Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sims Reality All-Stars- Episode 8 Part 3

Sara: Welcome to your first HOH competition. As you see, you have what appears to be a hot tub in front of you. However, it isn't exactly like a hot tub but more of a cold tub as it is fill with cold water. Every couple of minutes or so, we shall make it colder until we shall get in trouble for making it more colder. The last one standing shall win HOH. Every get in your bathing suits and go inside the cold tub.

Grape: Well, geez, this water is freaking cold.

"Merith": Well, what don't you expect? If you were in the movie Ice Age, you would have to deal with cold every day.

Cassi: You know that Ice Age isn't exactly real.

"Merith": YES! IT IS! By the way, Antoine, I have a question. Aren't you supposed to be dead right now?

Everybody: ...........

Grape: Well, guys, this water is too freaking cold for me. I need to get it out soon. Good luck to everybody remaining!

KT: Before the competition, me, Antoine, and Mysti have a feeling that this was gonna be an endurance competition. We agreed that we shall not get off until both Grape and Cassi left since they are kinda on the opposite side of the house. Mysti was gonna tell Sarah about this plan when she wakes up but Sarah wasn't really acting like herself in that moment. I am a little bit concerned with Sarah at the moment or should I say Merith. Grape and Cassi could easily manipulate Merith into thinking that she has an alliance with them and I would be concerned if she won the HOH because she's kinda like a wild card right now.

Mysti: I'm out of here. Producers, have you ever took into consideration that I died by drowning?

Antoine: I'm sorry but I can't stand the cold. I need to get out ASAP.

KT: Once Antoine left, I was left with a wild card and a person who I know shall nominate me. I basically need to win this or else I could be the one going home. This is kinda a tricky spot to be in right now.

Some Random Stanger: OMG! It's the cast of Sims Reality All-Stars.

Sara: Um, how did you get in here?

Some Random Stanger: Um, well..... You see..... I ended up........


"Merith": Guys, I'm out of here. I don't know what I am playing for and this cold water isn't worth whatever prize I am gonna have.

KT: Well, Cassi, since we are the last two standing, let's negotiate together.

Cassi: Well, if I win HOH, I promise you that I will not nominate you.

KT: I promise the same!

Cassi: What? It's basically you and your alliance against me and Grape. If you keep me safe, then you will have nominate one of your allies.

KT: Well, you see that Sarah is kinda a wild card right now. She isn't really acting like herself and it concerns me a little bit as she could believe the slightest lie about her position in the game.

Cassi: I actually agree with you. How about we make a deal to get rid of Sarah this week no matter who wins HOH?

KT: Agreed! So, since we agree to both try to get rid of Sarah this week, how about we play rock paper scissors to decide who wins HOH?

Cassi: Sure!

Everybody: Rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!

*Cassi has paper, and KT has scissors*

Cassi: Well, you beat me. I guess I have to get out. 

Sara: Congrats to your new HOH, KT!

KT: Who wants to see my HOH room?

KT: Oh, it's pink. My favorite color!

"Merith": Nice room, you got there.

Cassi: I agreed!

Grape: Since Sarah isn't really Sarah anymore, me and Cassi decided to try to make her think that she is a part of us and not a part of Mysti and Antoine. Since we are in the minority, this would be the perfect time to shake things up.

Grape: Hey, Merith, just to let you know you are a part of our alliance with me and Cassi. You kinda seem to have memory loss so I thought I might tell you.

"Merith": Good to know!

Cassi: I remember KT promising me that I will be safe. This means that you guys are probably gonna be on the chopping block. However, if I win the PoV, then I can take one of you guys off the block and we shall evict either Mysti or Antoine this week.

Merith: What's the PoV again?

Cassi: The PoV has the power to take somebody off the block. If we all work together to let me win it, then I would be able to take one of you guys off the block and have somebody from the other alliance to go home.

Merith: Sounds like a plan!

Antoine: So, let's talk about the plan. I am assuming you are gonna nominate Cassi and Grape, right?

KT: To be honest, I am concerned with Sarah in the game. She is not like herself and she could be a wild card right now and she has zero memory going on in the game right now.

Antoine: I can understand that!

Mysti: Don't nominate Sarah. She's my closest ally.

Antoine: Well, we may have to face the possibility of Sarah never actually becoming herself.

Mysti: I would rather have myself be nominated than Sarah. 

KT: You don't want to do that, Mysti. Asking to be on the block would be a very bad idea!

Mysti: No, I sincerely want to be on the block instead of Sarah.

KT: Well, I gotten myself into a sticky situation. Mysti keeps on begging me to nominate her instead of Sarah. Nominating would be a better move but Mysti is gonna bug me about it. This may something bad that shall happen soon.

KT: Welcome to the nominations ceremony. As HOH, I have to nominate two people for eviction. I have decided to nominate....

Grape and....

Mysti because the Mole group needs to stay together and I believe you both are strong competition... I'm so sorry guys... I really am!

KT: This meeting is....

Sara (through intercom): Hold on! Mysti, please report to the diary room!

Cassi: Well, this is taking forever! 

Grape: Can Mysti come out here soon?

Antoine: What is Mysti up to?

Sara: Hey guys! I have something to announce! Mysti has to leave the game due to an urgent personal matter which she needs to take care of by herself! Because Mysti is a nominee and we lost two people this week without there being a proper elimination, we have decided that it is best if we just nullify this week as we are gonna have a fresh new start coming up! KT, because of the fact that one of your nominees did not have a proper elimination, then you would be able to compete in the next HOH competition. This meeting is adjourned!

Terse, Mysti's creator, dropped out of the show.

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