Monday, December 1, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 7 Part One

New intro-

Sarah: Hey there cousin of a ****** lying piece of ****. You know I died saving Kelly's life. Kelly went to the movie set to "find out more information about your death" and yet you are alive. How is that freaking possible?

Cassi: Didn't you get the memo? I was able to get revived 72 hours after my death. I went hiding for a couple of months to not make people confused but that was a mistake as it ended up costing Kelly's life.

Sarah: I don't believe you as you are biologically related to a liar. Once a liar is always a liar. Plus, considering how there is a bunch of things that people would consider to be impossible in this universe such as you being a zombie if you get your neckband off or me and Mysti being ghosts, people may not question you after all, *****.

Cassi: Fine, whenever I get the chance, you are gonna get yourself booted off this show. Just because somebody is related to a liar doesn't mean that they are liars. Just take a look at some movies/tv shows where some of the heroes are biologically related to a villain such as Mr. Gold and Baelfire, Darth Vader and Luke, Scar and Simba. You get the deal. Plus, I had a feeling that if people were to see that I was alive, then they would assume that the Locomotive is fake. Stop making assumptions, Sarah. I am gonna get you off the show as soon I have the chance to.

Mysti: I wouldn't be so sure about that. You see, I was able to read KT's diary and......

Cassi: You read somebody's diary?

Mysti: Yes, I did. Sometimes we have to do stuff that we don't want to do in order to get forward. I had a feeling that something fishy was going on with KT and I saw this.

Mysti (reading KT's diary):

Dear Diary,

Today, I formed an alliance with my co-buddies from my season of the Mole. I used to have an alliance with Lawon but I believe he is gonna get voted out soon. I can completely trust Aiden and Antoine. Sure, people say that Aiden is not the smartest person here but I will make sure he doesn't screw up somehow.


KT (Heart)

Mysti: So, what I was trying to say is that all three of us plus Grape and Thomas are gonna have to work to together no matter if we like it or not. If any of us want a chance to win, then we need to get rid of KT, Antoine, and Aiden before we can do that.

Sarah: Yes, I guess you have a point there. I would like the title of being the winner of Sims Reality All-Stars aka being the best of the best just for bragging rights and I had a feeling that I may just do some stuff I wouldn't really like to do in order to get that title. But at least that is better than at least dying in my opinion.

Cassi: Well, I think I shall go tell Thomas and Grape about this as all of us need to get rid of the Mole Trio.

Mysti: I have a slight feeling that Sarah coming into the game may mess-up my game due to our relationship so I needed to dig up some dirt in order to protect myself. I guess I got what I was looking for.

Thomas: Hello there, you traitor trio.

Antoine: I don't know what you are talking about.

Thomas: Apparently, there is a Mole alliance between the three of you and I am not included. You must be the Dangtan trio, the most villainous trio of all of the universe.

Aiden: Alliance? Ah have no idea whut an alliance is no' thet we were in one.

Grape: Well, let me ask KT as I believe that she is a terrible liar.

KT: Well.........

KT: There......

KT: is.......

KT: No.......

Grape: This pretty confirms that there is an alliance between the three of you. C'mon, Thomas. It's almost getting dark. We better head back inside.

Antoine: Why did you have to be a terrible liar KT?

KT: Hey, if this was outside of the game, then I would never ever lie.

Aiden: Hey, it ain't on over until th' fat lady sin's.

Stay tune for Part Two

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