Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sims Reality All-Stars- The REAL Episode 11 Part One

KT: Hey Antoine. How are you?

Antoine: Well, let's just I was kinda in a near death situation and it is all thanks to "Merith".

KT: What? How did you get into a near death situation? What does "Merith" have anything to do with that story?

Antoine: Well, let me explain the story.

*30 minutes ago*

Antoine: Hey "Merith". What is going on?

"Merith": Oh nothing. Hey, look what I have.

Antoine: Hold on! Is that Cassi's neckband?

"Merith": Yeah, is there anything wrong with that?

Antoine: Are you ******* kidding right now?

"Merith": Um, no.

Antoine: Well, you do realize that when Cassi has her neckband off, she turns into a zombie?

*Cassi walks around the hallway making zombie noises*

"Merith": Oh, god, we can actually get extremely hurt or die after this.

Antoine: Well, you better fix it as I kinda believe that you stole Cassi's neckband as Cassi would be smarter to not have that neckband off. We don't have time to talk. We just time to think and save the day. Let's find Cassi now.

Cassi: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnssssssssssssssss

"Merith": Quick, I try to hold down Cassi and when she is hold down, try to put the neckband back on.

Antoine: "Merith", I have Cassi hold down. Quick, get the neckband on so that Cassi can become human again.

"Merith": I put the neckband back on. Hopefully, she should be alright/

Cassi: What happened? Wait, did I just say something?

Antoine: Um, you kinda lose your neckband. It seems as if we got it back on, you regain your voice. 

Cassi: How did I lost it? I've made sure that I never lose my neckband ever in my life.

Antoine: I have a pretty good idea that somebody stole it and I think I know who.

KT: Wow! You got extremely lucky that you made out here alive. Somebody could of died.

Antoine: Yeah! I believe "Merith" had something to do with Cassi losing her neckband. I can't believe that she didn't know what will happen if Cassi lose her neckband. I think we have to go after her this time.

*KT nods her head in agreement*

"Merith": What is with Antoine thinking that I stole the neckband? Why would I be motivated to steal it? I just found out on the ground.

*31 minutes ago in which just before Antoine steps into the scene*

"Merith" What is this on the ground

"Merith: Is this Cassi's neckband? Why is on the ground? Well, I better give back to her or else we could a repeat of the Mole ending.

"Merith": "What is wrong with the world? First, I rescue their lifes, and then they hate me! WHY?!"
Sara: "Don't be blue, that's way too Smurf, and I hate them!"
"Merith": "... thank you..."
*Sara starts to cry out loud*
"Merith": "Sorry..."
Sara: "No, it's just 2PM and WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!"
"Merith": "... Ugh, I think I'd rather stay in bed the rest of the day..."
*"Merith" leaves the Diary Room and goes to bed*
Sara: "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!- Heh, it's 2.01... Hey, where is she? Well, never mind..."

Sara: Welcome everybody to your next competition. This is your final POV competition and the most important. It's kinda sad that we only have two Power or Vetos. We would of have more if it weren't for some circumstances. You see these isolation booths to your left. I ask for each of you to go inside. There, it will tell what you are supposed to do.

"Merith": (reading what the computer says) Did you know many years from now, almost all of the contestants have children from now and these children somehow paint into yellow paint? Note at the word almost as one contestant did not have a child with another.

KT: Your job is to correctly answer which parents belongs to each "children" and name the one contestant without a child. 

Antoine: There is a catch though as you need a perfect score to win the competition. The first person to get a perfect score in this competition will win. If you are unable to send a perfect score, then you will be asked to try again.

Cassi: You will be given two lifelines which you can only once. The first lifeline is a lifeline where I will tell you which answers you got right or wrong. The second lifeline, I will give you a clue on the answer of only one question. I advise you only use them when it matters and you absolutely have no idea. 

Antoine: I'm not really sure who is the parents of these two people. I really need to think hard on this one.

KT: I'm getting some Casi vibes from this girl.

"Merith": That looks so much like me. Now, who can be the father of this one?

Cassi: I like this girl's hairstyle. 

KT: Now, with all of the remaining contestants, who is most likely to not be the parent of this child?

KT: Well, let's hope I got the answers correct.

*KT gets a screen to try again*

KT: Ugh. Well, I think it is now to use one of my lifelines. I am gonna use Lifeline #1.

"Merith": God, I really need this Veto. I just hope I got this one correct.

*"Merith" gets a screen to try again*

"Merith": ****. I pretty much thought I have every correct. I honestly don't know which ones I got wrong. I'm gonna use Lifeline #1.

Antoine: Gosh, I really don't know the answers. I'm not good at genetics things like this. 

Cassi: Well, I just plugged in my last answer. I hope it correct.

*Cassi gets a screen to try again*

Cassi: Well, I'm not gonna use a lifeline just yet. I'm gonna wait a while before I do.

"Merith": Gosh, I think I got every correct. I need to just plug in the final answer.

KT: Well, here goes nothing.

Computer: Congrats! You won!

KT: What? No way!

Sara: Everybody STOP! We have a winner.

Sara: Well, good job to everybody but KT is the winner of this competition. KT, you have the sole responsibility of deciding who will cast the sole vote to evict someone. Think hard about your decision. I will see you all at the eviction ceremony.

KT: Well, I just won another competition. I have complete control on what I want to do this week. Having all of these competition wins really makes you good in front of the jury in my opinion.

Deleted Scene:

Lawon: Hey there Sara! I have a question to ask you.

Sara: How did you get in here? You really shouldn't be here right now.

Lawon: It doesn't matter. All I want to ask you is for a second chance in this game as I want to return the game.

Sara: Bringing someone back doesn't work like that and it is too far in the game to consider letting anybody back in the game.

Lawon: C'mon! It really sucks being the first person out in this show. I don't want to know by that.

Sara: Look, you REALLY shouldn't be here as you could get into a lot of trouble. I have to call in security in order to escort you out. This is the second time where somebody who isn't supposed to be here comes to the set. If it is a third time, then we may have to fire some people.

Stay tuned for Part Two

Author's Notes

The deleted scene is a scene that wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. Lawon just visited the yacht and started talking to Sara. Not sure why though.

The answer key for the Veto by the way-

1. KT and Brent 
2. Cassi and Thomas
3. Sarah and Aiden
4. Mysti and Grape
5. Cassandra and Lawon
6. Antoine

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