Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 12

Sara: Hello contestants. Welcome to the final three. I'm kinda in a bad mood lately because I really wanted to wear a cat costume because somebody called me a host pet but production wouldn't let me.

Everybody: ....

Sara: Anyway, this is your final competition. It will be a HOH competition and it will be in three parts. The winner of the first part will automatically advance to the next part. Then, the two people who lost the first part will have a chance to redeem themselves in part two. The winner of the second part will advance to the third part where as the person who lost the first two parts will no longer be eligible to win this competition. The winner of the third part will win this competition as a well. This week, the HOH will be automatically in the final two and has the sole decision to evict someone. This could be a million dollar decision so be careful on who you evict. Everybody got that clear?

Everybody: Yes

Sara: Okay, the first part is simple. You are simply gonna jog on the trendmill. Whoever jobs the longest wins. Now, get your athletic wear on and start jogging.

Sara: Okay, ready! GO!

Antoine: Well, just for the record, I'm not huge on jogging.

KT: Well, I kinda jog a lot for me to exercise to help me learn dance moves for my songs better.

Cassi: I can go all night, y'all.

Antoine: Well, guys, I think I am gonna step off of this. I don't think I will win as martial arts is more of my exercise.

Sara: With that, Antoine is out of the challenge.

Cassi: This challenge is tougher than I thought.

KT: Hey, we are down to the final three. The challenges are supposed to be tougher.

Cassi: Yeah, I guess you have a point. I was lucky to recover myself after I could of possibly fall off.

KT: Yeah, hopefully, I don't have to run into a situation where I may.....

KT: fallllllllllllllllllllllll

KT: off!

Sara: With that, KT is out of the challenge meaning.....

Sara: Congrats, Cassi. You won the first part and you are automatically moving on to the final round.

Antoine: Well, I guess both of us failed in the first part.'

KT: Well, that doesn't that we can't win HOH as we still have Part Two to do.

Antoine: Yeah? Also, we are still going to the final two together?

KT: Of course. You, me, and Aiden have been through so much together that it is hard to imagine not us being in the final two.

*KT and Antoine gave each other a friendly hug*

Antoine: Even though I did say that me and KT were going to the final two, I was just saying what KT wanted to hear. A bunch of times in reality shows, you just say what people want to hear even if you didn't mean it. I believe I can't beat KT in the final two so I have to make a secret final two deal with Cassi for me to have a better chance at winning. 

Cassi: Okay, Antoine, Thank you for giving me a massage.

Antoine: You're welcome. I think you needed it after all of those stressful moments you have in the game.

Antoine: While I giving you a massage, I want to talk some game with you.

Cassi: Okay, talk away.

Antoine: My point is that, we need to go to the final two with each other. KT won so many competitions. She basically won a competition each week. It will be so tough to actually beat KT in the final two. So, my point is that we need to go to the final two together.

Cassi: I agree with you. So, us in the final two?

Antoine: Yes, if I win the final HOH, I will take you to the end. Will you?

Cassi: I will as well. Oh......

Antoine: What?

Cassi: I think I have a strained muscle there. Don't massage it.

Asntoine: Oops sorry.

Cassi: Well, KT and Antoine, y'all both lost round one. However, you have a chance to redeem yourselves in round two. You need to be in separate rooms for this competitions so please put yourselves in separate rooms in the house.

KT: You shall be presented with a puzzle. This puzzle should contain the cast photo from the start of the game.

Antoine: Your goal is simply solve the puzzle. Whoever solves it first will win Round Two.

Cassi: It is time for me to reveal the results.

Cassi: Antoine, your time is 13 minutes and 26 seconds.

Cassi: KT, your time was 5 minutes and 51 seconds. Congrats KT! You won the second round.

KT: I feel so good that I won the second round. I just need to win the final round to win the final HOH.

Cassi: I just want to say that I do want to honor Antoine's deal with me. However, I need to make sure in case KT wins the final HOH, she shall take me to the end. I understand that KT and Antoine had an alliance throughout a majority of the game so I may use that conversation with Antoine in the massage table to my advantage.

