Friday, August 29, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 3 Part Two

Sara: Hello everybody. This competition is called Get Ready For It (I Came To Win). I need you all to split into these three trios




Sara: Okay, now that you have put into your trios, it's time for me to explain the rules. Brains, brawn, and beauty are the three main aspects of winning reality shows. Today, we shall put those aspects to the test. I need all of you to decide which of you three people best represent brains, brawn, and beauty. Once you have decided that, I will make you go through "tests" to challenge those aspects where you shall receive scores on it. The trio will the most overall scores shall win. Are you ready for this?

Contestants: Yes!

Sara: Decide now!

KT: I will like to pick brains. 

Brent: Well, that leaves me with brawn or beauty. Since Aiden has no real beauty (No offense to him), I am the better choice for Beauty but I really do not want to pick beauty as I can expect that the beauty test will be too girly. KT, can you pick beauty?

KT: Well, I really want to pick brains. I think I will do really well in the brains category.

Brent: Well, let's flip a coin to decide who picks beauty. Heads for KT, Tails for Aiden, and the side of the coin for me.

Aiden: No fair man! Fry mah hide!

Brent: Well, life isn't fair. *flips a coin* Well, it landed on Aiden so I guess Aiden is beauty.

KT: I honestly have no words to say about this.

Antoine: Well, I believe I am the brawn of the group due to my martial arts skills. Grape, do you believe that you are brain or beauty?

Grape: I am more of brain in my opinion since I technically made it farther than you guys placement-wise.

Mysti: Well, I guess that leads me to Beauty which I honestly don't mind.

Cassi: Well, Thomas, what do you want?

Thomas: Brawn obviously. I have superpowers and I can easily cream up the competition.

Cassandra: Well, I believe that I quite beautiful myself for my age. I think I shall pick beauty.

Cassi: Well, I guess I pick brains

Sara: For the brains, we have Cassi, Grape, and KT. 

Sara: For the brawn, we have Brent, Thomas, and Antoine.

Sara: For the beauty, we have Mysti, Cassandra, and...... Aiden.

Cassi: What the heck? Can somebody tell me why is Aiden on beauty? Unless you believe that he has inner beauty.

Sara: I need all of the brains to follow me.

Sara: When you guys open up the computer, you shall approach with a puzzle game. I need you guys to try to get through the game and try your best to get a high score.

Sara: Now, for you three, I need you all to go for a surf ride. Your score shall be the time you guys have in terms of seconds.

Sara: Meet Pepelope Grove. She is an expert fashion designer. You guys shall give her a makeover and she will score how well you did in the makeover.

(I ended up hiding most of the results just to keep the winners a mystery)

Thomas: YEAH!

Thomas: Hmmm....let's see.

*after a couple of minutes*

Antoine: What are you doing? You seem to be wasting time.

Thomas: Or am I?
'Just so everyone knows, this kid has some tricks up his sleeves!'
What trix? I didn't have any twix for cereal this morning!
'Oh you blubbering idiot, I'm not talking about the damn cereal!'
Oh, I found a way to hack the scores. Now, using the 'p = -b/(3a),   q = p3 + (bc-3ad)/(6a2),   r = c/(3a)' formula, I should be the top scorer.

Antoine: Thomas, are you cheating?

Thomas: No, I am not.
Oh yes you are. Don't lie.
God dang it. You just expose the truth.
Well, I must. They are gonna find out anyway.

Brent: Thomas, you do realize that you may be caught?

Thomas: No, I won't be caught as production shall look at the scores.

Sara: It's time for me to announce the winning team. They are.....

Cassi, Cassandra, and Thomas

Cassi: Yes!

Sara: However, I have bad news to tell you all. We have look through our cameras and we have discovered that Thomas was cheating.

Thomas: ****!

Sara: Because of that, we have to disqualify Thomas from the competition. However, this team still would of won in the scenario where Thomas did not cheated. Cassi and Cassandra, I need you to pick somebody to be the third person immune for this week. Please choose wisely.

Cassi: I will like to pick Wisely. Just kidding.

*Cassi and Cassandra discuss who they wanna pick. Their mics did not pick up so other people couldn't hear them well*

Cassandra: Okay, we have decided to pick.....


KT: Wow. Thank you Cassi and Cassandra.

Sara: Okay, this means that Cassi, Cassandra, and KT were immune this week. For the rest of you, tribal council tomorrow.


Cassi: 170,718
Cassandra: 2,018
Thomas: DQ (Did not turn in assignment)

Brent: 266 (25% off for late entry)
KT: 29,946
Aiden: 2,040

Mysti: 2,250
Grape: 28.467
Antoine: 155

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