Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sims Reality All-Stars- Episode 8 Part 2

Mysti: Oh god, why does that to happen? I technically died of drowning you know.

Sarah: I thought you died of you being stabbed by a pitchfork.

Mysti: Oh, I forgot to tell you Sarah that.....

Antoine: We kinda don't have time to explain as.....

*the big wave ended up hitting causing it to rock intensively*

KT: Whoa! I'm about to fall down to the ground.


*Sarah drops down to the ground where a fridge fell down on her making a lot of noise*

Mysti: No, no, no. This can't be happening

Antoine: At least it wasn't you.

KT: Still though........

Grape: Are you guys alright

KT: Well, Sarah isn't really alright.

Cassi: Oh my! Please do not let her be dead.

*The rest of this part of the episode was written by Vul with the exception of the ending and me having to correct a statement that is stated*

Sara Vesela: "Guys, it's very sad what's happened today. At the moment, Sarah is being examined by our medical team. Because she's a ghost, there might be a chance she isn't too injured. If that's the case, we'd just have to delay the HOH for one day or so. But if she's less-" *Sara gets interrupted by her earphone*  Yes? Oh reaeaeally? Phew, good to hear, thanks. Good news everyone! It seems like Sarah's not toooo much injured, so it's all going to be okay."
Mysti: "Thank goodness!"
KT!: "What a relief."
Antoine: "Great."

Sarah: "Whoah, where am I?"

Sarah: "Aarh, my head hurts... Go away nargles, I won't let you make me crazy!"

Sarah: "Hello? Anybody here?"
???: "Hey?! Sarah!"

Mysti: "OMGImissedyousogirl..."
Sarah: "Who's Sarah?"
Mysti: "Don't be silly... You're Sarah."
Sarah: "No I'm not. My name's Merith."

Mysti: "Nooo, you're Sarah."
Sarah: "... As far as I know I'm Merith Vanderberg..."
Mysti: "Wait, you really think you're Merith... I gotta go, be right back!" *Mysti leaves quickly*
Sarah: "Hey, wait! ... I don't even know your name..."

Sarah: "Oooh, where's this place for?"
Sara Vesela: "Heeeeeeey, welcome back to the Diary Room. Feel free to sit down and talk about what's on your mind!"
Sarah: "Er, well, I guess so...So, what happened? Where am I? And who is that weird red haired girl who was acting weird?"
Sara: Um, Sarah.....
Sarah: My name is NOT Sarah. It is Merith. Why is everybody calling me that?
Sara: Well, Merith, you may made it easier for you to not confuse our names and I have to warn you that the HOH competition is starting soon......
Sarah: HOH?
Sara: Um, just get to the backyard, I'll explain later.

*Stay tuned for Part Three*

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