Cassi: Okay, KT, you and Antoine have been allies throughout a majority of the game. Am I correct?

KT: Yes, what is your point.

Cassi: Well, I need to tell something. Last night, Antoine was giving me a massage and he told me that he does not to face you in the end believing that it will be impossible to beat you in the end and makes a final two with me. I swear on the bible that is true.

KT: Wow. I honestly feel betrayed by that. Me, him, and Aiden have been through so much in the game that I've kinda feel betrayed by Antoine making a final two with you.

Cassi: That is my point. After everything your alliance has been through, I would not trust Antoine after that deal and I would not take him to the end with me.

KT: You have a point but I am not sure if I should just completely evict after that. I will take that intro consideration.

Sara: Welcome to the final part of the final HOH competition. This part, you shall answer a series of true or false questions about your houseguests. If you think the answer is true, then stand up. If you think the answer is false, then just sit in your seat. However, don't answer with your personal opinion. Think about how a certain past contestant has answered. As all of these days have gone by, you should know several contestants and how they think. This competition is basically a test as I have talked with the first boot of this season, Lawon, and give his take on these questions. If you answered the same as Lawon, you will earn a point. Whoever has the most amount of points by the end of the competition. Everybody is clear?

Everybody: Yes!

Sara: Now, let's begin. True or False: The contestant that Lawon thinks is most likely to spend all of their money on personal goods in one day if they won is Thomas. Answers please!

Sara: Now, both of you answered false. The answer is true. Both of you guys failed to earn a point. Next question- True or False: Lawon thinks that his fatal error in this game was trying to play too hard too fast in the first couple of days in this game. Answers please!

Sara: Cassi answers true and KT answers false. The answer is false. KT, you have earned yourself a point while Cassi, you didn't earn a point. Sit back down, Cassi as I read the next question. True or False: Lawon thinks that there is no one that KT will absolutely refuse to do a musical collaboration with. Answers please!

Sara: You both answered false. The answer was true. You both failed to earn yourself a point in this round. Next question- True or False: The two people Lawon thinks is most likely to form a showmance is Cassi and Brent. Answers please! 

Sara: You both answered true for this one. The answer is false. Please sit back down. Next question- True or False: If Lawon had to pick being either locked in a room for 24 hours with Cassandra while she is insane or have Cassi lose her neckband and be a zombie for the rest of her life, Lawon would pick the latter.

Sara: You both answered false. The answer is true! The scores right is now KT with one point and Cassi with zero. Final question- True or False: If Lawon had to left on a deserted island with only one contestant of his choice for the rest of his life, he would pick Antoine. Answers please!

Sara: Cassi answered true while KT answers false. The answer is true. The scores are tied. Cassi, please sit back as we are gonna move to a tie-breaker.

Sara: For the tie-breaker, the answer will be a number. Whoever has the closest amount to that number will win. How many minutes did it take for Lawon to reply to an e-mail I sent to him about this competition?

Cassi: 30

KT: 128

Sara: The correct answer was 382.

Sara: Congrats KT! You won the final HOH. Please think about your decision during the break. After our first commercial break and probably our only commercial break,, we shall see who KT evicted and who is in the final two.

'Sara: Welcome back. Here, we have the final three all somehow in their formal wear. KT, as the final HOH, you have the sole power to evict someone. You have the option to evict Cassi and take Antoine to the end or the option to evict Antoine and take Cassi to the end. Please tell us who you want to evict and why. Remember, this could be a million dollar decision.

KT: Well, I really wanted to take this person to the end until I heard some stuff that person did. I vote to evict Antoine. Because he's a tougher competitor! Sorry Antoine :( Didn't want to betray my Mole alliance with you.

Sara: Antoine, because of that, you are the final person to be evicted and the final jury member.

Antoine: Well, guys, it was nice knowing you all. Goodbye everybody!

Sara: Wait. I ask for everybody including the recently evicted person to come to the area where we used to have tribal councils during the Survivor part of the game. You will see why when we are there.

*To be continued in the finale*

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