Sunday, July 12, 2015

Coalition X Episode 1 Part 1

??????: Okay, Patient Name: Zelena West. Tape #1.  "Hello, my name is Malvina Page. I work as a government agent specialized in criminals like you. I need to ask you some questions. We have a lie detector in this room so we will know if you are lying or not. We have took away your wand so that you won't attempt to do any funny business. According to my papers, you are Zelena West and you are charged for crimes of disrespecting police officers, arson, and putting people into a deep sleep with a poisoned apple. You did all with magic? Tell me how did you first get into magic?"

Zelena: "Not everything I do requires magic but it sure makes it more fun to use it.    As to how I got into magic, well magic always came naturally to me. I suppose the first time i conjured an apple was my fondest memory, especially when I discovered what it was capable of. The satisfaction of watching sims drop like flies, hmm you really have no idea. It really must be quite dull sitting there, being you...I could teach you to lighten up of you like? Turn that miserable boss into a toad or perhaps you'd like an apple, to put yourself out of your own misery? "

Malvina: "Don't even try, Zelena. I have been working at this job for years and people like you try to convince me to do criminal activities which they never really succeed. Anyway, since you have committed so many crimes, can you name your most memorable crime you have committed and describe what made it so memorable?"

Zelena: "You can't tell me that you wasn't tempted, not even a little bit. Alright, I will play your little game since I have a feeling you are not as good as you might think you are and deep down, you know I'm right. I don't have a particular favourite, I suppose I take pride in everything but snow day is very close to my heart. I suppose it's because I once ice blasted a complete stranger, I didn't stick around to see if they thawed because honestly, I couldn't care less if they survived. It wasn't what I did that is memorable but the feeling of power I got and the fact that I got away with it. It's funny really, you could add this to my list of crimes you know about but I doubt it's really note-worthy as you was expected something else, something you know that I'm not willing to share and that annoys you." 

Malvina: "As a government agent, I have to put that down. Now, Zelena, imagine if you somehow lost your magic through some special needs permanently. How much criminal activity would you think you would participate in if that were to happen?":

Zelena: "As I stated earlier, not everything I have done in the past required magic.   However, to answer your question, I wouldn't stop and if someone thought it wise to attempt to take my magic from me..not only would I make them pay but I would make an example out of them." 

Malvina: "According to my papers, you are Pahana Naedara who has been charged for crimes that include murdering, stealing, and robbery. Tell me the story of how this all got started."

Pahana: My name is Pahana, and whatever those papers tell you happened long ago. I'm a changing woman, what with a baby growing inside me. Yes my parents forced me to kill my younger brother, but that does not change the fact that they are they pure reason for my insanity. I will not force myself to recap every single moment of pain and torture, but I will tell you I do deserve this torture. My brother deserved to be taken from this world of revenge, hatred. 

Malvina: "Why do you think your brother deserves to taken from this world?"

Pahana: "Malvina, was it? My brother deserved to be taken away from this world because my parents are monsters. I am a monster. No other child deserves to be forced into a life of murder. I killed him on instinct to save his life. My downfall is the price I pay. "

Malvina: So, in summary, you want to end his pain. Anyway, let's talk about Graig. According to my documents, he is your ex who told the police about your criminal activities and the reason you are here right now. Tell me other things about Graig that you think I should know about him other than what I just stated.

Pahana: "Graig was my first and only true love. He may have betrayed me, but I loved him and for a while, he loved me. One time, he told me to meet him in the parking lot of his work, and he surprised me with a new car...stolen. I loved him for all those years, until he reached inside, chewed on my heart and spat it right into the pits of hell. I want to see his dead body in my arms."

Malvina: "According to my papers, you are Ace Maddox and you are charged for many crimes. Your most recent crime includes breaking into the mayor's office, finding his permanent record, ripping it to shreds and then spray painting the word "Corruption" all over the expensive furniture, important paperwork and irreplaceable books. Why did you do that? Also, before you answer, according to my papers, you like to sweet talk/flirt your way out of a situation. Let's just that your attempts to flirt with me will not work at all."

Ace: "I think we both know why I broke into the mayors office and did a little redecorating. Does this look like the face of a criminal to you? Ms. Page, was it? I assure you that I was doing the mayor a favor by redecorating his office. He is a representative of the people, so he should be aware of how the people view him. I was just helping him out, honest. Now, if you'll let me go with a warning, I'll be forever grateful. I'll even promise never to get caught by you again. Sound like a plan? Because I know that you don't want to see me anymore than I want to see you."

