Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Season Two Episode Six

Steven: It's gotta be here somewhere! I will find you!
Holly: Steven? What are you doing?!
Bridgette: Yeah, there's a mess in the living room and you have been in the fridge for a very long time.
Steven: Looking for clues.
Holly: What sort of clues? Clues to the identity of the Mole?
Steven: Mole? What Mole? I'm looking for clues to the identity of the killer. They are here somewhere! I know it! They probably have secret cameras in the walls or hidden microphones in the floors. 
Bridgette: Steven, there is no killer. You won't find a clue about the killer in this house.
Akiko (through intercom): Actually, I am the killer. I am secretly Nova from Season Two of that show. in disguise
Steven: Train station.......Coffee........Killer..........Murderer..........Tybalt........Cassi.........Gladys........Margaret.........Scott! No! Scott!!! Nooooooo!!!
Holly: Steven, you okay? 
Steven: Gladys, is that you?
Holly: No Steven. It's me Holly, remember?
Steven: Gladys, don't leave the train! It's not safe! I won't let you get killed again, I promise.
Bridgette: This guy is freaking out. Steven calm down. It's only a game.
Steven: Ha! I'm not falling for your lies this time Margaret! Hell no! It may only be a game to you but for the rest of us.......It's life and death. I am going to get both of you and Nova out of this house and behind bars.
Akiko (through intercom): Steven, I was pulling a prank. I'm not Nova at all. Also, you do know you have to clean that mess up after you are finished, right?

Steven: How am I supposed to believe you? You stated you were the killer.

Bridgette: Steven, she's being serious right now.

Steven: Margaret, how am I supposed to believe you as you killed many of my friends such as Barbie....

Holly: You had Barbie as a friend? I thought she was with Gatormort.

Steven: Let me rephrase that. You killed Barbie and many of my friends such as Spencer, Genevieve, and Cassi.

Bridgette: Cassi is alive, you know?

Steven: She's alive? How is that even possible? I saw her dead corpse in front of my eyes.

Akiko (through intercom): If you actually go and clean up the mess you made, then I'll tell you how she is alive.

Steven:  "So our last challenge was pretty *plum*. We were given 12 dollars (which is a lot of money for somebody working in Starbucks) so my first thought was to try and keep as much of it as I could. I might not see that kind of money again! That could pay for a new pair of shoes for me. I could go and buy a coffee..

However, to my surprise, I'm not allowed to keep any of it. In fact I gotta give it away! I was like "What you talking about woman? I ain't giving my money to some no good lazy bum!" So yeah, I had to put my well earned money in the garbage. What a waste!
Anyways, Captain Crook suddenly turned back up in the house. I thought he was dead! I was sure the murderer had gotten him. As far as we knew Ollie, Thalia and Crook had been victims of the killer but now the old pirate guy has come back to life....... Something sounds fishy about that if you ask me."


Autumn: Welcome back to the game, Crook!

Crook: Ahoy! I be glad t' be back in t' game after Leoni nominated me.

Leoni: Yeah sorry about that. I only nominated you because I needed a third nomination, Crook Sparrow.

Crook: Um, why did you call me Crook Sparrow just now?

*Autumn turns into Quinn*

"Quinn" (singing)This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow! Pirate so brave on the seven seas.

Leoni and Crook: What?

"Quinn" (singing)A mystical quest to the isle of Tortuga. Raven locks sway on the ocean's breeze.

Crook: Um, Quinn, what was that?

"Quinn" (singing): I was just singing that Lonely Island song!

Leoni: Um, you know, when people think of Jack Sparrow, they probably think of the character from Pirates of the Caribbean films before the Lonely Island song!

Crook: Um, pardon me but can somebody explain t' me what Lonely Island and Pirates o' t' Caribbean are?

Leoni: Yeah, I'll explain what those things are to you sometime later!


Kyle: Hey Brock! Sorry about what happened to Thalia!

Brock: No worries! I don't expect me and Thalia to get to the final three to be honest. Plus, I have less of a target now since my wife is gone and people can view it as a showmance/alliance if she is still around.

Kyle: Speaking of which, why do you think that Thalia was the right one for you to marry?

Brock: Well, I have a friend once who was a psychologist. He stated if you see someone everyday, you are more likely to fall in love with that person. You know people say school or work is the best place to met your soulmate? It's because you spend every day with that person. Same thing for why me and Thalia got together. We were forced to live in an environment where me and Thalia have to see each other every day and I felt an attraction to her while doing so. I ended up falling in love with her and we got married.

Kyle: Interesting! Hey, if you weren't married to Thalia, would you think you will be interested in somebody else in this house?

Brock: Dude, I can't answer that. Thalia may be watching at home and might get jealous at that person.

Kyle: Come on! Bro to bro! Us men need to talk about people who we find hot. If it bothers you that much, we can have the camerawoman turn off the camera for us.

Missy the Camerawoman (offscrean): Yeah, Akiko told us not to cut this footage as she always notice that a cameraman is talking during these kinds of scenes and not a camerawoman so she asks us not cut this footage so that a camerawoman can actually talk.

Brock: Yeah, I have to leave soon. Today is the day for nominations and I have to think about them.

*After Brock leaves*

Kyle: Well, there goes my chance.


Brock: Welcome to the nominations ceremony! Here, I will nominate three people to take the Mole quiz and have one of them be executed this week.

Steven: Can we make this quick? I have to go and binge-watch season one to make sure Cassi is alright.

Kyle: Yeah, I kinda think she's alright as she won season one.

Steven: What? She won?

Leoni: Yeah, why haven't you watch season one already? I thought they give the DVD while you were on sequester.

Brock: Can we get to the nomination ceremony? I have decided to nominate.........


Crook, and

Leoni because...yeah, do ya really think I'll just open up my playing cards like that? My reasons are private, you only get to guess why, nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah! Because of that, the nominations ceremony is closed! Goodbye everybody!

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