Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Season Two Episode One

Brock: So, hey everybody.

Kyle: Just a curiosity. When will Sara show up?

Captain Crook: Maybe she be lost in t' Red Sea?

Thalia: I've heard that Sara is taking a break from reality shows due to KT nearly dying and Sarah nearly having a fate worst than death?

Holly: Speaking of that, what happened to them?

Leoni: I've heard the gun didn't have any bullets and some security guards rescued her before it was too late.

Ollie: Wait, if Sara isn't the host, then who is?

Stevan: I just hope that it isn't some serial killer.

Autumn: Oh by the way, Stevan, why won't call me?

Bridgette: What?

???: Oh god, not that Ke$ha ****. I'm only into Dark Wave music and I hate any single other music genre out there including that annoying Nyan Cat song and any song by Fall Out Boy. Anyway, my name is Akiko Nakono and I will be the host for this season. Just for the record, I'm only doing this for the money as me and my son Ryan want some more money and I don't really care what happens to you guys.

Ollie: So, we are being hosted by this girl who seems girly.

Akiko: Hey, I am NOT girly. Just because I dress this way does not mean that I am girly. I want all girly things to generally lost all of their blood and go through the most gruesome death as possible.

Akiko: Anyway, let me introduce everybody to the cast this season.

Akiko: When Holly was younger she was apart of the Romeo and Juliet community as the girl from the farm as she has grown older she has became the owner of her farm where Herself and Jordan live together, Holly had one daughter Joye who played a bit part on the trip around the island with her partner Emmett who moved to the farm as well. This is where Holly had started to take charge and run the farm she when she became a grandmother with her grand children, Gregory and Kayle, she knew she would have to try her best to keep her part of the Montgomery family strong. Kayle and Gregory both gained lovely wife's Rachel and Zoe she made an appearance at the weddings and couldn't be prouder of her grandchildren.

Kyle: Kyle joined the Heroes team in Abnormality Season 4 once he entered the house. He managed to join an alliance early on with Gladys and Skye, however they weren't meant to stay safe in the game, and soon Kyle had to watch Gladys sent home. He too had a short lived career in the game, evicted 9th after Chris' sudden eviction that week. Kyle was the first Jury member, but this time he doesn't want to be another jury member, this time he's playing to win. 

Akiko: Thalia was on High Hopes, and was slightly disliked by her contestants, but as she got towards the end of the season, she was able to make better friends with Sebastian and Lacey, and even fell in love with Brock, and got married to him. *Akiko throws up at reading that* Sorry but I hate love as love is weakness in my opinion. Anyway, let's move on. 

Akiko: Brock was on High Hopes Season 1. He had a strong beginning there, having the illuminati-safety for the first 2 weeks, but after that he chugged a bit along. Ultimately it was Thalia's vote which caused him to leave, but Brock did understand it and had no hard feelings.

Akiko: Captain Crook is obviously a pirate in case you are an idiot and couldn't tell by his picture above. Despite this, he was in the final three of a reality show called Castaway and he even won that show. Will be able to win another reality show? We will soon find out.

Akiko: Leoni was a contestant on Castaway. Her first idol she spent on her group and win them a bag rice. She got voted out because of a hidden idol. If it wasn't for that she is sure that she would have won the game.

Akiko: Ollie's first and only appearance was on Alleen's Romeo and Juliet (Season Five). He ended up winning the show on the guys' side of things.

Akiko: The sole survivor of The Locomotive Disaster (The Locomotive S1) and the once famous A-list movie director Stevan Hollywood has finaly hit rock-bottom. After being held responsible for the deaths of the cast and crew of The Locomotive Movie (The Locomotive S2) Steve went into hiding with the hope of never meeting another psychopath in his life. Thanks to his friend Agent Tybalt Poysen and the F.B.I's witness relocation program Stevan currently works in a local branch of Starbucks, He still wonders how the *Plum* the Sims Reality All-Stars casting found him or why the *Plum* he's here.

Akiko: Autumn is known for having multiple personality disorder. Her personality include the over-emotional Judy, the good-hearted witch named Lunette, the "female dog" named Sue, and the musically talented Quinn. She used to be able to control those personalities but she lost control of them. As for her reality shows, she had an unsuccessful run at Abnormality where she was booted off third and a successful run at Romeo and Juliet where she made it to the finale.

Akiko: Bridgette's first attempt at a reality show was her adventures on Abnormality Season 1. Despite her best efforts to be friendly and a loving player, she became the first contestant to be booted off the show. However, she won her way back into the competition and with help from new found friends and allies, she came third instead of last. 

She also competed in Taiha's Mini Mole, in which she became a friends with every contestant and formed a strong relationship with fellow competitor Pacman/Alex. However, she failed to identify that he was the Mole and she was the third eliminated. However, due to Juan's breakdown and quit, she was allowed back into the game and ended up catching the Mole, but lost the prize money over Jan, only to win the Mole's heart instead.

Akiko: Now, this is everybody. Just for the record, we are changing the format this season as this season will be a combination of the reality shows the Mole and Big Brother. This is how it will work.

Every week, everybody will compete in "missions". In these missions, you can earn points for the pot which is your prize money for winning. You can win up to a thousand SimPoints in this game. However, there is a mole sabotaging these missions and causing you to lose points for the pot. This Mole is one of you guys and you have to watch out for him or her. In addition, whatever points were lost to the point will be earn by the Mole

In these missions, a player will win the right to become Head of Household. If you are Head of Household, you can not be eliminated from this game. However, you have to put-up three people on the block. These three people will take a Mole quiz in which is about the Mole's identity. Whichever nominee gets the lowest score shall be executed from the game.

