Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars- Episode 2


Grape: I guess the finale was quite dramatic. I could have died! But, I didn't, as you can tell. I'm physically not allowed to tell all the details, but I can tell one thing: That Nova tricked me so hard. I know I floated on her tail for the entire thing, and it was great and all, but I thought I found a friend, until she shot me down. I guess I better be nice to all of them here. 

(Please note that the diary room entries that are in italics were made by the person controlling that sim and the diary room entries are not in italtics were made by me. I shall only write diary room entries for the storyline purposes as I want a majority of the diary room entries to be made by the people controlling their sims.)

Mysti: So, I've been thinking that it's great and all to be here... but since this is All-Stars, I gotta watch my back. These people know how to play a game, and in case you forgot... I barely hit the halfway point in Locomotive... AND I'M DEAD.... but that's why I'm here... I saw something online to bring me back to life... I just hope I can find it before my departure. *sighs*

Lawon: Wow, I came in last place in the immunity competition. In my opinion, this kinda shows a sign that I am in trouble in the next competition. I need to start campaigning.

Lawon: Hey Grape, I need to talk to about something. You are my friend and I want to know this. I talked to Brent and he was trying to vote you out. He ended up saying "Grape is a very rude person who shouldn't be on this season" and he also said quote "I have heard from my very own ears that...."

Grape: I'm sorry but I think I have to stop you here. Brent is deaf and so he can't hear anything from his own ears.

Lawon: But you got believe me as he may found a cure for deafness.

Grape: Um, sorry to say this but I don't really think there is a cure for deafness and Brent ended up asking me to speak slowly to him so that he can read my lips easier when I am telling him something when I first enter the house so he is still deaf.

Lawon: Look, you got to ******* believe me. I am telling the **** truth. Brent is gonna ****** up your game and if you do not something about it, then you shall be in trouble in the next tribal council. Do you got that clear?

Grape: You know what, I think I am gonna vote for you in the next tribal council.

Grape: Lawon has been overstrategizing. He has been campaigning as much as possible in order for him to stay in the game. However, he has been telling people lies and people know that his lies are false. So, if we are going to tribal council right now, then Lawon of probably get voted out.

KT: Its so great to be on television again! Lawon reckons that I'm already a target. But people couldn't resist to give me points in that popularity contest. Though a lot of other people deserved to have immunity as well!... Seeing as there isn't a mole, can't we all be friends and all stay?! Anyway. I'm not a threat. I'm trying my best to be selfless. I'm giving the money to charity again. I really wanna win this time!

Cassi: Wow, all three of us won immunity. We should do something to celebrate.

Cassandra: Well, where's KT? Shouldn't we wait for KT 

Cassi: KT said that she really have to go use the bathroom and it may take awhile. Anyway, do you guys have any ideas on what to do?

Thomas: I think that we should play Super Smash Bros. I'll pick Captain Falcon. FALCON PUNCH!

Cassi: Well, I think I shall pick Yoshi because I find him to be very cute.

Cassandra: I think I shall stick out of this one and watch you guys play. I was never a huge fan of video games to be honest.

(Within the first minute of playing Super Smash Bros)

Cassi: Wow, I lost hard. I probably hold the record for having the quickest KO ever. I want a rematch.

(After 3 rematches)

Cassi: ****

Cassandra: Please do not use that kind of language please.

Cassi: Oops sorry. I lost all three of those rematches. I promise you that I am very good with Yoshi. It may just be bad luck.

Cassandra: Can I have a try? I want try to see if this is truely bad luck.

Thomas: Go ahead.

(After the match)

Cassi: Well, I just got lost again. And this time, I was facing Ganondorf, the worst character in the game in my opinion.

Ganondorf (The Camera Man): Hey I am right here.

Cassi: I was talking about the Ganondorf from Zelda.

Cassandra: Wow, I don't know much about Super Smash Bros as I just click on the random button for my character. However, if you say that Ganondorf is the worst character in the game, then it must be bad luck.

Cassi: Whatever, I give up. I shall check on KT and get her to come over here.

(The next day)

Aiden: Kin ah go back t'bed?

KT: Wake up, sleepyhead. It's 12:24 in the afternoon.

Aiden: Wow! Fry mah hide! Ah muss of stay in th' bed fo' a mighty long time now.

KT: Don't worry as you always seem to wake up around this time in the Mole house. Anyway, me and Antoine have something to talk you about.

Antoine: Hey, we all have played together in season 3 of the Mole. All of three us have gotten along. Well, you can say that a majority of the Season 3 Mole contestants have really became very close friends after the Mole with the exception of Evarrine, Alberto, and Ariel. Anyway, what we are trying to say is that I think all of three us should be in an alliance as we all that we can get along well and I don't think there shall be any conflict between the three of us. What do you say?

Aiden: Ah will gladly be in this hyar alliance.

Antoine: Good. I don't think any of us shall get voted out but if I start hearing people trying to toss-up our names, then I will let you know.

KT: I'm glad to have Aiden and Antoine here! And Sara! Boy was I glad she won! I missed them all a lot after the Mole finale! I did have to apolgoise a lot to Aiden. How could I ever think he was the Mole? He's too sweet and innocent! 

