Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Season Two Episode Four

Kyle: Hey sorry man that you got nominated.

Brock: No worries man! I don't think I am going to be like Stephan from the Battle Against Mummification and make it to the final three without being nominated. I just have to make sure I do well in the Mole quiz or else I will be executed.

Steven: Wait, e-executed? Oh god, they are executing contestants. This is just like the Locomotive and we will all die.

Kyle: No, they're literally not executing contestants. In this show, they called elimination executions.

Brock: So, just to spare the time, how about we play a board game? Would Clue be good?

Steven: That game that involves a murder mystery. No thanks!

Kyle: Well, what game do you want to play?

Steven: How about the game of life? I wouldn't have to worry about death in that situation.

Brock: Good idea!

Brock: Well, there was this board game I played with some of the guys. We had a blast and I had some time to bond, especially with Kyle. I should remember to get his phone number sometime before the Execution, we should hang out sometime after.

Brock: Now, there was something else I wanted to talk about. I mean, have you seen Thalia? Something's bothering her. And I can tell because... well, she used to use Japanese terms all over the place, but what happened to that? Did Akiko banish them for being too... kawaii-desu? It isn't because of the game, I can tell, it must be a personal sorrow.

Holly: Well, it is a good thing that I am not nominated. Sorry Thalia that you are!

Autumn: Hey Holly, you never told us what happened after I went back into the past.

Holly: What do you mean by that?

Bridgette: Well, we know Salem casted a spell causing both you and Ollie to be here and we don't exactly know what happened with your family. We don't really know if you are Ollie's grandaunt-in-law or his grandmother-in-law. So, tell us about your family.

Holly: Well me and Jordan had one kid and her name is Joye. Joye then went on to met a wonderful man named Emmett in which those two gave birth to two kids named Kayle and Greggory. As for Ollie, he's actually Salem's he married Dolores. I just hope that the butterfly effect doesn't play in and something happened that mess-up my family.

Thalia: Me too, Holly-san!

Autumn: Wait, this is the first time this season where you used a Japanese honorific. Why haven't you used one before?

Thalia: Well, Nakono-san is actually a Japanese American and she isn't quite of my using Japanese terms though she told me she's over it. The reason she doesn't like it is because she dislikes Japanese stereotypes such as Japanese people always watching Anime and reading Manga in which she considers them to be dame as there's one particular form of media that she's really likes and the rest she finds them to be full of iya.

Bridgette: And that media is?

Thalia: Well, she refuses to state it but I have a feeling that it is the Smurfs as she's been trying to deny that she likes the Smurfs to the point it comes across as blatant lies.

Akiko (through intercom): Hey I hate the Smurfs even though I really love Vexy's gothic outfit, how evilly delicious Gargamel is and how bad I want him to defeat the Smurfs, and the Dark Wave covers of the Ooh La La song from the second movie.

*Autumn turns into Quinn and starts singing Ooh La La*

Akiko (through intercom): This isn't Dark Wave music. Can you please sing that song in a Dark Wave manor?

Holly: So, why don't you like the Smurfs, Akiko!

Akiko (through intercom): Um.....I get back on you on this one. I have to take care of something with my son Ryan. Bye!

Bridgette: Well, I guess she's a closeted fan of the Smurfs.

Thalia: Yeah, she's zettai likes Smurfs. Anyway, because of me using Japanese terms reminded her of the Japanese stereotypes, she asks me to stop it. However, I was rakki enough to me to have her get over it with and it is chousugai.

Bridgette: Well, I am glad you are glad about using them again. Also, Quinn, thank you for getting that song in my head.

Quinn (singing): You're welcome!

Leoni: Hey bro… how are things going?

Crook: Things?

Leoni: Yeah, what happened with you after you won Castaway?

Crook: Oh! I did some Romeo and Juilet stunts but otherwise nothin'.

Leoni: Okay… I’m sorry I put you up…

Crook: Aye why did you do that Lass…?

Leoni: I just thought if I keep you around I will lost against you…

Crook: Really? You were scared o' me? We were in an alliance then…

Leoni: Aww… Now I’m really sorry I put you up… But who knows? Maybe the Mole will choose someone else to eliminate…

Crook: I really hope so…

Akiko: Tonight, the three nominees will sit down on this computer and take the Mole quiz. Whoever has the lowest score will be executed.

1. What is the Mole's Gender?
a. Male
b. Female

2. What show did the Mole came from?
a. Abnormality
b. The Locomotive
c. Castaway
d. High Hopes
e. Taiha's Mini-Mole
f. Romeo and Juilet
g. Two or more shows from the above

3. Complete This Sentence: In the cast photo, the Mole was.....
a. Standing up
b. Sitting on one of the couches
c. Sitting on the ground

4. Was the Mole taken downtown in the first episode?
a. Yes
b. No

5. Who is the Mole's partner in the "More or Less" mission?
a. Crook
b. Holly
c. Leoni
d. Brock
e. Thalia
f. Kyle
g. Stevan
h. Bridgette
i. The Mole didn't really participate in the "More Or Less" mission but if they did, their partner would of been Ollie

6. Did the Mole's duo help earn points for the pot in the "More Or Less" mission?
a. Yes
b. No

7. What is the Mole's role during the "Betting On Brains, Brawn, and Beauty" mission?
a. Competitor
b. Better

8. From the view point of the empty chair in the dining hall, where was the Mole sitting at during the "Betting On Brains, Brawn, and Beauty" mission?
a. To left of it
b. To the right of it
c. Right in front of it
d. The Mole wasn't sitting anywhere during the "Betting On Brains, Brawn, and Beauty" mission

9. Complete This Sentence: The Mole is.....
a. Head of Household
b. Nominated
c. None of the Above

10. Who is the Mole?
a. Crook
b. Holly
c. Leoni
d. Brock
e. Thalia
f. Kyle
g. Stevan
h. Bridgette
i. Autumn

11. This is a tie-breaker question in case we need it. The answer will be a number. The person who comes the farthest from the correct answer will be executed. In the e-mail that I sent to the Mole telling them that they are the Mole, how many words were there?

Akiko: I believe everybody has taken the Mole quiz.


Akiko: Right now, all three nominees are locked behind doors. I wish this was some sort of mission where they have to find out how to escape but this isn't the case. All three people have keys with them. Two of the keys are used to unlock the door of the room they are in while the other key doesn't.

Akiko: On the count of three, I will ask all three nominees to attempt to unlock their doors. If they are not able to unlock the door, then they will be executed and have to leace the house.

Akiko: Okay, everybody, one, two, three. Everybody unlock the door.

Akiko: The first person to unlock their and make me unfortunately deal with them for another week is........

Akiko: BROOK! Now, let's see if his wife gets to stay another week as well, I rather have Crook stay for another week as I find love to be disgusting and a weakness but I can't always have things go my way. Anyway, the second person that is safe for another week is.....

Akiko: ALLEEN!

Thalia: Alleen? Who's Alleen?

Akiko: Sorry Thalia. I had a girl named Alleen on my mind when I said that. Anyway, Thalia, you are going to stay for at least one more week.

Akiko: This means Crook, you have to go and leave the house now!

Akiko: So, Crook, how does it feel to be the first person executed this season?

Crook: A good pirate always steals, cheats, and lies. Those thin's be useful for reality shows so Leoni was smart t' nominate me as I could o' won this show like how I won Castaway.

Akiko: Note on the phrase could of. Anyway, it's time for you to go. Bye!

Stay tune for the next episode