Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Linda Blake

Linda is always a huge gamer. Because she somehow believed that her life is a video game as she played a role in some of her favorite video games of all-time. First, she believes that when she was ten, she was the mayor of a town of animals who has the Triforce of Power by defeating the previous evil owner of it. She then had to leave the town when she was abducted by aliens and have to save the world from an evil alien trying to destroy it with help from a woman named Samus Aran. However, a robot of his named GLaDOS trapped her in an empty science facility and a mega-prison called Arkham City where she was able to escape both times. She then became the Dragonborn who runs an Inquisition in Thedas. After the Inquisition was discontinued, she then fought Heartless through a keyblade and defeated an evil monster named Sin. However, after Sin was defeated, a zombie apocalypse happened and she fought zombies with people like Lee, Clementine, Leon, and Ada. However, once she found a way to escape the zombie apocalypse, she then decided to lived a peaceful life as a sim.

She often "breaks the fourth wall" by having to yell out commands (such as Press A to Jump) or cheat codes (such as motherlode). She also relatively believes that she's in control of "the player" who basically tells her what to do. She also has the "never nude" trait because she believes that she wasn't programmed to be "you-know". She also manages to have every single video game console and manages to sneak in handheld consoles whenever she is out even when they are not exactly the most appropriate time to break them believing that she likes to play her "autobiography" through video games. However, because of the amount of time she played gaming, she doesn't exactly have "real-life time" and often gets her "logic" from video games even if it just sounds plain bizarre. Try telling her that you can't make "magical things" happened by playing your Ocarina. Or that people without hearts are impossible to have and hearts are not responsible for having emotions. Or that "dubstep guns" aren't a thing and you can't play dubstep music with certain guns. She believes those things are real because of the fact that she "experienced" seeing those things.

Despite her quirkyness, she is a very nice woman. She can be open-minded as she likes games of all genres even if those games can be the worst video games of all-time. She's willing to help a friend in need (though most of her "friends" are fictional video game characters). She always to think about the positive sides of things even when things are not looking so good and she likes to be nice to everyone. However, there is relatively one genre that she is not good at- dating simulations meaning she is not good at her "dating life".

She's basically like the ultimate gaming sim in which her bio makes references to many video games. These video games include Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, Saints Row IV, Metroid, Portal, Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim, Dragon Age Inquisition, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, and of course The Sims.

You need World Adventures, Pets, and Supernatural for this sim. All cc should be transferable. Hope you enjoy this sim. You should find her in the Uploads for the Fame column.

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