Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 9

KT: Ugh, I feel as if I screwed up. I nominated Mysti and then she had to leave due to some crazy innocent. If Mysti hasn't begged like one million times for me to nominate her instead of Sarah, then I would nominated Sarah and not have to worry about this situation.

Antoine: Hey, we just got unlucky. Have you ever heard of the saying "You may have won the battle but you have not won the war". This can applied here. Mysti leaving the way she did is very unexpected and doesn't happen often. And besides, things may get luckier as we go on. Maybe Sarah recover her memory and realign with us? Maybe Cassi and Grape got into a huge fight and they went on different paths? Plus, you can still compete in the HOH ceremony.

KT: Yeah, I guess you are right. Like people say, it ain't over until the fat lady sings. Wait, I'm technically a singer and I'm not fat. Should it be change to "it ain't over until the skinny lady sings"? But that will be like weightism. Am I causing controversy right now?

Antoine: Um, not really as it seems as it what you are saying is a little ditsy to be honest. I guess in this case, it is the skinny lady but in 99% of the time, it is the fat lady.

KT: Well, it doesn't really matter to be honest as unless I sang on my way out, then I am kinda acting a little stupid.

Jake: Hey, don't say that word.

Antoine: Oh no! Not this again!

Grape: Hey, Merith, I want to talk to you alone without anybody else here.

"Merith": But what about Cassi? If Cassi isn't included in this conversation, then history may repeat itself and we may have a scenario in Shrek One where Shrek mistakes a conversation Fiona has with Donkey of disgust with Shrek.

Grape: Um, you know that Shrek isn't real. Anyway, what I have to say that can not include Cassi at all. I made sure that Cassi isn't here listening in.

Cassi (quietly): Oh really?

Grape: The thing is that when it comes down to the final two, we have to go to the final two together. If you and me went up against Cassi, then Cassi will win because she is so nice and likable.

Cassi (quietly): Hmmm....interesting.

"Merith": I have to agree with you as Cassi is so sweet and innocent that she'll hands down wins if one of us goes up against her in the final two.

Cassi (quietly): Why do I feel the words "sweet and innocent" sound so familiar?

Grape: Yeah, I mean if one of us takes Cassi to the end, it will be like Woo taking Tony on Survivor.

Cassi (quietly): What? I'm nowhere near a threat as Tony was.

Cassi (in the diary room through voiceover): I kinda find Grape to be a little bit shady in my opinion. I mean he is trying to take "Merith" to the final two with him stating that I'm extremely nice and it would be like Tony vs. Woo if one of them gets to the final two with me. Tony is basically as dangerous as when I am in zombie form. So far though, I haven't took off my neckband so I shouldn't be as dangerous as he is. I don't believe that I should try to get Grape out yet but I may have to once it comes down to it.

Sara: Good morning contestants! I have a little bit of a surprise for you. Tonight, you are go through what I like to call a "Fast Forward Eviction." You are gonna play one week of Big Brother all in one day. We do not have a lot of time to waste so let's get things started!

Sara: I need each of you to go behind the cabinets behind me to start the HOH competition.

Sara: This competition is called "Majority Rules". It is always good to be in a majority unless the majority includes people like smurfs and trolls. Anyway, tonight is no exception. I will ask you a series of questions. Do not answer with your personal opinion but instead answer of how you think the majority will respond. For each correct answer, you will get a point. The person with the most amount of points will win. Let's begin!

Question 1-Who is more likely to become even more richer in five years from now?
a. KT
b. Cassandra
If you say KT, then turn your cabinet green. If you say Cassandra, turn your cabinet red.

The majority went with KT. Everybody answers KT. Everybody gets a point.

Question 2- Who is more likely to become a professional chef?
a. Aiden
b. Thomas
If you say Aiden, turn your cabinet green. If you saw Thomas, turn your cabinet red.

The majority went with Aiden. Everybody except for KT and Cassi gets a point.

Question 3- Which ghost is more likely to star in the Ghostbusters reboot?
a. Sarah, I mean  Merith
b. Mysti
If you say Merith, turn your cabinet green. If you say Mysti, turn your csbinet red.

