Saturday, August 29, 2015

Coalition X- Episode 2 Part 2

Pahama and Jaimee were walking for two hours trying to find their allies. So far, they are having zero luck. They are just about to give-up until suddenly something unexpected happened.

Suddenly, Jaimee's apparently dead father shows up out of no where stating a "weakling" like Jaimee could never truly kill him. When Jaimee states that she knows that she killed him, her father insists that something must have happened while they lose their memories. The girls were then confused for a moment. Because of that, Jaimee's father brought in some "assistance".

Graig Hurley who happens to be Pahama's ex-boyfriend shows up out of no where.......

along with many zombie clones of Pahama's dead brother.

Pahama and Jaimee then ran for their lives. Just when they thought they were safe inside a building, stuff happens.

Soon, a man who looks the Grim Reaper teleports into this room. He introduces himself as the "Fear Reaper".

Soon, he spawn tons of clones of Jaimee's father, Graig, and the zombie version of Pahama's brother. He insults both Jaimee and Pahama stating Jaimee is a cruel woman for killing her father and Pahama is heartless for just having her baby and abandoning it for this mission. He also stated that both girls lost their memories like Graig stated in which Pahama refused to believe that.

Afterwords, the Fear Reaper changed the scenario to a hospital room. During that time, a person who looks like Pahana has just given birth to her baby. Malvina was there to tell that the government will take care of her baby until she gets out of prison.

The scenario changed once again to what appears to be Pahama, Jaimee, and Kaylee going on a mission to stop a bomb. Kaylee was supposed to be dead after she jump off an airplane and committed suicide. Why is she even here?

The girls then talk and they believe that the Fear Reaper is just messing with their heads.

Afterwords, the Fear Reaper got very upset and stated that he isn't making this **** up, He then ordered every single clone of Jaime's father, Graig, and the zombie version of Pahama's brother to attack and kill them.

Afterwords, the clones did what the Fear Reaper stated. The girls try fighting back but it was hopeless as they all keep on respawning. Eventually, there's no way that could beat the clones. However, Jaimee told Pahama to just find a way out and she is gonna distract everybody knowing that Jaimee will likely die.

Hesitant at first, Pahana decided to leave feeling sad at Jaimee's death.

Pahama was walking away until she found somebody. That somebody is..........