Friday, September 12, 2014

Akiko Nakono

Akiko Nakono is the total opposite of Sara Vesela. She may seem girly but she is a gothic person who is mainly into many gothic things. She only really listens to Dark Wave music and nothing else (including the Nyan Cat theme song which she finds annoying and Fall Out Boy). She often stays away from social media sites as much as she can especially if that social media site is Tumblr. She is against romance as she finds love to be weakness. However, after she has heard a tragic story of an orphan named Ryan, she ended up adopting him and she loves her son very much. She is also a closeted fan of the Smurfs franchise which she only watched because her son wanted to watch it as well. She enjoys trolling on the internet and her least favorite show is The Invader Zim.

Now, as her cc, you need to download this hair- The rest of her cc should be transferable. You need Late and Supernatural for this sim.

Hope you enjoy this sim. You can find her in the Uploads Link column.

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