*Malvina rolls her eyes*

Malvina: "May I remind you of the lie detector in this room?"

Ace: "Come on Malvina, you're killing me here. You already know what I did, right? So why keep me here? Tell me what I have to do to get out of here.I really have some things to do, people to meet, food to taste, a life to live."

Malvina: "Well, if you have things to do, then you should of thought twice before you vandalized that property. Now, answer the question truthfully or else....."

Ace: "I vandalized the mayor's office because he deserved it. Why are we citizens paying for his lavish lifestyle? He does absolutely nothing but sit on his butt and make these huge decisions without consulting the civilians of this town. Instead of extorting our tax money he should be making this place a better place to live. Ok? That's my answer. I'm not playing the hero card, I'm telling you the honest truth. I did it to teach that corrupt fat cat a lesson. There, I'm cooperating. See?" 

Malvina: "According to my papers, you are the Black Cowboy and you are charged for many that include as you stated "kicking the butts of old grandmas". What is it about old grandmas which made you do that?"

The Black Cowboy: "Heheheh, it's obvious, you moron? It's funny, that's why!"

Malvina: "But what makes it funnier than kicking the butts of non-grandmothers? People don't always have the same type of humor as other people. For example, I don't think you would find thousands of police soldiers coming beside you and kicking your butt to be "funny"?"

The Black Cowboy: "You should stay on-topic, ya idiot! I'm the one kicking the buttsies, not you. And that's why exactly it's goooood fun."

*Mavina gets up and uses a taser on the Black Cowboy*

Malvina: "This is what you get for not answering the question. Answer the question well or else I can do much worst than just tasing you."

The Black Cowboy: "Grannies are fragile, blobfishface. And the kick my ass thing, try it yourself, I wouldn't mind..."

Malvina: "According to my papers, you are Jaimee Reese and you are charged for the crime of murdering your father. Tell me the relationship that you have with your father."

Jaimee: "I hated him! And I’m glad he is dead! All I can remember from him since I was small was that he was always drunk… His face and eyes were always red. I will never forget the smell that always surrounded him… Old sweat and booze and cheap perfume from the women he came from. My poor mother… She was so brave… I know she knew about his affairs with other women. But she just kept quiet about it…  She did reason with him once until he started to beat her up after she confronted him… Then she just kept her mouth shut. It was his fault that my mother died… Before the birth of the last born he raped her and hit her almost to death… I’d tried to get him away from her but he also hit me… Then I ran away and get some help from the neighbors. After that until my 17th birthday I’d tried to keep out of his way but it was difficult… I had to help with the baby and the smaller siblings… My relationship with my father was bad…  I couldn't stand him… If it wasn't for my siblings I would have run away long time ago… And when he was drunk he always wanted to sleep with me…  But luckily I could keep him away from me… I hit him once with my brother’s cricket bat… After that he was cautious of m but it his fault that I don’t have a mother anymore! Oh I hated him! And I’m glad he is dead!"

Malvina: "What happened when you were 17 years old? "

Jaimee: "It happened the morning of my birthday… My father didn’t come home for three nights... It felt like heaven with him not there… Everything was so special…  Earlier the morning my siblings were waking me up with cool drink and a cupcake which they’ve got from the aunty next door… They were singing happy birthday to me and all of them were gathering on my bed… We were laughing and making jokes until I have to get up to get the elder kids ready for school…  The last school kid just left the house and I was feeding the smaller kids when my father appeared in the kitchen door… As usual wasted drunk and the familiar smell hanging around him… I could throw up from it!  He immediately came to me and wanted to put his arms around my neck to give me a hug… He asked me if I thought that he forgot my birthday… Then I pushed him away from me… I couldn’t stand it if he touches me… Then he got aggressive when I did that and grabbed my arm and forced me back into his arms…  By then the smaller kids started to cry and I shouted to them to call the neighbors next door… Luckily the eldest kid of the two understands well and did what I told her to do… But it still took forever for someone to come and rescue me from this monster… Meanwhile I was fighting for my life…  But after a while someone finally dragged him from me…  And with the help of the neighbors my father got taken away to a rehab and my siblings were putting in foster care… "

Malvina: "Well, with that story, considering how you just killed your father, I am assuming that he got out of rehab. Tell me your initial reaction of this and what lead you to pull the trigger on your father."

