Monday, August 25, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 3 Part One

Intro above

(Pretend that is Antoine in the picture not Brent. Sorry Smarties but I forgot to take a diary room picture for Antoine (along with the other person who has submitted a diary room entry))

Antoine: I am happy I was saved during that elimination, the tension was definitely high. It's sad to see Lawon go, it really is. Now that there is only nine of us left though, the competition is going to get harder and the choices we make will be even more difficult. Enough of gameplay now though, I need to tell you about me, KT and Aiden, we decided to reminise on some of the funny moments in Season 3. Gosh do I miss some of them guys... although I can't really say that for some of the others.

(Combing Bean's diary room entry for Cassandra into the scene)

KT: So, I am overjoyed that I got an immunity last challenge, but I am a bit worried about the next weeks. I know I'm not going to get immunity every week, so I figured an alliance would be useful. Since KT is the other richest person in the game, and we get along... okay, I think we would make a good pair.

Cassandra: Checkmate!

KT: You've really got me there.

Cassandra: Hey KT, I have a question. Do you think that we shall make a very good pair together?

KT: Are you asking me to be in an alliance with you? If so, I have a question. Why did you annul your alliance in Abnormality to make yourself less of a target and then now you are asking me to be an alliance with you?

Cassandra: Well, it's kinda of a long story. You see, in reality shows, we don't get to see everything unless they had live feeds like in Big Brother. There's more truth of why I annul the alliance to be honest. Me, Plum, and Beth were talking strategy to one another and then Locket came in and I believe that she overheard something. So, me, Plum, and Beth decided to stage us annulling the alliance while Locket was nearby and was able to hear it. The cameras didn't show us everything so the alliance was still going on but the editing made it look like it was actually annulled.

KT: Well, I believed you. There may evidence of the alliance still existing such as you taking Plum to the final two and stuff like that. Well, I will have to say yes as rejecting an alliance is like in Ghostbusters with the line saying if somebody asks you if you are a god, you say yes.

Cassi: Guys, I am so hungry that I could eat a plastic bag. And if you ask why I said plastic bag instead of horse, I'm a vegetation as the only real time I actually eat meat is when I turn into my other self.

Brent: Well, I'm not in the mood to eat a plastic bag but I am hungry as well. And I hope you don't turn into your other self.

Grape: Yeah, me too. What are you guys in the mood for you?

Mysti: Well, I am the mood for some pizza.

Jake: Hey, please don't say that word.

Mysti: What the?

Cassi: Did I just hear some voice that came out of nowhere?

Grape: Who is that voice?

Jake: Well, my name is Jake. I may also go by x_MG_x but please don't call me that.

Grape: Well that name seems sorta familiar. Anyway, why do you not want us to say that word?

Jake: Well, there is some new forums and now the word pizza is censored in the new forums.

Mysti: What the ****? Are you ******* kidding me?

Jake: Unfortunately, I am not.

Cassi: Hold on, if you do not want us to say the word pizza, then why are you not censoring that word in the story?

Jake: Hold on. How did you know about this?

Grape: So, you are basically admitting that word pizza is not censored in the story.

Jake: Um, got to go. See you guys later.

Mysti: Don't go away you *****.

Brent: Guys, who the **** were you guys talking to?

Cassi: Um, long story.

Antoine: So, Aiden, are you ready for the challenge today?

Aiden: Ah's so ready fo' th' challenge.

Thomas: You two. I still have unfinished business with you.


*Sara explains to Thomas what really happened in the season 3 Mole finale*

Thomas: Oh, I guess I should of known better.

Sara (through intercom): Yeah, I don't you to hurt other contestants. I'm not like Grey or Kenzen as I've care about the contestants' safety instead of Grey or Kenzen who want physical fights to happen for "drama." Now, Thomas, I shall ask you to apologize to Antoine and Aiden.

Thomas: Guys, I just wanted to say that I am sorry for trying to beat you guys up. I guess I've should of known better.

Aiden: Ah shall accepp yer apology, Thomas. Ah's glad yo' apologize.

Antoine: Thomas, I have a question. I don't you want to get offended but did Sara made you apologize? 

No she didn't.
Don't lie you *****. She did.
Shut up other me. You are ruining the moment.
Do you realize that honesty is the best policy?
 Well, sometimes, that statement isn't true.
Well, they may eventually found out.

Aiden: Um, we jest foun' out right now.

Antoine: I think I better leave now. Aiden, let's go.

*Stay tune for part two*