Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ani Shallow

Ani Shallow is a very rich person living in New Zealand who always wants the latest technology, cars, and fashion trends. She can be a large ham as she is a larger-than-life character who punctuates and emphasizes everything! However, she kinda has a psychopathic backstory. She believes that she was born with s very rare power to control animals. She used that power to kill many innocent people until a wizard came and make her unable to control animals and kill people even though passive means in which he stated he will never give them back. However, after her begging to gain back those ability, he jokingly stated that if she wins a reality show and give him the prize money she won, then he'll give her back those abilities. Taking that seriously, she signed up for a reality show hoping that she wins. People may just have a hard time believing her past life since they believe that nobody has the power to control animals and she doesn't try to kill people anymore since she believes it will be pointless. But regardless if you don't believe her or not, she is still evil as ever and does as much as she can to torture people without actively killing them.

You need Late Night and Pets for this sim. All cc is transferrable. You can find her in the Uploads column.

Hope you enjoy her!

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