Jaimee: "For two years I was rid of his presence… Life was nice… I’ve got a waitress job at one of the local restaurants…  Then I met Juan… We fell in love and after a few weeks he asked me to move in with him… Then I got the news that my dad got released at the rehab and want to see me... I was shocked… I knew I never want to see him ever again but the social worker promised me that my dad had changed… Juan also persuaded me to give my dad a fair chance… But deep down I knew he will never change…  But on the end I agreed to see him… At first sight he looks okay and he promised me that he had changed… Then he asked Juan if he can move in with us until he got a place of his own… He promised us it won’t be long… But weeks got months… At first it really looks if he had changed but then he started to mingle with his old friends again and then one day he came back home drunk… When I saw him I was so shocked and disappointed that I didn’t even greet him… I just went up to my and Juan’s bedroom… I couldn’t believe it… My life as a young child and teenager flashed in front of me… God I really don’t want that life over again… In the months that follow that night I really tried to keep my distance from my dad… Because I knew I will kill him if I ever get the chance. Then that night… I could see Juan was also getting fed up with all the strange people coming in and out of our home… Eating our food… Making noise until late… Time and again he had to apologize to the neighbors… Then he decided enough is enough my dad must leave…  But my dad was as usual wasted and refused to go… Juan threatened him with the police… I was upstairs in our room getting ready for my shift at the restaurant when I heard the rivalry… Then I just knew this was different than the other times and I just finished my makeup before I went downstairs…It was on that stage that I saw my dad pointing a gun to my boyfriend… I was running down the stairs and screaming at my dad… He just looked at me and laughed before he turned back to Juan again… But then I was on top of my dad and grabbed the gun from him… A shot went off and my dad was dead… Of course I was shocked but on the same time I was relieved… I knew he won’t bother me ever again…"

Malvina: According to my papers, you are Stormy Geddon and you are charged for Shoplifting, Identity Theft, Embezzlement, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion & Bribery. Tell me how all this got started."

Stormy: Well, one night when I was 14, my parents got into their first fight. The next few years, the fighting got worse until my Father left on more frequent 'business' trips. Depression draped itself over our house. Mother always stayed in her room and I grew bored. I couldn't change Father's job or help them to stop fighting. They then arrested my Father for embezzlement among many other things. I couldn't believe it! He had embezzled from his own company! On the last morning in the only house I'd ever known, I found Mother in bed, dead. She'd taken a bunch of pills the doctor had given to her to help her sleep. No longer could she cope with our new life."

Malvina: And what happened afterwords?

Stromy: "By the time the trial was over, I was 18. Father had been sentenced to life. I had no where to go, so I lived on the street. I struggled at first, not eating, sleeping on park benches, even getting beat up for a cardboard box. However, the lessons I learned quickly made me tough as nails. I had to to survive and even had to steal food. However, being tough wasn't getting me where I wanted: rich. So, I started stealing from people. I knew the best places to search for the rich. I'd kype the wallet or purse, take the money, wipe my prints off and dump the rest of it in dumpsters. I became very smart and learned how to pick quietly and quickly. Sometimes, I'd even make conversation with my targets as I was doing it. Most can't ignore a well dressed man." 

Malvina: "Now, what lead you to you being arrested?"

Stormy: "Eventually, I got a group of others together, and we worked out of my apartment. I knew how to manipulate and soon had us running like a well oiled machine. Yeah, people knew to obey me and I got pretty demanding. However, it was for the good of the group. We needed to be successful or what was the point. Unfortunately, my biggest downfall is trusting people too much. As the cops slowly closed in on us, I hopped a plane to another part of the country.This continued every time I knew people."

Malvina: ""Hello, my name is Malvina Page. I work as a government agent specialized in criminals like you. I need to ask you some questions. We have a lie detector in this room so we will know if you are lying or not. According to my papers, you are Kaylee Reynomds who has been charged for crimes that include stealing and murdering. Before we go onto the murder, let's talk about your stealing habits. How did the stealing all got started?"

Kaylee: "Had to eat, never had any money. Any that was around, mom would find a way to drink it up. Are you a shrink or something?"

Malvina: Hey, I ask the questions around here.  Anyway, tell me about your mother."

Kaylee: do I say this?  Um, um, um.

Five minutes later......

Malvina: "You know what. Let's move on. Hey, are you thirsty right now?"

*The Guards then sticks a needle into Kaylee's back making her unconscious*

Malvina: "It's time to get to work."

What happens next? Find out in the next part.