Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 6

Cassandra: So, I must say that today I had the misfortune of speaking to that hick Aiden 1 on 1. I must say, he is so hard to understand sometimes. I don't get how he got so far in The Mole.

Cassandra: I must know the special announcement. I must know it.

Cassandra: The special announcement is a lie. Cassandra knows it. Why the heck is Cassandra wearing these clothes for? Cassandra must change them.

Antoine: Cassandra? Those clothes look awful on you. Hold on. Did you turn insane again?

Cassandra: Don't you dare say that Cassandra is insane? Cassandra is perfectly sane. You are the insane you. I know you are Snow Leopard's assistant, Tiger Billy. Now, Tiger Billy, be prepared to get your *** voted out.

Antoine: Cassandra, calm down. The stress of the game has gotten with you. I am no Tiger Billy. Cassandra, this isn't you.

Cassandra: This is perfectly Cassandra. I always been this way. Tiger Billy to me is my 2nd biggest enemy I have.

Antoine: Well, if you excuse me, I have better things to do than to argue with somebody like you.

KT: I know I am in a sub-alliance with Cassandra. However, back then, Cassandra was perfectly sane. Now, look at her now as she is totally loco. The last time somebody sane turned insane, it didn't really work out for me. Cassandra, I am sorry when you are seeing this on TV right now assuming that you are sane again, but I have to break-up the sub-alliance just for my own safety as I do not want a repeat of what Ariel did to me in the Mole.

KT: Guys, I just have to say that we have to vote-off Cassandra at the next tribal council. The last time somebody sane turned insane in my reality show experience, I almost died. The same can go for all of you. I really do not want any of you guys to die. And Mysti, I know you are already dead but there are fates worst than death and Cassandra might give a fate worst than death if she is kept around.

Mysti: I was about to say that Cassandra killing me won't affect me as much but you have a point about there being fates worst than death. Plus, after I saw a bunch of people died in the Locomotive, I do not want to be in another reality show where somebody actually dies.

Thomas: I am fine with voting out Cassandra. I am getting supervillain vibes from her.
You can't vote-out Cassandra, stupid. You are already immune.
But if I wasn't, I would vote-out Cassandra.
Well, another thing is that you are insane as well.
I am not insane. And if I was, I wouldn't go around killing innocent people. Just the thought of that scares me.
But you are Superman. You are supposed to fight against killers.
Well, that's why I want to vote-out Cassandra in the first place.

Grape: But the last thing that you want to do with an insane person is to upset an insane person. I've kinda felt that way with the Locomotive experience. If we vote-out Cassandra, she might grab out a machete and chop all of our heads off. Voting out Antoine might not make her that angry.

Cassi: You have a point there as I do not want to upset Cassandra. Should we vote-off Cassandra just because she is insane and she might do something if she was kept around longer or vote-off Antoine just to not upset Cassandra? That is probably gonna be the decision in the next Tribal Council.

Aiden: Ah's jest glad ah's immune this hyar week. Ah do not hafta wo'ry about makin' these kinds of decishuns.

Sara: Well, as many of you guys, KT, Thomas, and Aiden all won immunity but they are here at Tribal Council tonight for the special announcement. We'll get to the special announcement later. They're not gonna vote and they are not allowed to talk during this Tribal Council. Anyway, for now, let me ask you guys some questions. Cassandra, I have to ask what is with the new outfit.

Cassandra: Cassandra thinks that this outfit suits Cassandra more now. Antoine disagrees with me but he is Snow Leopard's assistant, Tiger Billy. He is a true evil force to be reckoned with and he need to vote him right away.

Sara: Antoine, what do you say about that?

Antoine: Cassandra is acting crazy right now as I don't really believe nobody believes this kind of stuff.

Sara: Grape, what is the benefit of getting rid of Antoine tonight?

Grape: Antoine is a huge physical threat due to his skills in Martial Arts. Plus, the last thing you want to do with an insane person is upset an insane person. Voting out somebody else other than Antoine may do that.

Sara: Mysti, is somebody like Cassandra would be worth taking to the end if she stays like this?

Mysti: Well, yes and no. Being in the end with Cassandra may be a good thing because you have a likely chance at beating her. However, Cassandra may do some things around the road that make her unsafe for a lot of people.

Sara: Cassi, how do you think you are gonna vote tonight?

Cassi: I think I am gonna vote for the person who I see the best person to vote-out at this point of the game.

Sara: It's time to vote. Antoine, you are up first.

