Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Urfar Riddle

Urfar Riddle has an eccentric and somewhat dark personality. He often claims that he has been blessed with the evil powers of the underworld, and refers to everyone else as 'pathetic human beings'. He has four guinea pigs which he calls them the Gods of Darkness. Their names are Yzma De Vul, Mal, Hookscar, and Khan. He is often lost in his own little world, usually paying more attention to himself and his guinea pigs than the things that are going on around him. 

However, he's not entirely evil as he is more a comical character. He warns people once they introduce themselves, he will destroy them once he does and not to touch him as he has poison ruining his veins. He also states that he ended up training Cerberus to make him what he wants to do.

He also seriously cares about animals and understands them much better than he understands people. He is also a vegetarian and states that once he gets the chance to, he will kill the waiter that served dog meat in season two of the Mole because he dislikes how he uses "dark magic that he even fears" to serve it. His actual occupation is a veterinarian who helps take care of sick animals. He is also a part time blogger who blogs about animals and how to take care of them. Also, even though he puts on the face of a loner who wouldn't dream of hanging out with pathetic mortals, he is very lonely and likes to hang-out with other humans as he has a friendless background and pretends to be some eccentric dude just for people to notice him.

I believe his cc is transferable and he has content from Late Night, Pets, and Supernatural. You can him in the upload links column. Hope you enjoy him.

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