The majority said Mysti. Everybody except for Cassi and Antoine.

Question 4- Which early boot is more likely to made it further than they did?
a. Lawon
b. Brent

If you say Lawon, turn your cabinet green. If you say Brent, turn your cabinet red.

The majority said Brent. Everybody except for Antoine gets a point.

Question 5- Who is more likely to win a beauty pageant? 
a. Me
b. Cassi
If you say Me, then your cabinet green. If you say  Cassi, turn your cabinet red.

The majority said Cassi. Everybody says Cassi. Everybody gets a point.

Question 6- Who is more likely to give-up everything for love?
a. Antoine
b. Grape

If you think Antoine, turn your cabinet green. If you say Grape, turn your cabinet red.

The majority said Antoine. Everybody except for Grape and KT gets a point.

Final Question- Prior to when the first question asked, did you think you will win this HOH?
a. Yes
b. No

If you say Yes, turn your cabinet green. If you say No, turn your cabinet red.

The majority said Yes. Everybody except for Grape gets a point. Well, with her having correctly answer every single question, congrats to Merith for winning HOH. Please remember to make nominations soon.

"Merith": Hold on. Where is the TV? How can I watch the best documentary that is ever been made aka the Smurfs?

Sara (through intercom): SMURFS! EW! Anyway, since I have an intercom, we thought a TV was pointless. Anyway, just make your nominations. I'm still creeped out at the the fact you mentioned Smurfs.

"Merith": Well, the nominations is kinda obvious. KT; Antoine, you both are on the opposite side and I have to nominate you.

Sara: Well, thank you Merith for making those nominations even though you mentioned Smurfs.

"Merith": What''s wrong with Smurfs?

Sara: Oh. many things. Like that copycat named Vixy. Anyway, POV is coming up. Be prepared!

Sara: This competition is called The Word Game. Your goal is to correctly spell as many words as possible with the letter of a phrase I am about to give you in the amount of 10 minutes. Plurals, proper names, acronyms, two-lettered words, swear words, and names of cities and states are not allowed as well as words in the phrase. If you have one of the non-allowed words, then those words will not count. Whoever has the most amount of allowed words shall win. Is everybody clear?

Everybody: Yes!

Sara: Turn on your computer. The phrase shall be there once you start your computers. But in case, it doesn't your phrase is "The Power Is Up For Grabs."

*ten minutes later*

Sara: Well, there's two people who made so many words that other contestants didn't even stand a chance. In first place, we have......

KT with 203 words. Congrats KT! You won the POV! The ceremony shall start soon!

Sara: Well, KT, you won the POV. You can use it on yourself, Antoine, or nobody. Stand up and make your choice.

KT: Well, this may seem selfish of me to do this but I have to look-out for my own game and use the POV on myself.

Sara: Okay, Merith, as HOH, you must make a replacement nominee.

"Merith": Well, after a talk with my alliance, Grape volunteered to be nominated so because of that, Grape is my replacement nominee.

Sara: Okay, now it is about to time to vote. KT; Cassi, one at a time you shall go to the diary room and cast your vote to evict Grape or Antoine. "Merith", you shall only vote at the event of a time. KT, you are up first.

KT: I vote to evict ____________.

Cassi: I vote to evict ___________.

*Play this and continue on*

Sara: Once I state the results, the person must leave the yacht immediately. By a vote of 2-0,

Grape, you are now eliminated from Sims Reality All-Stars.

Grape: Well, I'm kinda surprised by this as I vote Antoine was gonna go home. Goodbye everybody!

Sara: Well, Grape, I hope you have a good time at Sims Reality All-Stars. The good news is that you are not fully out of the game yet as you are the first member of the jury in which you shall play a hand in crowning the winner. Due to the unproper exits of Aiden and Mysti, we have decided it would be if we have a jury 3 instead of 5. See you at the finale.

Sara: Well, guys, you just went through one week of Big Brother in one day. Take some to relax as it must of been stressful for you guys during that day. Good luck!

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