I've decided to start a Mole alliance! Aiden, Antoine and myself. We all know each other! So we can all work together to make it to the end! 

Mysti: So, I think we are all in an agreement to vote-off Lawon. Am I correct?

Brent: Well, that seems to be the obvious choice but the obvious choice may not always be the right choice.

Mysti: What do you mean by that?

Brent: Well, three people from season 3 of the Mole are on this season. All three of those people have some sort of close bond with each other. They may are secretly working together. It may be best to try to vote-out Aiden or Antoine. Though I may getting paranoid here.

Brent: It would seem like the obvious choice to vote-out Lawon. He is the only winner in the cast, he was last place in the competition, and he was overstrategizing during the past couple of days. However, I may be concerned about Antoine, KT, and Aiden forming a secret alliance so I may want to vote-out Antoine or Aiden at the next tribal council. However, there is a chance I could be totally wrong about this.

(Play this music as you continue reading)

Sara: Well, guys welcome to your first tribal council. You all lost immunity so you all must vote-out somebody who also lost immunity. In the game, there are a bunch of threats. For example, Lawon could be considered a threat because he already won a reality show. Lawon, what is your take on this?

Lawon: Well, if I am a winner, people could literally take me to end causing the jury to say "Well, you already won so we don't want you to win another reality show."

Sara: Aiden, what is your take on taking Lawon to the end just because he already won before?

Aiden: Ah doesn't know. Ask Grape.

*everybody laughs*

Sara: Well, Grape, what is your opinion on this?

Grape: Well, it may be a huge risk as Lawon has won a reality show before and so he should know the skills of winning a reality show which may be makes him a dangerous player down the road.

Sara: Brent, is there anything that you are concerned about in this game?

(Author's Note: I just wanted to say that Brent looks so tired in that picture in my opinion.)

Brent: Well, there is always a possible chance that secret alliances are forming in this game. You never know when a secret alliance is formed which may cause you to be blindslided somehow later in the game.

Sara: Antoine, what is your take on secret alliances in this game?

Antoine: Well, there is always paranoia in this game about secret alliances but paranoia can often lead people to their downfall so it may not be best to be paranoid all the time.

Sara: And last question, Mysti, why does your ghost color have to be blue? Because blue is the color of Smurfs and Smurfs are very scary creatures.

*everybody laughs*

Mysti: Ugh, can we just skip to the vote?

(Pretend that Sara is sitting down. I forgot to take a picture of Sara talking to the contestants on how to vote. So, instead, I used the picture of Sara getting up to tally the votes.)

Sara: Okay, here how voting will work. One at a time, you shall go to the voting booth and....Hey, wasn't the voting booth not there a couple of minutes ago? How did it get there, Irene?

Irene (A Camera Woman): Um, long story.

Sara: Well, anyway, back to what I was saying. Once you get to the voting booth, you shall write down the name of who you are voting for and explain why you are voting for that person. Grape, you are up first.

Grape: I vote for ______ because he/she already ____ a ______ ____ and received the _____ _____ of ____ in the _______.

(I put a couple of blanks in a reasoning for a vote to not make the vote so obvious)

Mysti: I vote for ________, because they didn't do so well in the challenge like me and I'm the only one who can suck at challenges so it seems i must bid them farewell! *blows kiss*

Lawon: I'm voting for _____ because he/she was the ______ on his/her show. I think he'll/she'll be one of the game's strongest players

Brent: I vote for ______ because it's a good choice for me.

Antoine: I vote for _____ because out of everyone here this person is the biggest threat to all of our games, especially considering their previous reality show record.

Aiden: Ah vote fo' _______  because yo' seem like a trimenjus threat. So'ry! Fry mah hide!

(I made Mojo's reasoning for her vote look dialect for obvious reasons)

Sara: I'll go tally the votes.

Sara: Once the votes have been read, the person who been must leave this area as soon as possible. First vote.....

Sara: Lawon. That's one vote for Lawon. Second vote.......

Sara: Grape! That's one vote for Grape and one vote for Lawon. Next vote....

Sara: Lawon. That's two votes for Lawon and one vote for Grape. Fourth vote.....

Sara: Lawon. That's three votes for Lawon and one vote for Grape. Next vote.....

First person out of this game......

Sara: Lawon. That's four. That's enough. The last vote shall remain a mystery. I need to come with me to exit the game.

Sara: So, Lawon, how does it feel to be the first person out of this game?

Lawon: It sucks, Sara. It is never fun to be the first boot out of a reality show. However, at least I already won a reality show so it doesn't make it that bad. I better get going. Bye!

Sara: Well guys, if you think that vote was tough, then the eliminations should get harder and harder as the game goes on. Head back to the yacht as you are done for tonight.

PS: I know the forums are in read-only mode as you can't post on the forums. If you are one of the contestants on this season, then I will make an e-mail thread where you can talk about the episode. If you are not on this season, then I am sorry but you have to wait until the forums get back up to talk about the episode. Since I believe that very few people that are not on a show don't usually post much on a reality show thread, I hope that this will be okay.

But when the forums are back-up, post here for feedback if you are a contestant who has posted feedback through the e-mail thread not a contestant.

Edit- The forums are back-up so all non-contestants can post feedback here-