tell the camera guy to shut off the camera.

Another Camera Man: Um, that is not going to happen.

Mysti: Well, darn it. Well, one of these days, I will get Grape to tell me what happened after the finale.

*Antoine, Brent, and Aiden were talking up here. The mic did not pick-up what they are saying though.*

Thomas: You two. I just realized something, You Aiden are supposed to be a troll and You Antoine are supposed to be dead. You must have a deal with Mr. Silver the most powerful villain in the world. You are now supposed to do his bidding now. Now, Superman is gonna kick your ***.

Aiden: Whut th' heck? Yo' does reckanized thet Antoine has them martial arts skills, right?

Antoine: Um, Thomas, you should know that....

Thomas: Blah, blah. I don't care. Be prepared to get beaten by Superman.

Brent: Thomas, please don't. You're just using conspiracy theories right now.

Thomas: Conspiracy Theories? Did you not know I can read minds? This is true.

Sara (through intercom): Everybody, please report to me in the front of the yacht.

Brent: Oh thank god that the challenge started before things gotten too serious.

Sara: Welcome to your first immunity challenge. This challenge is called "It's All About Popular." Every single one of you has some sort of reputation. I will ask you to rank the other 9 contestants. In order to do that, stick a piece of paper on one of the pots in front you. The one of your left is an 9 ranking and the one on your right is a 1 ranking. Each ranking that somebody gets, they will earn points. Whenever somebody gets first in a ranking, they will earn 9 points. Whenever somebody gets last in a ranking, they will only earn one point. The four contestants with the most amount of points shall be immune and do not have to go to tribal council. For the losers, you will earn a trip to Tribal Council where you shall vote-off the first person in this game. Are you ready to get started?

Contestants: Yes we are.

Sara: Good. One more thing. If you put your own name down, then you would be ineligible for this competition even if you are in the top four of this competition. Now, begin.

*after KT sticks her vote in the #9 pot*

KT: Gosh, I hope I don't regret this.

Grape: Please let this be the right choice.

Brent: Now, I wonder where to put Ariel at.

Antoine: Um, Ariel is not on this show.

Brent: Oops I meant Thomas.

KT: Why did you get those two confused? They are like totally different people. Well, except for that they are both insane. But Thomas's insanity is a very much a likable insanity while Ariel's insanity, I'm not too fond of since she stabbed me in the knife.

Brent: I don't know. I kinda believe that they have the same creator.

Sara: Well, I've got the votes right here. I shall announce the top four of this competition. In first place, we have.....


KT: Wow, I actually made it in first place.

Sara: In 2nd place, we have......



Sara: In 3rd place, we have......


Cassandra: Wow, I am actually surprised by this.

Sara: Now, one more person shall be immune this competition. If your name is not called, then you are not immune and shall go to tribal council tomorrow where you shall vote-off the first person out of the game. The person is 4th place is....


Cassi: Oh my lord.

Sara: I need all four winners to step aside me.

Sara: Well, Cassandra, KT, Cassi, and Thomas, congrats. You are the first people at you will be guaranteed a 1 in 9 spot at winning this game.

Sara: For the rest of y'all, I've got nothing for you. Tribal council tomorrow. See you then.

Author's Notes-

Challenge Results-

KT- 58
Thomas- 51
Cassandra- 50
Cassi- 49
Antoine- 48
Aiden- 47
Grape- 46
Mysti- 39
Brent- 31
Lawon- 26

Also, you may have noticed that there are no diary room sessions for this episode. That is because for the rest of the episodes, the storyline shall mainly revolve around you guys. I am allowing custom diary room entries. At some point, I will say "No more DREs past this point" meaning that you are no longer allowed to send a DRE until the episode has been completed. 

When sending one in, make sure to put "DRE" in the title of the email. If you want it to be an ACTION diary room entry (meaning I physically show the scene in the episode, the sim doesn't just say it) then please say so in the email or title. If you want it to be an action DRE, make sure you don't "god mod" (control) someone's sim too much- remember, you can only control the actions of your OWN sim (for the most part). 

Also, some diary room entries may not shown until a future episode depending on certain circumstances (like if somebody else sends in a diary room entry that includes your sim in it). And if you have a sim loaned to me, and you submit a diary room entry which I considered to be "out of character", then I may edit your diary room entry (like if you have Cassandra say a swear word, then I may edit the swear word out because Cassandra never swears.)

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