Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars- Season Two Episode Three

*Sometime before the second mission*

Kyle: So, one of us is going to be the first Head of Household. Leoni, how about we form an alliance together? That way, no matter who wins HOH, we both get people that we want on the block to be on the block.

Leoni: Um sure! Why not?

Kyle: So while we are at it, who are you thinking about nominating if you win?

Leoni: The thing about the first Head of Household is that it is tricky as you are the first person to put blood on your hands. Because of that, I am thinking of nominating Holly, Brock, and Autumn. Holly score the most amount of wrong answers in the Answerer part of the competition, Brock has the lowest score in the Tetris part, and Autumn didn't even compete in it. At the end of the day, if those three people are nominated, then all they could state is that they should of tried harder if they didn't want to be nominated (or at least try in Autumn's part).

Kyle: Wait, Autumn couldn't compete as she was taken downtown?

Leoni: But she wouldn't have been taken down town if Yannik had turn in his competition?

Kyle: What?

Leoni: Fourth wall break

Kyle: Anyway, your nominations are just playing it safe but in this game, you have to take risks. For example, Thalia and Brock are a married couple so it would of been obvious for them to be together.

Leoni: Yeah, though Thalia has some doubt in her mind that Brock may be the Mole.

Kyle: Well, still, Thalia is married to Brock and it will unlikely for her to nominate Brock and vice versa.

Leoni: My only problem is that if I nominate both of them and one goes home, then one person would of been still here next week and possibly be upset at me. Though I could nominate Crook and Stevan as both of them won their games. Plus, I was on the same beach as Crook and I know how he plays.

Kyle: Well, you have a point about winners. However, Stevan is kinda acting a little odd and different from his season so I kinda don't believe Stevan may win.

Leoni: Yeah, you have a point. We also need to consider who the Mole is. I think we may have some sort of idea on who the Mole is by the second mission but now is too early.

Stevan: You! I know what you are!

Crook: Huh? What be ye shoutin' 'bout?

Stevan: You're a pirate and pirates are criminals who loot, steal, and kill. You are going to kill all eight us here.

Crook: First 'o all, 'tis isn't a Battle Royale type 'o battle.

Stevan: Battle Royale? How the **** did you know about that ****? You didn't even know what a computer is while you were on the Mole. If you don't know what a computer is, then you shouldn't know what Battle Royale. This only makes even more suspicious of you.

Crook: I heard people speak 'bout it while I was on Castaway. Anyway, back to what I was sayin', I be knowin' how much trouble I gunna be in if I murder someone right here right now. A jolly scurvy pirate knows to never commit a crime 'n get caught fer it. Stop 'tis lunacy 'o yours as I be not goin' murder someone right in front 'o th' cameras.

Steavan: That's a lie! I am going to keep a very close eye on you. You are not going to murder anybody when I am around.

Leoni: Hello everybody. Welcome to the nominations ceremony! I am going to nominate three people to be executed this week. Those three will then take a quiz on the Mole's identity. These nominations is what I feel is best. Nothing personal to these guys as it is just strategic. I have decided to nominate.........

Brook, Crook, and Thalia for execution this week because Brock and Thalia, one of them, can be the Mole and I'm scared of Captain Crook, although I'm crazy about him, he can just be a threat to win this show... (winning Castaway). That is all for now! Good luck to the people taking the Mole quiz. You are going to need it.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next

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