Sunday, April 26, 2015

Carol Love

Carol Love is a very odd girl. She loves holidays. She loves them so much that she decides to celebrate them every day even if she shouldn't be celebrating those days. 

Monday: Valentine's Day where she only goes on dates during that day
Tuesday: Saint's Patrick Day where she pinches people who don't wear green
Wednesday: April Fools where she constantly pull pranks
Thursday: Halloween where she ends up putting on a costume for that day
Friday: Christmas where she constantly gives gifts to her friends
Saturday/Sunday: New Years Eve/New Years Day- Where she constantly throw parties late at night (for New Years Eve), kisses somebody at midnight, and make New Years Resolution

She works as a waitress in Washington D.C but she is about to get fired due to her "celebrations" causing her to act odd around other people and sometimes skip work so she hopes to join a reality show for her to possibly earn herself some money before she may possibly get fired.

I believe her cc is transferable and she has content from Ambitions, Late Night, and Supernatural. I hope you enjoy this sim. You can find her in the Uploads column by the way. 

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