Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 5

Bodyguards: Hello Cassi and Mysti, we need you two to wake-up. We have to do something important.

Mysti: Seriously? It's the middle of the night. Can't try to do this another time?

Bodyguards: The producers of the show ended up saying that they force-eliminate you if you don't come with us.

Cassi: Well, it's better if we get going soon.

(The next morning)

Sara: Good morning contestants.

Antoine: Hold on, are we missing people here?

Sara: I'm here to explain it.

For this week's immunity challenge, you shall be looking for two damsels-in-distress which are Mysti and Cassi. Not in real life as you all shall be placed in a virtual simulation. The people searching for the damsels-in-distress will be divided into two groups of three. This means the two damsels-in-distress shall be actual contestants (but they have a chance to win immunity. We'll get to that later).

In order to rescue the damsels-in-distress, both teams must make two spots. One spot includes the key to where they shall let out the damsels-in-distress. The other spot is where they damsels are at.

The damsels-in-distresses shall state two pairs of short sentences of where they are located. The contestants are allowed to give three clues of the first spot and three clues of the second spot but it shall come at a price (which will shall get into later). Mysti and Cassi have already worked on their short sentences and their clues. Because of that, they are not here and they are watching the challenge through a live tv.

The team that shall rescue the damsels-in-distresses first without having to spend more than five hours on the road shall win immunity. What will happen if both teams went over five hour mark on the road you may ask? Well, the damsels-in-distress shall win immunity. . However, if the damsels-in-distress win immunity, not all hope is lost as they shall give another person immunity depending on their choice.

Whenever going to a spot, it shall take 30 minutes to go there. If your team asks for a hint, then it will cost you 15 extra minutes which may make or break your team.

Another thing is that the teams may face some roadblocks that may or may not add some extra minutes to the clock. And in the event of a tie, the real life team that shall make it first shall win immunity.

Are you ready to play?

Contestants: Yes!

Sara: Now, I need Antoine, Cassandra, and Grape to come with me

These are your virtual simulator goggles. The challenge shall begin once the lights turned green. And before we start, I thought I might tell you that the location is Amsterdam. I choose the location Amsterdam due to a friend of mine who likes foxes and the number 13.

Sara: The virtual simulator goggles are right behind you. The challenge shall begin once the lights turned green. I choose the location Amsterdam due to a friend of mine who likes foxes and the number 13.

Grape: Well, the lights turned green. Let's beat the other team's ***.

Cassandra: Watch your language, Grape.

Aiden: Excuse me, but how is we supposed t'do when th' lights turned green? We is not doin' th' challenge indores.

KT: #logic

Thomas: Well, I don't know. I just have a strong feeling that the lights turned green. Let's just get to the goggles now.

*after the challenge*

Sara: Well, it seems as Antoine, Grape, and Cassandra weren't very successful in the mission as they have no idea where the 2nd location is at causing them to get over the time limit. However, KT, Aiden, and Thomas were able to get to the next location within a hour and 45 minutes.

Sara: So congrats to KT, Aiden, and Thomas for winning their well-deserved immunity.

Sara: The rest of you. Tribal Council tomorrow. See you there.

Author's Notes-

Sorry for the extremely late episode. A part of the reason why this episode took so long is because of my procrastination issues. The other reason is that due to Bean, Smarties, and Tiger taking too long on the challenge where I have to enforce a 24-hour rule just to keep things going. No offense to those people. 

Anyway, here is the answer key-

First Location- Lloyd Hotel
Second Location- The Smallest House in Amsterdam

Here is some of the roadblocks-

Roadblock #1-

(Takes place where you are driving to the first destination)

You try going to your next destination. You then went into a stop sign. You are supposed to take a left turn. However, you saw a crapload of cars in the left lane while you saw very little cars in the right lane. You are starting to get concerned if you guys should try to take the right turn not knowing how long it will take. However, concerning the amount of cars in the left lane, it may take even longer to go with the left turn.

Should you guys take a....

a. Left Turn
b. Right Turn

The good answer- Right turn. The reason why the left lane had so many cars is because there was a car accident. If you take a right turn, you only added 15 extra minutes to the clock.
The bad answer- Left turn- If you take a left turn, you would of added 30 extra minutes to the clock due to the time accident.

Roadblock #2-

(Takes after you arrive at the Lloyd Hotel)

When you got back to your car, you realize that you have a flat tire. None of you guys knows how to fix a flat tire. You went back to the hotel to see if anybody knows how to fix a flat tire. The lobby manager ended up saying he knows two people who shall can fix a flat tire. However, one of those people he has stated is a very rude person. The other person went to jail ten years ago for reasons he does not know of. You guys have to pick which one of the people shall fix your flat tire. 

a. The rude person
b. The person who went to jail ten years ago

The good answer- The Rude Person- You would of heard a lot of swear words but would of have your car fixed no matter without any problems
The bad answer- The person who went to jail ten years ago- After he fixed your car, he would of hijacked it and drove off with it. Because of that, instead of having to wait 30 minutes to arrive at your next destination, you would have to wait a hour.

Roadblock #3-

There are two separate roadblocks for Roadblock #3. The first roadblock would be a roadblock if you picked the good answer for the Roadblock #2. The 2nd one would be a roadblock if you picked the bad answer for the Roadblock #2.

Let's start with the first roadblock.

Five minutes when you are driving, you realize that your JPS system was broken. You have no idea how to get to your next destination. (A name of a random contestant) has his phone with him and he could try to look at Google Maps to find out where to go. The only problem is that his phone is at 10% battery. Another thing you could do is find some people to ask for directions. However, none of you guys know Dutch and you may find some people who do not understand English. What should you do?

a. Go to Google Maps to find out where to go
b. Ask for Directions

The good answer- Go to Google Maps to find out where to go- The random contestant would of quickly grab his or her phone and go to Google Maps very quickly and memorize the path before his or her phone dies. It shall only take a 5 extra minutes.
The bad answer- Ask for Directions- It would of take a while for somebody to find somebody in Amsterdam. It shall take 20 extra minutes just to find somebody to speak English. 

As for the 2nd Roadblock,

You have walked for 12 minutes. You then found a bus stop. Because you could either wait for a bus to come in order to take a chance of getting there less than a hour or continue walking because you do not know how long you have to wait until the bus shall come because you don't know dutch. Will you

a. Stay at the bus stop and wait for a bus
b. Continue walking

The good answer- Stay at the bus stop and wait for a bus- You only have to wait 3 minutes for the bus to come. You would or arrive there in 45 minutes instead of the hour long wait.
The bad answer- Continue walking- As you were continue walking, you see a bus coming to the bus stop. You try running there but you weren't able to catch the bus. You would of continue arriving there within a hour's worth of time.

Hope you enjoy this episode. Sorry for it to be so short