Antoine: I vote for ________ because I feel like your time is up, it's time to go.

Cassi: I vote for _______ because he's/she's a threat to me to win this game

Mysti: I vote for __________ because apparently we need more space in the house and i really think they are stealing my make-up* and that's so not nice. Have you seen this face??? Its not easy to be dead like this.

*Terse ended up saying male-up when I think he meant make-up. I think I fixed the possible typo for him. Terse, if you meant male-up for some reason, tell me about it.

Cassandra: I vote for ____________ because he/she seems like a physical threat.

Grape: I vote for _________ because in the challenge circumstances, he/she barely helped the team. 

Sara: I'll go tally the votes.

Sara: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person who has been voted out will ask to leave this area as soon as possible. First vote.....

Antoine. That's one vote for Antoine. Next vote.....

Cassandra. That's one vote for Cassandra and one vote for Antoine.

Cassandra. That's two votes for Cassandra and one vote for Antoine. The next vote.

Third person voted out of the game

Cassandra. I need you to come with me.

Cassandra: Ha! Those ******* don't know what is coming to them.

Sara: Cassandra, it's so unlike of you to swear.

Cassandra: Cassandra swears all of the time. You don't even know.

Sara: Well, Cassandra, have any final thoughts before you officially leave the game?

Cassandra: Those people made a terrible mistake by keeping Tiger Billy still in the game. Him and Snow Leopard are my two biggest enemies in the world and Tiger Billy will wreak havoc into the house.

Sara: Well, I honestly have no words to say about this. I'm kinda used to playing with people like you in the Mole house. Granted people told me that I am crazy for my fear of Smurfs and crying at 2:00 pm but I haven't really dealt with somebody like you. Sure, there may be Ariel but I never really had any contact with her when she was you-know. Anyway, thanks for playing. We'll see you at the finale.

Sara: Well, it is time for the special announcement. To the people who won immunity, Tribal Council is kinda over so you may allow to talk. I thought I might ask you guys what the special announcement is.

Aiden: Ah doesn't know. Ask Thomas!

Thomas: You secretly have superpowers like I do. I try reading your mind and I have gotten nothing. You must have the powers to block mind-readers.

KT: Must be some sort of twist. As for the twist, I honestly have no idea what the twist shall be.

Sara: Well, let's not waste any further. Come on out!

Um, earth to..........

Sarah: Oh, Mysti, I miss you so much. I thought I lost you.

Mysti: Sarah, it seems as if you are about to strangle me.

Sara: Sarah, please come over here. You have plenty of times to interact with Mysti later. I need you to do some things and I rather not force you to come here.

Sarah: Oh!

Sara: This is Sarah from the Locomotive. It isn't Sar-AH. It's technically Sar-RAH. I know the name may get confusing but it will get better. She was orginially gonna be part of the cast but she ran into some real life issues. After those issues were solved, she basically pleaded for her life to be on this show. So, Sarah, please introduce yourself to everybody.

Sarah: My name is Sarah Veel-Ver. After the disaster in the film studio started, I tried to be cool, but actually started cracking more and more under the pressure, especially being democratically assigned as the leader. My two breakdown moments were a happy evil rage when my enemy Wolfgang died, and a grief one at Misty's death. Soon after that, I was killed myself. Since my death, she finally found some rest, becoming more of her old self: an ambitious bore who dislikes romance.

Sara: I hope you all enjoy the surprise. This should make things more interesting in my opinion. I wish you all a good night.

Sarah: "I can't believe it. I'm not only on a reality show, I am on a reality show with Misty Vermillion! Finally my little sissy is BACK!!! I thought I've lost her at the second Locomotive massacre for good... I'm definitely not gonna lose her for a second time... OK, enough fun on Misty, lets talk about the others. It seems like I'm stuck with the berry again... And Cassi, wasn't she Kelly's DECEASED cousin or something? Ugh, so that makes Kelly a liar... And I died trying to safe her body...
******* IN THE WORLD!!!!! GLAD YOU'RE DEAD, *****!!!!!*******************!!!!!!!!!!"

Deleted Scene-

Antoine: Hold on. Did Thomas just passed out?


KT: I really hope that Thomas will be alright.

Thomas: Sorry! I was so surprised (and scared) about the announcement.

Author's Notes-

I really felt bad that M13 couldn't join the show at the start. He was having some real life issues at the time and he couldn't participate in any reality shows when the show first began. Since he is back, I have him became a contestant mid-season. I really hope you guys understand. I really felt bad that M13 couldn't join the show at first.