Friday, May 1, 2015

Sims Reality All-Stars Finale

Sara: Okay contestants. You are probably wondering why I brought you all out here. Well, I thought that since we started the season here, why do we not end it here? So, the jury voting will take place here. Antoine, you are a part of the jury. We shall bring in Sarah and Grape who are the two other members of the jury.

Sara: Hello Grape and Sarah. How are you guys doing?

Grape: I'm doing alright if you ask me.

Sarah: I'm kinda upset but I do not want go into the details right now.

Sara: Well, sorry to here that. Anyway, one at a time, you shall go up to the voting and write the name of the person who you want to WIN. This is going a vote for someone and not against someone. This is different from the other votes as you were voting against people. Grape, you are up first.

Grape: I vote for ________ because my alliance needs to stick together for this game.

Sarah: I vote for ___________  because I do not want the other person to win.

Antoine: I vote for _________ because she has played a good game and deserves it the most out of us.

Sara: I'l go tally up the results.

Sara: Before I read the results, I think I shall bring back some players who were not able to be part of the jury.

Sara: Hello everybody. We try looking for Cassandra but we couldn't find her anywhere so we have to do the show without her. Before I read the results, who do you think will win?

Mysti: Cassi

Aiden: KT

Thomas: I don't know.

Brent: Cassi

Lawon: KT

Sara: Hmmmm.......interesting. Now, I shall read the results. You want to see your name on the ballot. If your name on the ballot, you have a vote for you to WIN. I shall read the first vote. First vote.........

Sara: Cassi. That's one vote for Cassi. Next vote......

Sara: KT. That's one vote for KT and one vote for Cassi. The winner of this season is......

Sara: CASSI!

Cassi: Wow! I won! Hot diggity dog! I can't believe it, y'all.

Sara: Well, Cassi, you just won yourself one million dollars. Can you believe that?

Sarah: Hold up! Before you guys start celebrating, I need to address something. Come on out.

??????????: Hello, I am Sarah's lawyer. Sarah asked me to file a lawsuit against this show for heavy editing. She told me that there was some heavy editing going in her eviction episode about her getting her memories back when that did not happen at all.

Sara: Hold on. I did not know about this. I was clearly there in the editing room during that episode. And why are we referring her to Sarah right now if her getting back her memories didn't really happen?

*Sara hears something from her microphone*

Sara: Well, I just found out about this. Apparently, some hacker hacked into the computer files and edit her eviction scene to make it seem like she had her memories back.

Sarah: Well, lawyer, do you want share stuff you have to say?

Sarah's lawyer: Sure!

(Play this and continue on- 

And yes, I am not a big fan of the original singer of the original song but I found this parody to be hilarious)

Sarah's lawyer: 
They are high in the sky; Now, you do not go down

Sara: Wait, where is this music coming from?

Sarah's lawyer:
He gives me a lift, slowly; And now, we have district

Sarah: Why are you my lawyer in the first place when you are not making any ******* sense?

Sarah's lawyer:

I'm not saying just to go out; I always think that

Grape: Wait, who do you want to go out with?

Sarah's lawyer: I'm running for my life, no lie can live;
I always think that

KT: Wait, why are you yelling at me for?

Sarah's lawyer: I like the ball in the sink.

Brent: *laughs* I'm sorry but I just found that line to be hilarious.

Sarah's lawyer:

I am not affected
Do I want to share a wall

Antoine: Affected with what? And what wall are you talking about?

Sarah's lawyer:

Why did you always I did wreck

Lawon: No offense but have you heard of complete sentences before?

Sarah's lawyer:

I like the ball in the sink Yes, and then he closed his eyes;

Cassi: What ball are you talking about by the way?

Sarah's lawyer:

Me fall accidents What do not I do not; relics

Mysti: *laughs* Me fall accidents.

Sarah's lawyer: 

Yes you, I destroy you;

*Sarah's lawyer sticks out a knife and stabs it on KT*

KT: Why does always happen to me?

KT: Help

KT: Me

KT: Please

Everybody: What? Why the hell did you do that?

Sarah's lawyer: Perhaps, I should reveal my real identity.

Cassandra: Hello everybody. Remember? I'm Cassandra, the poor incident girl you voted out third? Ever since then, I have been plotting my revenge. I have hacked into the security cameras and hacked this show so that a scene that has never happened ended up happening according to the edit causing a lawsuit to happen. I have killed Sarah's lawyer and impersonated her. Let's just say I did a very good job at impersonating her. I even took Cassi's collar off so that she will become a zombie in hopes that some contestants may get killed.

Sarah: See? I told you I didn't do it.

Antoine: Oops I'm sorry. I should of trusted you during that incident.

Sara: Whoa. This is a little too much. I think I will take a break from reality shows for a while.

KT: Somebody please take me to the hospital. I'm dying right now.

Cassandra: Before somebody does, remember how I said "No lie can live"? That applies to you, Sarah.

Sarah: What are you talking?

Cassandra: I know your secret. You've stated that you wanted to have a fresh start in reality shows. Because of that, you have made the whole entire "Merith" persona making you a lie.

Sarah: Well, that is true by the way but you can't kill me because I am already dead.

Cassandra: But there are fates worst than death. I can make "Merith" real for the rest of your life. I can get you so injured so much that you want to actually die and go back to the underworld.

Cassandra: Now, hasta la vista, baby.

The End?

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