Monday, February 15, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Season Two Episode Two

Bridgette: I'm sure everyone tried there best! Those questions weren't easy and everyone is just trying to do what they can. The Tetris game was a piece of cake. I always watch Alex play his arcade games and Tetris just happens to be one that I'm good at! I'm trying my best to fit in with everyone here. I think I've made friends with Thalia. She's pretty friendly to me and I hope that she thinks I'm friendly too. Maybe we'll be friends throughout the competition... I mean if she likes me back. 

Brock: "Okay, now that was hectic. What the slash fic was the production team thinking when hiring bank-robbers? Perhaps that host girl, Kiki was it?... Err.... I forgot what I was gonna say, heheh... Anyway, I'm glad both me and Thalia are playing, that means twice the odds of winning together. Too bad none of us won HoH... Well, one is down already, and I didn't have to do anything for it. Woohoo!"

*Brock's cellphone starts ringing (again Inline afbeelding 1). It's Diane White*

Brock: "... Not this time."

*Brock ignores the call*

Brock: "... Okay, no idea what I was doing here again, lets go."

*Brock leaves the Diary Room. He trips over the doorstep*

Brock: "BWAH!... Ooooooh, pizza!"

Leoni: Aww… I can’t believe that I got another chance to be on a reality show! Awesome! This time I will show them! The last show was really irritating with all that hidden idols… I still wonder where that came from… ? If it wasn’t for that… Who knows…? Aww but that is in the past… Let’s not drool over that and rather concentrate on now…! But luckily this time there won’t be such surprises… Or will there?

Stevan: "So, we've been here for 2 days max and i just learned something. I'm living in a *Plum* mad house. We've had the *Plum* police here already arresting folk. We got crazies as far as the eye can see....
Now  I was promised a *Plum* ton of money and a box of doughnuts and I was told all I had to do was sit on my backside, Instead I gotta deal with psychopaths, challenges and god knows what else. I had enough of that when i was stuck on that *Plum* train. 
Let me just catch you up on some of the people we got running round this Asylum. We got "Captain Crook" who looks like he just wandered off the set from Pirates of the Caribbean. We got this old chick "Holly" who kinda reminds me of someone I once knew (Hopefully she wont turn out to be an Axe murderer) and then we got "Autumn" or "Judy" or whatever her name is today.  If that ain't suspicious, I don't know what is!
I tell you I can't handle this *Plum*. Hell naw! It's too much! I've had it with these momma*plumming* fakes in this momma*plumming* game!
I demand mah money! ...........And where mah *Plum* doughnuts at?!"

Brock: Hey Bridgette. Came here for a drink?

Bridgette: No, I just really like sitting on bar stools.

Brock: Oh, by the way, I have a question to ask you.

Bridgette: And I have an answer

Brock: It seems as if Thalia has been avoiding me lately. I honestly don't know why she is doing that. Can you tell me why?

Bridgette: Hmmm.....I am not really sure

Brock: I really hope I didn't say anything wrong. I mean she is married to me and I rather have not there be any problems with your relationship.

Bridgette: What will happen if she thinks you are the Mole?

Brock: Oh god. ****! I know that this is a game and it won't probably tear our relationship completely apart in real life but I want her to trust me while we are in this game. If I haven't screwed up in that Tetris game, then maybe she could of trust me a little bit more.

Thalia: Autumn, can you come with me?

Autumn: Hey, are we headed outside? You know what happens when I see the moon?

*Autumn sees the moon and transform into Lunette*

Lunette: What's this? Could the earth be in harmony right now?

Thalia: Hey Holly. I am glad that you show-up.

Holly: Yeah, why do you brought us all together?

Lunette: You think Brock is the Mole, don't you?

Thalia: Yes I do! Thanks for reading my aura.

Holly: Speaking of which, could you read somebody's aura to find out who the Mole is?

Lunette: Well, production ended up striping me from my powers because they do not want a huge advantage. Let's just say that if you are the Mole right and if I read your aura, then you are going to make me what you want me to think.

Holly: Thalia, one challenge isn't enough for you to determine if he is the Mole or not. In my opinion, I am just suspicious as Brock for having the lowest quiz score. Plus, the Mole does not want to attract a huge amount of suspicion as if the Mole gets nominated, then some points would of been added to the pot.

Thalia: Yeah, you're right. I just hope that he doesn't do anything to sabotage the next mission.

Akiko: Welcome everybody to your next mission. This mission is called "Betting On Brains, Brawn, and Beauty." Here it will work. There are the two roles in this mission. You guys are the betters while Leoni and Kyle are the competitors.

Akiko: We ended up putting Leoni and Kyle in separate rooms for this mission.

Akiko: One at time, they will be called out to play three arcade games. These games are based upon the three attributes to win a reality show aka brains, brawn, and beauty. Whichever competitor outscores the other competitor in two or more games will become the Head of Household.

Akiko: For you guys, you guys will bet who will win which game. If you ended up correctly betting on the competitor that won a game, 33 points will be added to the pot. Because there is three games, this mission is worth 99 points as thirty-three times three equals ninety-nine. Now, it's time for the betting.

Akiko: Yeah I ended up cutting to when everybody has decided. In case everybody complains about it, I will trap them in a room where Nyan Cat is playing 24/7 where they can not get out. If that happens, I hope some of those dumb fans of Nyan Cat will finally learn that Nyan Cat is annoying as ****. Anyway, you guys decided to go for majority rules. Everybody except for Brock stated that Leoni is going to win the first round. As for the second round, everybody except for Brock again stated that Kyle was going to win that round and since everybody except for Autumn and Thalia stated that Kyle was going to the third round, it seems as if you guys predicted that Kyle will become the first Head of Household. Let's see if you are correct. Leoni and Kyle, come out please!

Akiko: Okay, the person who has won the first Head of Household is...

Akiko: Leoni! How does it feel to win?

Leoni: Well, I am.....

Akiko: Yeah, I don't really care. Anyway, Leoni actually won all three rounds. Since you guys believe Leoni will only win the first round and Kyle will win the other two rounds, 33 points will be added to the pot. Anyway, that is all I needed to say. Goodbye now!

Stay Tune To Find Out What Happens Next

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Also, just for the record, here is the scores of the mission


Brawn Game: 450
Brains Game: 2168
Beauty Game: 3699


Brawn Game: 240
Brains Game:1300
Beauty Game: 1877

Also, Ninja was the only person to never really sent any sort of prediction. However, because it was decided to have everybody go for majority rules, his predictions wouldn't likely matter unless he has major reasons that cause them to reconsider their decisions.