Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 5.5 (Mini-Episode)

Sara (through intercom): Everybody, please report to the top deck on this yacht.

Sara: Everybody including the people who won immunity must go to Tribal Council tomorrow. Don't worry as the people who won immunity shall still be immune. However, they can not vote and they can not even say a word at Tribal Council. The reason for this is that I have a special announcement to make which all of you guys need to know. I will leave the announcement to speculation for now but I can tell you that the announcement will not be us moving to the Big Brother portion of the game. This will be all for now by the way.

Cassandra: I am very curious about what the special announcement is. I hope that I won't go insane again just because I want to find out the announcement that bad.

KT: I hope that the special announcement isn't Ariel coming into the game. After she stabbed me during my experience in the Mole, I don't really want to deal with her to be honest. Sorry Ariel for saying that by the way.

Thomas: Special announcement? If my archenemy the Smasher finds a way for me to get out of the game, then I will find him and serve him justice.

Author's Notes:

Just wanted to post a mini-episode for two reasons
1. To make-up for the very short episode for Episode 5.
2. I want to leave the special announcement up for speculation.

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