Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode Four

(The intro for the episode)

(One hour before the challenge)

Thomas: Hey, I have a favor to ask you. If any of you three people do not win immunity, then can you vote off Antoine? I think that Antoine is coming after me. It's all thanks to my other half.
Hey you should of been honest with him as honesty is the best policy.
Well, sometimes, you can't be totally honest in this game.
Well, you can't lie all of the time or else the jury may be upset at you.
Just shut up other me. I'm just glad I wasn't the Mole in my season.

Brent: If we do vote-off Antoine, what shall benefit my game?

Thomas: Well, if I win immunity for the next challenge, then I will give up immunity to one of you guys.

Cassandra: Well, I think I will consider voting out Antoine during the next tribal council. 

Cassi: I think I'll keep my options open.

(After the challenge)

KT: Well, who do you want vote-off?

Antoine: Well, Thomas has been heavily campaigning for me to get voted out so I may have to get rid of him. We could just say a reason to vote him out is because he cheated in the immunity challenge.

KT: Well, I really want to get rid of Brent. He is a huge threat to win the game in my opinion and I feel as if he continues being in the game, then none of us will win. Plus, he acted very shady in the immunity challenge. He ended up having us flip a coin to decide who shall get beauty in our team.

Antoine: Well, I guess you have a point. Plus, Thomas isn't a threat to win the game due to how he is sorta you-know. I'll ask Aiden to try to campaign to vote Brent out. 

Aiden: Hey, we need t'git rid of Brent. He is a mega-threat t'win th' game. Plus, he acked a mighty shady in th' challenge.

Grape: Well, I agree with you on Brent being a threat to win the game. And threats need to go.

Mysti: Well, getting rid of Brent may be a good idea. The only problem I have with Brent is that he kinda made a dumb move in my opinion by breaking up with Natalia which kinda upsetted her and she wanted him out of the game for good. Though Brent may want to redeem himself for making that move and try to play harder this time kinda like Tyson did in Survivor: Blood vs. Water. I don't know man.

Mysti: Tonight, I believe that me and Grape are the swing votes. We could either vote out Brent who may seem like a threat though he kinda have made a dumb move by breaking up with Natalia. We could also vote out Antoine who Thomas really wants gone and if we voted out Antoine out, we shall be on Thomas's good side but I generally feel that Antoine is not really coming after me to be honest. This decision is a very important decision in my opinion and I generally want to do this right because I barely made it the half way point of my season and I want to prove myself that I am a power player.

(Play this music and continue reading if you like to)

Sara: Welcome to tribal everyone. Well, in the last challenge, there were some interesting decision-making that was made. Mysti, how did your team decide to pick?

Mysti: Well, isn't it obvious? Antoine was brawn due to his martial arts skill, I was beauty because I am the most fashionable, and that leaves Grape to be brains.

Sara: Well, Brent, how did your team made your decisions? Your team's decisions were the most interesting in my opinion.

Brent: Well, I generally feel as if my team is gonna lose anyway so I might as well have Aiden be beauty. I mean Cassandra is a very intelligent person and Antoine has very good martial arts.

Sara: Aiden, do you believe this story?

Aiden: To be honest, no. Th' only reason whuffo' ah ended up bein' beauty is on account o' Brent didn't be hankerin' t'be beauty.

Sara: Thomas, you have been caught cheating in the last challenge and because of that, you are sitting here at tribal council where he could of been with Cassi and Cassandra in the yacht not having to worry about who to vote off. That could be a reason for people to vote you out. Can you give us a reason for people to not vote for you?

Thomas: Well, I actually wanted to lose the challenge so I can be here today so I cheated on the challenge for me to get disqualified for the challenge so that I can sitting here tonight to vote out Antoine. I believe that Antoine is coming after me and he may be working for a huge enemy of mine named Snow Leopord.

The Camera Man: Man, I wish that Cassandra was here to see her reaction on this.

Sara: Quiet Tony. You are a camera man who is not supposed to say something at tribal council. Anyway, Antoine, do you have something to say on this?

Antoine: Well, in my opinion, Thomas is just being Thomas and I believe that if we make it pass this tribal council, then we could make-up for whatever happened between us.

Sara: Well, Grape, how do you think that tonight's vote will go down?

Grape: In my opinion, I think I shall vote out the person in my best interest and I think that person shall get voted out.

Sara: Well, it is time to vote. You shall go to the confessional booth, write the name of the person who are voting, and explain why you are voting for that person. Mysti, you are up first.

Mysti: I vote for _____, because... well... I think its better off with you gone... best thing for in the long run of things. *Blows Kiss*

Brent: I vote for _____ because he/she performed the _____ in the challenge. 

Aiden: I vote for ______ on account o', fine, honestly ah have NO idea who t'vote fo'. An' yo' seem like yo' c'd be a threat. So...ah dunno. ah jest kinda pulled a name outta hat. So'ry! Fry mah hide!

(Once again, I made Mojo's vote look dialect due to Aiden's personality.)

Antoine: I vote for _____ because this person seems to be the biggest threat to my game as well as everyone elses.

Thomas:  I vote for ______ because they seem suspicious, maybe it's the trousers *Thomas' other half* Dude, have you seen your trousers? *Actual Thomas* Why wouldn't I?  They're a Martwalls special or whatever you Americans call it *tuts*

Grape: I vote for ______ because he/she scored significantly high on the challenge and poses a threat.

Sara: I'll go tally the votes.

Sara: Once I read the votes, the decision is final. The person who gets voted out must come with me to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote...........

Brent. That's one vote for Brent. Next vote.....

Antoine. That's one vote for Antoine and one vote for Brent. Next vote.....

Brent. That's two votes for Brent and one vote for Antoine. Next vote.....

Antoine. That's two votes for Antoine and two votes for Brent. Next vote.....

Brent. That's three votes for Brent and two votes for Antoine. Final vote......

2nd person out of the game

Brent! That's four! That's enough. I need you to come with me and leave this area.

Brent: Well, ****.

Sara: Well, how does it feel to be voted out of this game?

Brent: Well, it is never fun to get voted out. I never want to get eliminated before the halfway point of a reality show. However, it is very good to know that to be a part of an All-Star show as all-stars are supposed to show the best reality show contestants of all-time. Well, it is time for me to go so goodbye.

Sara: It now has become very clear that you do not want any threats around in the game. If this were to continue on, I can't wait to see what happens in the end. Head back to the yacht as tribal council is done for the night. Have a good night contestants.