You may nominate for whatever reasons you want to. You could have an alliance and nominate three people your alliance wants to get rid of. You can nominate three people who you personally want to get rid of. You also nominate three people who are suspicious of. Also, whenever the Mole gets nominated, 14 points will be added to the pot.

Now, let's move on to the first mission.

Police Officer: Hold on, I need Autumn and Ollie to go downtown with me right now.

Autumn: Huh?

Ollie: What?

Akiko: Officer, you do realize we are in the middle of shooting a show right now.

Officer: Look, we have recent reports of a bank robbery and based upon the evidence we got, our most likely suspects are two young adults from the shows Romeo and Juliet and Sims Reality All-Stars.

*Autumn becomes upset and turns into Sue because of that*

"Sue": Listen here you little piece of ****. I was expecting to have a good time at this ******* show but some ******* decides to give us **** for something we may not even do. **** you officer *******.

Officer: This isn't helping your case, young lady.

Akiko: Officer, this woman has multiple personality disorder. This is her personality when she gets upset.

Officer: Oh. Well, can you just hurry up and go downtown with me? We are just wasting time.

*after Autumn and Ollie left*

Akiko: Really? Couldn't the police addressed this while everybody was sequestered before the show began? Anyway, for the first mission, we are going to have everybody be split into partners. These partners will include.....

Akiko: Brock and Stevan

Akiko: Leoni and Kyle

Akiko: Captain Crook and Holly

Akiko: And Thalia and Bridgette.


Akiko: Now, there is two roles for this mission. One role is the Answerer and the other role is the Gamer. Please discuss which role you want to take with your partner. Once everybody has decided, I want all of the Answerers to please met me at the backyard.

Akiko: For the Answerer part of the question,  I need you to answer these questions based upon what everybody put in their application. The answers will either be "more" or "less". Thus, this mission is called "More Or Less".

*Akiko passes around a piece of paper that stated this*

1. (More or less) than 4 contestants prefer cats over dogs.
2. (More or less) than 6 contestants prefer day over night.
3. (More or less) than 7 contestants prefer indoors over outdoors.
4. (More or less) than 3 contestants prefer the past over the future.
5. (More or less) than 5 contestants prefer movies over books.
6. (More or less) than 8 contestants prefer bunnies over bears.

Akiko: Now, I need all of the gamers to come to the backyard one by one.

Bridgette (reading the screen out loud): You are going to play a simple game of Tetris. However, there is a bit of a twist. The Answerer has to answer questions and whenever the Answerer answers incorrectly, the difficulty becomes more difficult as the slow time increases by three and the start lines increases by one. For your difficulty, your partner incorrectly answers three questions so the slow time will be changed to 21 and the start line will be at six. Also, in order to earn twenty points for the pot, you need to score over 75 points in this game. Since there is five duos, this mission is worth 100 points as 20 times 4 equals 100. Also, whoever has the highest score will have the chance to HOH. Good luck!

Leoni: Wow, this is incredibly easy. It must be because Kyle answers every single question correct! Thank you Kyle!

Captain Crook: This be incredibly hard. Holly, why did you have t' incorrectly answer five questions?

Brock: Well, I can't say this is the hardest difficulty ever as while my partner incorrectly answers four questions, it is better than them incorrectly answering all of them.

Akiko: Everybody is done with the competition. Let me just announce the results and take care of Autumn and Ollie. Then, it will be it for the day and I will get my paycheck. Only two of you score over 75 points so 40 points will be added. Also, the winners are.......

Akiko: Kyle and Leoni. One of you will become the Head of Household. Who will that be? Well, this is a two-part mission and the other part will determined the Head of Household. Now, let me just take care of Ollie and Autumn and let this episode be over.

*Autumn who is now Judy comes in crying*

"Judy": I just can't believe it. Ollie is in jail right now.

Akiko: Okay, what the *** happened?

"Judy": It is just that Salem used her magic to transport Ollie and Holly in the past by accident. And since they needed to pay some bills, Ollie had to rob a bank in order to do so. Now, Ollie has to spend some years in prison time. I wish this couldn't happened.

Akiko: I'm just upset over production for letting this happened. The police should gone to us before we started filming. That way, our male back-up could of taken their spot and none of this would of happened. Anyway, I have to rework some things out and figure out what we should do with our future missions. Then, I will be done. Also....

*Akiko claps her hands making Judy revert to Autumn*

Akiko: I am just annoyed at Judy crying all the time. I just want there to stop there from there being any more crying. Anyway, before we go, Ollie is not the Mole. Now that I said that, this is the end of the episode. Talk to you guys later.

Stay tune to see what happens next time

PS: Here is some notes from Jake.

Before anything, I disabled the comments as I want all feedback to be given here-

Here is the answer key along with everybody's scores btw-

Cats- 6
Day- 5
Indoors- 6
The Past- 4
Movies- 6
Bunnies- 7

1. More
2. Less
3. Less
4. More
5. More
6. Less

The players' amount of correct answers

Twiddle/Stevan= 2
Bean/Thalia= 3
Tiger/Kyle= 6

Scores of the Tetris Game:

Rosie/Captain Crook= 15
Vul/Brock= 45
Haylo/Bridgette= 460
Alllen/Leoni= 1140

Yannik/Autumn and Smarties/Ollie did not turn in their assignments and because of that, they both received disqualifications for their mission.

Also, Smarties was force-eliminated due to his MIA state.