Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode Eleven Part Two

Cassi: So, congrats on winning the POV. So, what happened with "Merith" and the collar is true?

KT: That was Antoine told me. I don't think Antoine would try to lie about it as I don't see the point. I'm glad though that nobody got hurt.

Cassi: I'm glad that nobody got hurt. If somebody got hurt, then I guess we would all REALLY hate "Merith".

Cassi: Here's a hug as you kinda got lucky in my opinion.

KT: Everybody got lucky with the zombie incident.

Cassi: I am trying to get very friendly with KT in hopes that she will use the POV on me. It seems unlikely but it is worth the shot. Even though everybody is upset at "Merith". she is my only ally and I have to protect her.

"Merith": Okay, I expect KT to not use the Veto and have Antoine be the sole vote this round. Even though Antoine is upset at me for something I didn't, I should not give-up and I should convince Antoine to vote for Cassi.

"Merith": You are still mad at me for what you think I did to Cassi? Am I correct?

Antoine: Yes, you are correct and I am still upset as somebody could of died.

"Merith": Even though you are still mad at me for doing that and you are likely to vote for me, listen to me and what I have to say You can not beat KT in the final two. She won too many competitions and she will be too big of a threat to bring to the final two.

Antoine: Well, there is more to the game than competitions. And what does this have to do who I am gonna vote-out?

"Merith": Well, competitions are a huge part into winning this game. Also, people will be upset at me and I will be a good goat in the end. And even though both me and Cassi equally won two competitions, the first competition Cassi won was kinda a popularity contest and the second competition she was competing with a team. I kinda won my two competitions by myself and I will better at the competitions.

Antoine: Well, I consider what you said into consideration.

Antoine: When I have to vote for someone, I can vote for "Merith" who will be a good goat in the end or I can vote for Cassi which would upset KT who is my biggest ally in this game. Whatever decision I make shall impact the game big time.

Sara: Welcome everybody! KT, you hold the Power of Veto. Because of that, you hold the power to decide to who will cast the sole vote. You can use it one of the two nominees in which they will ultimately become the sole vote or you can ultimately not use it and have Antoine be the sole vote. Be stand up and make your decision.

KT: Well, I think I think for my game to not use it. I don't want to risk losing my biggest ally in this game so I need to do what is best. Sorry "Merith" and Cassi.

Sara: Well, because of that, Antoine, you need to make a decision as you have to cast the sole vote to evict someone. You can vote for "Merith" or Cassi. Please stand-up and make your decision.

Antoine: Well, I have to long and hard about my decision. I vote to evict Merith, although she has played a good game I cannot let her continue in the competition.

Sara: This means, "Merith", you are now part of the jury.

"Merith": God, I am so mad at myself for getting myself evicted. I could slap myself because of this. In fact, I will

*"Merith" slaps herself*

"Merith": Wait, where I am? What happened?

Sara: "Merith", you have to leave soon.

"Merith": Oh god. Not you again. I AM THE ONE AND ONLY SARAH YOU HEAR ME.

*Everybody gaps*

KT: You're back?

Sarah: What do you mean by that?

Sara: Well, you weren't really yourself the past couple of days. Come to the front of the yacht and I will tell you what happened.

Sarah: God, **** "Merith". If I were Sarah the whole entire game, then I wouldn't let this happen. And **** that wave. If it weren't the wave, then "Merith" would of never existed.

Sara: Well, some things that don't go exactly as planned gets in your way. Just be glad that you are able to play and you are still somewhat alive aka not really dead. Anyway, Grape is waiting for you at the jury house. You are gonna go there. Bye for now!

Sara: Well, congrats to Cassi, KT, and Antoine. You have a long couple of days ahead of you. Good luck to you guys.

Author's Notes:

I wanted "Merith" to turn back to Sarah before the show is over.And since Vul is out of the game, I think now will be a good time to do so.

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