Thursday, August 13, 2015

Coalition X Episode 2 Part 1

Stormy: So, I guess we got separated from the girls.

Ace: Yeah, I guess I have to search for the girls now.

The Black Cowboy: Hey, those girls can take of themselves. We don't need to find two soulless gingers and one wicked b****.

Ace: Please do not bring the ginger thing again. Also, have you ever heard something called teamwork?

The Black Cowboy: Yes. We are not in elementary school where they talk about the importance of bull s*** like that.

Stromy: Look, we are in a team. Under any normal circumstances, we wouldn't be here right now doing stuff like this. But now, thanks to Malvina, we are.

Dr: Nagito (through intercom)7 hours until the Junko City etiquette.

Ace: Junko City Etiquette? Did you guys remember what Malvina stated?

Malvina: We have a very bad feeling about this as it seems as if the person in charge of Junko City is planning something bad as we heard about an etiquette which is supposed to be a last resort in case something went terribly wrong in the criminal world that is about to happen.

Stormy: Well, personally, I don't want to find out what will happen once the etiquette happens. So, we better find the girls so that we can all work together to kill Dr. Nagito.

The Black Cowboy: Well, make it quick. I want to just kill Dr. Nagito and get out of here as soon as possible.

Stormy: Well, I see some thugs walking around. They seem to be wearing some weird outfits. Anyway, I was thinking we can interrogate them or ease drop on them to see if they know anything.

The Black Cowboy: Interrogate. Without any style. Enough said.

*Ace and Stormy nod their heads in agreement*

*Some time later*

Stormy: The gig is up. Tell me if you know anything about the locations of Zelena, Jaimee, and Pahana or else.

*The thug laughs in disbelief*

Ace: What is so funny?

The Thug: It is just that you imbeciles believe I will just tell you guys and not have to deal with the pain. Seriously, what will happen if I refuse to tell? What will happen if I am willing for you to beat me up? If you were to beat me up right now, then the point of interrogating someone would just be useless as you will walk away with zero information. A better idea for us to actually negotiate instead you guys beating me up which shall lead you with no information. Time is ticking you know. Dr. Nagito said in seven hours, that etiquette will passed. If I were you, I would of negotiate now. Because if you beat me up and try to interrogate a coward who just might know an answer to your question, then who knows how long it will take?" 

The Black Cowboy: Whattya want then, huh, ya @##$//@#&*?

The Thug: Tell me everything you know about Coalition X.

Stormy: I lock the thug up somewhere. We need to think about this carefully.

Ace: Maybe I'm crazy, but I think telling this guy everything about our cause is ridiculously stupid. We were forced into this by Malvina, I sure as hell don't think that she wouldn't hurt us as if we ratted her out. She's going to do much worse to us than these guys can do to help.

The Black Cowboy: May her *** be kicked in hell forever.

Stormy: "I don't think it's wise to tell the full truth, or even the half truth right now. We have the advantage, for the moment. What do you think about knocking this guy out and finding someone else?"

The Black Cowboy: Can't hurt! Gimme the honor!

The Black Cowboy: The deal is off, dumb***.

*The Black Cowboy knocks the Thug out unconscious*

*One hour later*

Stormy: Well, this sucks. We have been searching for a hour and we have zero results now. Let's hope that these thugs know a few things.

Ace: We have to be careful this time. These thugs have guns and so we have to take them out quietly before they suspect something.

The Black Cowboy: Shhh.....These idiots are talking now.

Thug #1: Whoa! How did they attack this thug without any of us knowing.

Thug #2: It appears we have some unexpected company.

Thug #3: Oh god, I hope they aren't looking for Zelena. Cassandra Classical and the Daughter would kill us if she got out of the building alive.

Thug #4: I agree with that.

The Black Cowboy:  Ooh, Cassandra Classical. Sounds like she's got a nice *** to kick...

Stormy: Well, at least, we know where Zelena is at. I say that we go into the building to find out where she is.

Ace: Yeah, but first, I think we should take care of the thugs before we head inside. Those thugs may give us some trouble if we don't take care of them.

*Stormy and the Black Cowboy nods their heads in agreement*

Ace: Looks we took care of the thugs. Now, it is time to go inside.

The Black Cowboy: No s***.

The Thug: Look what we have here. 

*The Thug pulls out a walkie talkie*  

Everybody, we have an intruder alert. Three men broke into this building. One of them was an african-american man. One had a gray afro. The third one is literally a black cowboy.

The Daughter (through intercom)I want everybody to go near the front entrance now. Every thug should go there no matter if they are on-duty or off-duty. I don't care what duty they are. However, I ask for one thug to stay behind for obvious reasons. Daughter out.

Ace: Holy cow! They are all coming here.

Stormy: Ace, calm down. You are attracting more attention if you can't contain yourself.

Ace: But I never expected to be a scenario like this twenty four hours ago. Gosh, why did I have to vandalize the mayor's office?

The Black Cowboy: I'm not sure if you idiots know this or not, but there's an air conditioning vent right here. We could try to go in it and quickly escape. That way, we don't have to deal with one million mother******* coming this way.

Stormy: I think we are safe here.

Ace: Yeah, sorry for about freaking out earlier.

The Black Cowboy: You know if I haven't found the air conditioning vent, you would of been dead by now all because of you freaking out. Right?

Cassandra: ...........*coughs*

*Cassandra coughs some more and pulls out a walkie talkie*


*Some sleeping gas starts to come through the air conditioning vent knocking everyone in it unconscious*

What will happen next. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.