Friday, December 5, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 7 Part Two

Sara: Welcome contestants to this week's immunity challenge.

*does the immunity challenge*

Sara: Congrats to KT, Grape, and Sarah for winning this week's immunity challenge. You are each guaranteed an one in seven shot at winning this game. The rest of you, fair game. Tribal council soon where one of you is gonna get voted out.

Author's Note- Sorry that I didn't really physically show the immunity challenge in this episode. People did do the immunity challenge on the forums where the results were shown in that episode and so I didn't feel the need to show it. If you want to know how it went, click on the link at the very bottom of the page.

Grape: "Yes! Immunity, finally! You don't know how great it feels to go from being nearly dead each day to being safe from eviction! I'm just grateful there's no death here, or else I'd be outta here. The Locomotive set was, well...loco." 

Sarah: "There's one person who REALLY annoys the **** outta me on board of the jacht. One of those constantly "cheery", "happy" and "worryless" creeps. And they listen to the name of Sara Vesela. Her Kenzen obsession was also irritating! I fully understand Kenzen, who can stand such a creepy stalker... And to Beau Smart out there, be a wise guy and dump here... Hey, I can hear you laughing at me out there, SHUT UP BEAU SMART!!! Pfft, idiot romance... If I didn't have immunity, my vote would definitely say "Sara Vesela". And here's the most annoying part on her. That childish kid imitates MY name! She even can't do that correctly, forgetting an H!...
Sara (through intercom): Says the girl who wasn't supposed to be on this season but got on thanks to me
Sarah: Hey, you are not supposed to be here
Sara (through the intercom): I'm the host. I can do whatever I want. I hate Kenzen now and I refuse to dislike Beau just because I am against bullying and I believe that Beau gets a lot of undeserved bad treatment. And you can't even technically vote for me.
Sarah: Well, you have a point there. I am sorry. Hold on. Did I just say sorry? Is there some kind of outside force that makes me apologize
*a mysterious laugh can be heard*
Sara (through the intercom): (crying now) I don't know. Anyway, it's 2:00 pm and I have to cry now. So, goodbye.
Sarah: Okay........ *sighs out heavily* ... So, got that off my chest. Bye."

KT: Okay, this immunity win is bittersweet for me. I'm safe but I know I am gonna lose an ally of mine. Sorry. I feel as if that this is my fault.

Aiden: Whuffo' does yo' feel as eff'n this hyar is yer fault?

KT: I was the person to come up with this alliance and I wrote it in my diary. If I haven't done those things, we would never be in this situation.

Antoine: Don't feel bad KT. Blame it on that ***** who read your diary. Anyway, Aiden, if we somehow believe that there is no chance at either of us not getting the boot, then I think we should just vote for each other just because we have to watch-out for our game now.

Aiden: Ah w'dn't pow'ful like t'do thet but it comes down t'it, Ah may hafta.

Antoine: Yeah. I'm not giving up just yet though as there may a glimmer of hope before the tribal council actually starts.

Grape: I feel so glad that I am immune. I wouldn't have to worry about getting myself voted out. Anyways, you guys to remember the plan to vote-out *mic fails to pick up*

Thomas: Yeah, I remember the plan. Though I kinda wanted to vote-out Sarah. I'm getting very bad vibes from her. She may be Mr. Meow in human form. Even though Mr. Meow is supposed to be a boy.

Cassi: Yeah, I don't really like her as well as she called me a liar just because she thought my cousin was a liar which is totally not true. Reality show producers always cast people to cause drama in my opinion. I have a feeling that we may want to do a reaction test by casting a vote against Mysti and see how her and Sarah react.

Grape: It may too risky as Antoine and Aiden may catch on to the reaction test and vote for her just to live another day.

Cassi: Well, just as long as they don't know about it, we're good. I heard that they were casting votes against each other. Thomas, promise me that you won't say anything about the Mysti reaction test.

Thomas: I'll make a superhero promises. Superhero always keep their superhero promises.

*Mysti overheard the conversation*

Mysti: Sarah, I have to tell you something,

Sarah: What is it? It better be important.

Mysti: Well, what I am about to say, you must quiet about this. I overheard Grape, Cassi, and Thomas saying bad things about you and they were considering for one of them to cast a vote against me as a reaction test. The thing is that I don't think we can stick to that alliance very long. We may have to align ourselves with KT, Antoine, and Aiden.

Sarah: Well, I don't care who we align with. Just as long as it ain't either of us, I'm good. If we have to align ourselves with KT, Antoine, and Aiden, then it will me alright with us. Even though I kinda dislike KT.

Sarah: "And here's the next episode of Veel-Ver's Housemate Research: KT!. 
Why her name is written with an exclaimation mark ending is quite questionable to me, maybe it's got to do with the fact everybody says it loudly, but anyway, never mind that minor detail. 
What else to say about KT!: well, I guess ****** stupid romance is being an emotional breaker again with Ryan (did you hear that, Sara?), so lets face it, Mate; "true" love is not in your fate. Hmm, that rhymed, never intended to do that... Back on topic, forget Ryan and go on, or else, fate'll be like "NYA NYA NYA NYA NYA"!"
Sara (through intercom): "EEEEK!! Nya, Nyan, Cat!"
Sarah: "Oh God, what have I done?..." *flees the Diary Room lickety split*
Sara (through intercom): "NYANYANYANYANYANYAN NYANYANYANYAN *goes on singing Nyan Cat*"

Mysti: What? Why do you dislike KT?

Sarah: Look, I'm probably gonna get a lot of **** for this and some death threats from some immature fans of KT even though I'm already dead, but I honestly find her to be a phony. I don't believe anybody could be that nice in my opinion. Unless she used to work in Disneyworld where they basically train her to be nice.

Mysti: Well, anyway, I'm not sure if we should align ourselves with them right now. We may have to wait a little while to align ourselves with them. I have a feeling that the Big Brother part of the game is coming up soon. Thomas, Cassi, and Grape may just win the first two Heads of Household leaving no power to the Mole alliance. Heck, they may just tattletale on us and try to vote me out. Timing is everything in this game and I'm not sure if this is the best timing or not. I know that Aiden is dumb and all and we may be able to convince to screw up somehow but you never know. We have to decide soon.

Mysti: Tonight, I have to make an important decision that may impact my own game until the end. Either I should allign with KT, Antoine, and Aiden right now or I should try to wait a while to do that? Either way, I might be taking a risk. But hey, sometimes risks are worth the reward.

Stay tuned for Part 3 where you actually get to see who gets voted out.