Monday, July 20, 2015

Coalition X Episode 1 Part 2

Sometime after the interview, the passengers were asleep in some sort of plane.

When they wake-up, they soon wonder what happened to them. The last thing they remember is doing the interview with Malvina Page. The girls noticed some neckbands around their necks and the men notice some bracelets around their hands. As a majority of them were trying to find about the bracelets/neckbands, a girl is red hair and a red and black outfit try asking the others about what they know only to find out they know as much as she does. Meanwhile, a green-skinned woman and a man with gray hair try looking around the airplane where they found a cabinet with a logo that states "Coalition X". 

Then, Malvina Page appear through the screen through a live camera. She asks everybody to sit down.

After everybody sat down and gave each other introductions, Malvina then states what they are here for. She states that she didn't wanted some people to be a part of this but the government forced her to. However, she can't say that about everybody as Malvina made a "death stare" at the Black Cowboy.

She then states that fifty years ago, there was a program called Coalition X. These people in the program are criminals like the people on the plane now who will go on high-risk missions assigned by the government in exchange for early prison release. However, it was discontinued due to budget costs. However, time has changed and the government decided to bring back Coalition X for a mission that they are about to take on. She also states that If they just stick to the mission and not kill people unrelated to the mission or people who aren't actively killing them, then they would not have to worry about the bracelets/neckbands. Otherwise, if they don't stick to the mission, kill those types of the people that she just mention, and decide to go off doing business they shouldn't be doing in the first place, then she hopes that they won't find their lives to be precious. Same if they attempt to take off those bracelets/neckbands.

After Malvina answered questions from the criminals, Kaylee decided that she wants no part in this. She decided to get off with her seat and jump off the airplane knowing she will commit suicide.

(Author's Note: I have to modkill Kaylee for her creator being inactive)

After everybody was confused and didn't really know what to say, Malvina moved to describing the actual mission. The government discovered something in the middle east. Apparently, there is some sort of supermax prison in there that is built like a city and is supposed to contain the "baddest" of criminals there. This prison is called Junko City. However, after they have done some researching, they have discovered that only 25% of people in Junko City actually committed crimes. The other 75% is either innocent citizens or Americans they believe were kidnapped there in which the latter seems more prominent. They have a very bad feeling about this as it seems as if the person in charge of Junko City is planning something bad as they heard about an etiquette which is supposed to be a last resort in case something went terribly wrong in the criminal world that is about to happen. They want Coalition X to at least investigate what is going there to see if their suspicions are correct.

After Malvina finished describing the mission, a cabinet pops open a drawer with weapons. These weapons include Zelena's wand, a sword, a gun, two knives, a bow and arrow, and a couple of grenades. In edition, there is a remote hacking device which somebody else uses. Malvina asks for them to decide which weapons belong to which and states if Zelena doesn't get her wand back, then she will have have the bracelets set-off and kill everybody in the plane for being too stupid.

After Malvina turned off her webcam, Zelena immediately gets her wand and both Pahama and the Black Cowboy immediately decided on their weapons (which is the gun for the Black Cowboy and and the knives for Pahama). Stormy believes that the grenades will be the easiest to handle so he decided on that. However, both him and Zelena (who also holds the remote hacking device) agrees to switch back the hacking device and the grenades depending on the situation. Ace didn't really know how to deal with "weapons" as the only weapon he has to really dealt with a spray can. However, he agrees to handle the sword which left Jaimee with the bow and arrow.

After they decided on their weapons, Malvina explains that they are ways to get into Junko City. They can try to commit a crime near that city and purposefully try to insult the people in charge of Junko City in order for them to get locked up. However, they will most likely lose their weapons. The other option is to take some risks and sneak into Junko City. However, if they try to sneak into Junko City, they will be the number one enemy in the eyes of the people in charge of Junko City. It is up to them to decide what to do.

After Malvina ended the webcam, the group got together and discuss what they should do. During this time, both Jaimee and Pahama look like they have something in their minds. However, they both insist that it was nothing which is a lie as in reality, they do have something in their mind.

When Malvina was explaining how to get inside of Junko City, Malvina somehow turn into somebody else in the heads of Jaimee and Pahama. For Jaimee, it was her father. In Pahama, it was her ex-boyfriend. Both of these people have played somewhat of a role on how they got into jail the first place as Jaimee was charged for the murder of her father and Pahama's ex-boyfriend told the cops on Pahama's crimes. Despite this being somewhat, they decided to keep quiet about this.

After this, they all agree to sneak inside Junko City. They believe that having the chance of them not losing their weapons is better than knowing that they will lose their weapons especially Zelena as she just got her wand back and does not want to lose it again. Also, the Black Cowboy believes that one person can just distract the guards and stating that Pahama and Jaimee should do it due to them being gingers. However, everybody rejected that plan by the Blach Cowboy stating if he wants someone to distract the guards, then he should do it.

After they found a building that leads to Junko City, they noticed a door on the left and a door on the right. Through Zelena's hacking device, the door on the left is heavily guarded but the door on the right has guns where if they spot you, then you will instantly die no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Not even magic can prevent you dying from the guns. 

Because of the better chance at survival the door on the left has, they all agree go to the door on the left.

After some sneaking around, they found the exit to Junko City. 

However, before they can arrive at Junko City, a guard caught them and asks them to surrender. However, they all attempt to fight the cops only to get knocked out in the process.

When they wake-up, they found themselves in a black room. They were surprised that they didn't actually die. 

Soon, a man walked into the room. He said hello to the members of Coalition X believing that they tried to sneak into Junko City and stated that they were lucky that he didn't actually kill them.

Immediately, Stormy yelled our asking about the identity of the man. 

He has stated that his name is Dr. Nagito Naegi and he is in charge of Junko City. He has decided that he will take everybody to Junko City without any weapons as those weapons are confiscated.

As soon as they arrived in Junko City, the members of Coalition X began to wonder what will happen if they took the door on the right. Sure, those guns are gonna be a major problem but there is a chance that they could sneak past the guns and still have their weapons around.

Then, all of a sudden, a smoke bomb appears out of nowhere. They all seem confused on what happened.

After the smoke bomb was gone, the three men noticed that they were all by themselves. They began to wonder about the locations of the three girls.

As for Pahama and Jaimee, as the smoke bomb was happening, they heard Zelena calling for help like is as if she is being kidnapped. They tried to find her but they only got lost in the process.

Now, Zelena is being held hostage due to unknown reasons by an unknown person. What will happen in the next episode? Will Zelena find a way out? What are Dr. Nagito's plans with Junko City? Will the men find out where the women are at? Stay tune to find out.