Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars- Episode 5 of Season 2


*Brock and Thalia makes out on the couch*

Akiko (through intercom): Guys, stop it please!

Akiko (through intercom): I can tell you aren't listening to me.

Akiko (through intercom): You know what, if you don't stop making out on the count of three, there will be consequences.

Akiko (through intercom): 1......2.......3


Leoni: So, I heard Brock or Thalia is going to get force-eliminated.

Kyle: Seriously? After Ollie got arrested and had to leave the show with an improper elimination, one of them is getting force-eliminated right now.

"Judy": It's just really sad in my opinion that people are force-eliminated from this show. What's next? Is someone going to die next time?

Bridgette: Don't worry, Judy. I don't think any of us will be like Louis from the Mole in this show.

Steven: Guys, I was from a "reality show" where people actually die there. We still have to look out for a serial killer.

Holly: Steven, relax. I'm sure if somebody actually dies here, then this show will be cancelled. And this show is no where of being cancelled as Jake is not going to go missing in-action anytime. This isn't like the Locomotive and this show has enough money to produce a season regardless of ratings.

Akiko: Well, guys, Thalia is now force-eliminated. To be honest, I kinda never wanted her in the first place.

Brock: Don't insult my wife like that. Plus, normally shows don't force-eliminate you for tuning out in something that is supposedly important. Telling us to not make-out is not that important.

Akiko: Well, this isn't like normal shows and your mileage may vary in terms of important. Plus, your wife is just reminds me of those Japanese stereotypes which as a Japanese woman, I dislike. Plus, I hate romances and I don't exactly want a romance on this show. However, I was overruled by production as they thought that a good romance will help increase the ratings.

Holly: But I thought production doesn't need ratings to produce the show.

Akiko: Well, who doesn't love more money? Having an All-Star is enough money in my opinion for there to be ratings and we don't need a showmance. However, CBS has yet understand that bringing back people like Colton and Rachel will only decrease the ratings and not increase them. Anyway, since Thalia is force-eliminated from the show, we will bring back someone else from the game.

Akiko: Welcome back Crook! Just for the record,  if Thalia was the Mole, then Crook will be the Mole. If Thalia isn't the Mole, then Crook won't be the Mole. So don't think that just because of a non-mole contestant is coming back into the game does not mean you can automatically trust them. I will do it for all future force-eliminated/dropped out contestants and I would done it for Ollie if he wasn't force-eliminated before somebody gets properly eliminated.

Akiko: Now, for this mission, everybody will have to be split into different rooms to prevent there from any cheating going on! So do what I say please!

Bridgette: I told you guys that I like sitting on barstools.


Akiko: Hello Autumn. This mission is called "It's Not About The Money."

*Judy who was Autumn's sad personality turns into Quinn who is her singing personality*

"Quinn": You totally got that from the Jessie J song.

Akiko: Really? Why doesn't production inform about these kinds of things? I only care about Dark Wave music. Anyway.....

Akiko: The Sims Reality All-stars Loan encourages you to spread the wealth, and share your dollars to the other contestants. But make sure you don't get too many dollars, or else you could lose points and not be able to win the Head of Household.

Akiko:  Okay, so here is the deal: You all have 12 dollars. You must give all 12 dollars to the contestants. You may give them to any contestant, including yourself, but you must not give all of your dollars to one person (meaning you must give some dollar(s) to at least two contestants). 

Akiko: You also can not have any dollars left to spare nor give more dollars than you had. If you do so, I will ask you to redo it. The contestant with the most dollars without going over 20 will win the Head of Household. If you have over 20 dollars, you will be eliminated from the competition.

Akiko: If you want to give some of your dollars away, then just simply put them in one of the buckets. Each bucket is color-coded as Dark Green is for Kyle, Purple is for Bridgette, Blue is for Holly, Red is for Autumn, Light Green is for Steven, Gray is for Brock, and Black is for Crook.

Akiko: Everybody except for Leoni will do this as Leoni will have to do a different thing due to her being the current Head of Household (meaning you can't give any dollars to her). As for the points, if every single person does not go over 20 dollars, then 119 points will added to the pot (aka 17 points per person). If somebody does go over 20 dollars, then 17 points will be removed from the pot.

Akiko: Good luck! You may now begin!

Brock: Well, you guys should be grateful about this so I will like to give £0,02 to......


Brock: Or not. Ungrateful pizza.

Akiko: And of course I am the sticky, greasy, round bread now.

Brock: I could eat you for lynch.

Akiko: Lynch?

Brock: Oh I meant lunch. That is what I get for playing too many mafia games.

Akiko: If you try to eat me, then this show will be cancelled, you will be joining Ollie in prison, and I'll see you in Hell.

Akiko: Leoni, as the current Head of Household, you will do a different task. First let me explain what the other contestants will have to do in which I will cut out that part from the episode since the viewers already should know what to do, and I will explain your part of mission.

*After the cut*

Akiko: Leoni, for this mission, you will do a riddle and if you ended up correctly solving the riddle, you will get your own pair of 12 dollars. You'll be unaware of how many dollars somebody has but you can influence the competition where it may effect the winner. This decision could mean the difference between winning and losing. Want to hear riddle now?

Leoni: Yes!

Akiko: Your friend named Bob went on a vacation in which took place in Arizona. However, you ended up be confused when he stated that he visited Rome after he left the Grand Canyon but before he went to Phoenix. How is that possible?

Leoni: He went first to Phoenix that is the capital of Arizona then he went to The Grand Canyon and then to Rome

Akiko: I'm sorry but that is incorrect. The correct answer was that he has a friend named Rome and went to visit him. Now, since this part is done, I ask to go back to the room you were at.

Akiko: Welcome back everyone! I got chairs for all of eight of you.

Akiko: Just for the record, Leoni had the chance to influence the mission by correctly solving a riddle. However, she did not solve that riddle so she did not get the chance to influence this mission. Now, as for the results, I am going to announce how many dollars somebody got starting from my left to my right.

Akiko: This means we are starting with you Crook! You got a total of nine dollars. Because of that, seventeen points were added to the pot.

Akiko: Autumn or Quinn or whoever you are right now, you got a total of ten dollars. Since you didn't go over twenty dollars and ended up beating Crook, you are in the lead and added seventeen points to the pot.

Akiko: Bridgette, you went over twenty dollars as you have a total of twenty-six dollars. You can not win Head of Household and the Mole now has seventeen dollars in their pot.

Akiko: Holly, you have a dollar in which you can't buy anything with just that in real life. On the down side, you aren't able to win Head of Household. On the plus side, seventeen points have been added to the pot though I think everybody is more concerned over winning Head of Household instead of adding points to the pot.

Akiko: Kyle, you have six dollars. You can't win Head of Household but you did added seventeen points to the pot.

Akiko: Brook, you are in the lead now as you have nineteen dollars. You added seventeen points to the pot and if Steven doesn't outscore you without going over twenty dollars, then you will win Head of Household.

Steven: If you want to win Head of Household, you need to either have twenty dollars or have nineteen dollars and win the tie-breaker round, Let's just state for the record that you did not go over twenty dollars. Therefore, seventeen points are added to the pot. Now the question is if you are able Head of Household or not. Steven, you have a total of.............

13 dollars!

Akiko: Congrats Brook! You are the new Head of Household.

Brook: Well, those are better news than having my wife get force-eliminated  from the show.

Akiko: Who would Brook nominate? Find out next week! Bye!

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