Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sims Reality All-Stars- Episode 7 Part Three

Sara: Welcome to tribal council everybody. Ignore the chairs in the background. Some production member forgot to their job and was fired by my boss because of it. Anyway, Cassi, what has happened during the last couple of days since the last tribal council?

Cassi: Well, we have found out that there was an alliance between Antoine, Aiden, and KT. So, the rest of us decided that we needed to stick together to the end.

Sara: Antoine, does it concerned you at all that you are gonna get voted out due to Cassi's comments?

Antoine: It does concerned me a little. However, in reality shows, some miracles can happen where you think you are gonna get voted but people somehow have other plans that spared for another couple of days?

Sara: Aiden, do you think that a miracle could happen tonight?

Aiden: Miracles happen all th' time. Fo' example, when yo' beat thet evil t-rex in th' finale an' she inded up in th' asylum, thet was a miracle on account o' ah nevah hafta deal wif her agin. Same thin' kin be said when ah got cast fo' both this hyar show an' th' Mole as fine as gittin' an autygraph fum mah favo'ite country singer.

Sara: I was talking about gameplay-related miracles. Anyway, Thomas, if a miracle does happen, and you will get voted out because of it, what do you have to say?

Thomas: I would be surprised because of it. The Dangtan trio would of combined their powers together to change their fate but that will be unlikely since if they changed their fate, then they will lose all of their powers.

Sara: Mysti, how do you think tonight will go down?

Mysti: Tonight, I feel as if the person who I feel is the most likely person standing in my way of possibly winning shall get voted out.

Sara: Let's get right to it. You all should know the drill by now. Cassi, you are up first.

Cassi: I vote for _______ because he/she is a threat to the winning line.

Mysti: I vote for ___________ because I feel like it and stuff.

Thomas: I vote for ____________ because they're 0/10 not eligible for the superness of superman.

Antoine: I vote for ______________ because I think this person has outstayed their time here and have proven to be a quite worthy to be up against.

Aiden: Ah vote fo' _____ on account o' thet varmint needs t'go.

Sara: I'll go tally the votes.

Sara: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person who has been voted out will ask to leave this area as soon as possible. First vote.....

Mysti. That's one vote for Mysti. 

Aiden. That's one vote for Aiden and one vote for Mysti.

Thomas. That's one vote for Thomas, one vote for Mysti, and one vote for Aiden.

Thomas. That's two votes for Thomas, one vote for Mysti, and one vote for Aiden. Final vote........

Well, for the first time in this show, I have a name that I do not recognize. Who voted for.....


Aiden: Um, ah did, cuss it all t' tarnation. It was meant as a vote fo' Thomas.

Sara: For future reference, don't write any nicknames or pronouns as your vote. If you were to write a nickname or a pronoun as your vote, then I will have to ask you. Anyway, Thomas, you are the 4th person out of this game. Come and exit the tribal council area.

Thomas: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! This can't be happening. Screw you Dangtan Trio. You must use your superpowers to get rid of me.

Thomas: Though now that I think about it, this may be a good thing as I will get to spend more time focusing on saving the world than playing this game.

Thomas: Hasta la vista, baby.

Sara: Thomas, come back here. I want to talk to you before you leave.

Thomas: Sorry but I have to save the world now.

Sara: Well, there goes my chance to walk him out of the game and have him hear his last thoughts before leaving. Though it isn't really exactly a requirement for the job. I just wanted to do that for the sake of being nice. Oh well, st least I am getting paid. Even though I am rich enough due to the money I won in the Mole. But the more money the better/ Plus, I want to save a majority of that money for my upcoming college career in the spring.

Sara: Well, I have an important announcement to make. Please tell the others about this as well. All of you plus Sarah, KT, and Grape have reached the halfway point. This means that you shall begin the Big Brother part of the game starting tomorrow.

Everybody: Yay!

Sara: However, because we have to make some changes to the yacht. In two hours from now, you have to go to the bedroom that is closer to the kitchen and stay there for most of the night. Once we give a signal, then you may be free to be in other parts of the yacht. Remember, tell the others about this. See you soon.

Stay tuned for Episode 8

Author's Note-

Mojo did not turned in her vote. Because of that, I made her vote with the majority. As of this current hour, Mojo has dropped out of this show and due to the fact that I did not have enough time to write Aiden's exit on the show. Aiden's exit shall be put in the next episode.

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